February 1, 2023

Coming off citalopram

How are we doing so i haven’t done a citalopram video for quite some time so i just thought i would update um i’ve been on him for quite a while now um but i spoke to me doctors because i was due for a medical review and see i was getting on and i was like oh how are you feeling i was like i’m not too bad so they started the processing uh weaning me off so they

Said what we’ll do is we’ll give you a box of 10 milligram and a box 20 milligram i’ve been on 20 milligram right from day one and they said just alternate so 10 one day and then 20 the next and keep doing that and then we’ll ring you in the springtime this was like a year ago and we’ll drop you down to 10. i was like okay so i did that um and they never rang me

Because doctors in it but i thought well i’ll just try and put myself down to 10 milligram and i did that uh it was rough uh for a day or two not too bad just little little side effects you know you think oh you have a bit of a moment with yourself and then you’re fine again um and after about day three i’ve just taken 10 milligrams i was fine i was back to

Normal no difference so i’ve been on 10 milligrams for quite a while so i’m on the process of waiting off and i’m now at stage now where i’m thinking of cutting my 10 milligrams in half and then going down to 5 milligrams working my way off but all in all it’s been quite a positive experience like i’ve said before very very rough to get on them very rough you know

Quite a lot of issues side effect wise but after five or six weeks the side effects went and started to sort of get my together if you like and rebuild a lot of shit’s happened in my personal life in the last couple of years um i love it for the better a lot of it for the worst um i’ve had a daughter best thing ever sadly i’ve had actually got a divorce from

My wife nothing to do with a child it’s just the relationship was dead and it was the best thing for everybody my child included um she’s moving on i’ve moved on i get i have a really good healthy relationship with my daughter i get to see her every week um and ultimately that’s you know what i need i need i need to see my daughter you know what i mean it’s what

I live for um with someone else now um we’re having a baby together as well so that’ll be kid number two uh kind of adopted one as well because she’s my partner now she’s already got a child single mother uh he’s great you know changed my job and i feel like you know i’m getting my together still i ain’t got a mortgage still renting but to be honest being

On this teleprom and and getting my life together has made me realize it well actually all of that is important getting a mortgage is just not important you know still got a roof over my head you know i’ve still got a job still doing what what i want to do having a mortgage i mean don’t get me wrong i’m still going to try and get a mortgage but it’s not important

What’s important is your life i don’t mean like your materialistic stuff i mean like just your life in general you know your friends your family your kids and i’m getting all that and that’s all that matters and i think this experience that i’ve had mentally has taught me that nothing in life is a given nothing is set in stone and really nothing apart from your

Own mental health and your family and your friends are important everything else is just a bonus but to me your family friends um and just enjoying yourself is your number one priority anything you get after that is an absolute bonus so that’s where i’m at um overall very very positive experience with the medication and i don’t think i’d have been able to do it

Without the tablets i’ll be honest um i did try a lot of people can do it about the pills and i admire them people but there is absolutely no shame in saying look like i said before there’s no shame in saying i need i need some help whether that be therapy and whether it’s pills whether it’s combination of all of them there’s no shaming it there is absolutely

No shame in it and and i would imagine with the current climate uh with the covid there will be a lot more people now suffering uh with their their mental health and i just want you guys to know that you like i said in all my videos you’re not alone you are not alone there are thousands and thousands of people really suffering from this and the very best thing

You can do i know it’s hard but it’s just to open up and talk about things because there is absolutely no shame in it yeah i’m sure your family and your friends would much rather listen to you rant on for half an hour then go to your funeral nobody wants to do that and no matter how much of a drain you feel on society and how much you know you feel like you’re

In the way of people and that no one wants to see you gone believe me nobody wants to see you gone that would muck drivers sit there and listen to you whining on for half an hour don’t go to your funeral and that is that’s it that’s the bottom line of it people you know they suffer all the time but nobody ever talks about it and because of that especially with

Blokes goes south really quick and it’s out of your control a lot of the time and you can’t do anything about him before you know it you’re mentally ill so just open up people talk to people and enjoy your life please because nobody wants to go to your funeral so yeah um overall good experience with teleprom um i don’t want to be on him forever just because i

Just i just don’t i’m at a point now where i feel like you know i could probably manage without him um but like i said before you can’t just go cold turkey on them you have to do it properly you have to ease off them gently and speak to your doctors they’ll advise you on what to do um dr google there’s loads of different people stories on google how it got out of

It how they weaned themselves off it and and it’s quite easy to do if you do it properly if you just go call turkey you’ll be in a world of hurt honestly if i miss my tablets for a couple of days i i know about it i know i’ve missed my tablets so just do it properly um and you’ll be all right um those of you that are you know thinking well i’ve got the opportunity

Of these pills and i don’t really want to go on them because i was very anti-pill that was my daughter i don’t even like taking paracetamol if i’ve got a dick and finally bit the bullet and i’m just saying for you guys out there that are still unsure for me personally it was a good move i felt rough but we’re on the other side of it now and personally i don’t

Think i could have done it without the help of the pills so try them stick with them persevere and they will help you you have to help yourself as well you have to make the effort to do things for your own back but they’re a really good aid and a good crutch don’t listen to all the negative nellie’s they’ve got the pills of turn you into zombies it’s not the

Case it’s not the case there’s bad side effects but for me personally the side effects for six weeks far outweighed the you know the benefits far outweigh the side effects because i really don’t think i’ll be where i am now without the pills and it’s as straightforward as that i love you and leave you thanks for listening and i hope whatever issues you guys

Are going through you get the result you need one thing is talk to people love you bye

Transcribed from video
Citalopram update By Yorkshire Liam