January 26, 2023

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Although guys um welcome to another episode of anxiety relief today i want to talk to you guys because i’ve been getting a lot of questions on some certain things so i’m going to make this a short quick video or reference purposes do you get sexual side-effects no i haven’t had any sexual side effects on citalopram whatsoever have i had any problems with increased

Anxiety no have i had any suicidal thoughts no have i had problems with sweating feeling hot at some times yes i’ve had some issues with being hot and sweating but they’re minor it’s nothing that happens all the time vivid dreams i do have vivid dreams and the dreams are they feel very real sometimes but it’s not an issue where it affects me sleeping they’re

Not nightmares and they’re nothing that really bothers me to the point where i can’t sleep another one of the side effects i do have is the jaw clenching where you sit there and you try to just grit down in your teeth that’s another side effect that i that i have but long story short defects are very minimal for me with this i mean i’m sure that there might be

Some other side effects that they’ll know about it’s always good to go to your doctor get your blood checked out and get your blood work done make sure that you’re keeping up and try you know on try out a track on that and up to date another thing is is that when you first get on this if you’re taking citalopram or selex or any other ssris be sure to never quit

Cold-turkey just make sure you stay on it until either your doctor says quit because trust me you you will feel weird there was a couple days where i missed because i was trying to get my prescription and i felt dizzy tired and it’s not fun i missing out on doses and stuff like that it also takes about three to six weeks to fully kick in and actually feel it so

If you’re sitting there and you’re taking it for a few days this is one of the biggest questions i get well how long is it we’ll take the kick in i’m scared to take it i’m scared to take it trust me it’s gonna take a little bit to kick in it will take a little bit of time to kick in and you have to be patient with it and you have to eat healthy when you’re on it

And i wouldn’t recommend drinking i wouldn’t recommend drinking a bunch of energy drinks or anything like that you know take it if your doctor prescribes it if you want to try it out you want to try to get some relief try it give it a chance but at the same time don’t abuse it don’t be drinking you know do anything uh i mean a bunch of caffeine and stuff like that

Because what you’re doing is is you’re altering the way that the drug works when you’re on you know other things and there’s a whole list of other drugs and stuff that you shouldn’t take while you’re on it there i mean you have to go in and you have to look and make sure that you’re not taking other things it’s also very important to note that there’s a serotonin

Syndrome that you can get if you actually are taking other antidepressants so please be cautious when you’re on this stuff people you know talk to your doctor sit down if you have questions with your doctor don’t be afraid i know like when i used to go to the doctor i would sit there and i’d have anxiety i just want to get out of there take the time to ask i have

A full-time job now i’m actually running my own business now as a personal trainer and allows me to do is feel comfortable with people and and talk to people and not feel anxiety and not feel stressed out and feel like i need to be home now like i feel great and i’m doing really well and i want other people to do really well and feel great i want every one of you

Guys to feel great and do well that’s the most important thing and like i said i wasn’t gonna keep this video too long it’s been a while since i had a video and i want to update you guys i’m sorry for the mess in here the green screen and everything you know i do a lot of different things with you know photo editing and and i video editing and stuff and you know

That’s some stuff i like to do on my spare time and i want you guys to know that i do care i try to make sure that i respond to your comments when you leave them i still make it to the gym four to five times a week that’s important you need to go to the gym you guys need to work out you need to get healthy food in your system you need to start living life and

Having fun and not looking back never look behind you never be scared of what’s ahead of you live in the moment live day by day and take things slow until you feel better and once you feel better then you can venture out and out of your you know your four walls you know i always say the four walls i always will have you contained and then once you start feeling

Better you can venture out of those four walls and actually see the full world and that’s what it’s about so but no i just wanted to kind of touch base with everything because i know a lot of people are having questions and confusion and they would always say hey i need to know this and need to know that also the video is almost at 20,000 views my initial video i

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Me that you’re thankful for the things i do i’m gonna leave my link for my paypal for donations and all those donations are gonna do is just gonna help me gonna help me build my my stuff in this room but help me build my stuff in my business so that uh so that i can you know bring you guys more content i can show you guys ways to to actually heal up and feel better

About yourself i’m a certified personal trainer i offer workouts i do online workouts i also do online nutrition plans i’m certified as a personal trainer through a national credited place so i’m also certified as a sports nutritionist and all those things help with anxiety so it’s very important that you guys get the full spectrum if you guys are in this you got

To go the whole way because if not you’re not going to feel right you need your sleep yeah you need to be well-rested you need to exert your energy by going to the gym release that stress when you’re in the gym breathe in breathe out breathe that stress breathe that anxiety out make yourself a tired eat healthy so you’re replenishing your cells you’re keeping your

Serotonin levels up and you’ll find that your life will be so much better the quality of life that you will have and that’s all i ask that’s all i ask out of you people is that you guys just be healthy being healthy is the most important thing you can’t spend time with your family you can’t do anything if you’re not healthy and that’s the most important thing is

Being around people being being a part of life and being happy so all these the link in the description if you guys want to send some donations my way i would really appreciate it you know it’s it’s it’s not required you know if if you just like to come in here watch your videos for free that’s fine but if you would like to help out of it i would really appreciate

Anyways guys i just wanted to say thank you and i appreciate all your support with my channel we’re getting up close to 200 followers right now and it’s great i’m sorry not followers subscribers but it’s turning out good so i want to say thank you and god bless you and have a great evening

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Citalopram Update and Side Effects Q&A By Jeff C