February 8, 2023

This is my experience and withdrawal symptoms coming off Citalopram 10mg. I take you on week 2 of my journey continuing from the last video. I DO NOT recommend going cold turkey when you decide to come off any antidepressants. You should always reduce your dose or take on alternate days.

So last week i took my medication every other day and this week i have completely gone cold turkey and let me tell you it’s got physical hi guys welcome back to my channel so as you know if you watched my last video i did the first seven days of withdrawal i had different symptoms every single day but this week it is just being constant all the same symptoms so

Instead of filming each day i’ve just listed the most prominent symptoms and there are seven different withdrawal symptoms that i’ve been person and the last one is definitely the worst i i don’t know if it’s actually a withdrawal but it’s something that’s been really getting me down and it’s definitely something physical that i’ve experienced since coming off

These this week but yeah i’ll tell you all about it but first i want to mention just a couple of comments that were on my previous video so number one someone gave me a really good piece of advice and that was to take vitamin and minerals to help with anxiety and depression so i’ve been looking into this and i just can’t believe i’ve never thought of this before

Because it just does make so much sense sitting when especially cold climates like england we tend to lack vitamin d which we get from the sun and vitamin d according to the holland and barrett website has been proven to boost your mood which is quite obvious in summer people are a lot happier compared to winter and yeah i definitely agree with that but then i

Don’t know if it’s just a selling point because ceilings are so expensive from holland and burroughs but i have been looking into other supplements as well and i’ll definitely try those and i’ll keep you guys updated and the second thing i want to mention is that there are a lot of articles online that tell you not to take antidepressants and i can see now why

People do try and stir away from not taken antidepressants because the withdrawal is extremely difficult but to be honest i am so glad i did take them because if i didn’t then i probably won’t have left past 22 years yeah about 90% of my faults were suicide but yeah the whiff journal is really bad and i think the longer that you say on medication it seems to me by

Some of the comments that i’ve got and what i’ve researched the longer you stay on it the harder it is to come off which is why i’m coming off it now yeah i do feel really bad for those people that i’ve been taking it for many many years anyway that’s it for that i will get onto the seven physical withdrawal symptoms i’ve been facing this week so the first one

Is feeling sick so this is the symptom that i felt more or less constant for the whole time this week and yeah it’s not be nice i’ve not been physically sick but every time i do eat i just want to throw it back up again but what i have noticed is that i feel more sick on an even in than the rest of the day so what i’ve been doing is making sure that i have eaten

Before six o’clock at night so i’m not feeling sick when i got to sleep which it’s definitely helped the first few days were really hard because i weren’t doing this i like to eat on and even in but no that’s definitely a bit of advice that i think if you with that one number two lower appetite so as well as feeling sick i have had a really low appetite and all

The time it just felt like i have just eaten mainly because i have constantly had that feeling of feeling sick but yeah i’ve just not wanted to eat which is really weird compared to last week with my symptoms i did feel like i wanted to eat loads so to have that being the complete opposite it’s kind of a relief that i’m not wanting to eat rubbish but yeah i hope

I got a height back soon because i want to eat to enjoy it not because i need to eat number three periods okay so this one is really strange because i purposely came off the medication a week after i last had my period just so i was okay for that time and it wasn’t going to affect my mood as much as it would do so if i’m gonna get my period whilst being off the

Medication but last week i did get my period i didn’t mention it in a video because i thought it might be because i’m on the implant and my periods do come quite irregular but then this week i got another period so that’s three periods in one month that’s definitely not right and i’m guessing it’s part of the withdrawal because obviously it’s gonna mess up your

Hormones it’s to do with the chemical imbalances trying to balance again which you do come off the medication so yeah that’s completely messed up my menstrual cycle number four swayne so in england all week it is being really nice it’s been so hot and so nice and yeah i i really enjoyed the nice weather so i am glad i came off my medication when i did but i have

Been sweating so much which is really weird for me because i do tend to travel a lot so i’m guessing my body’s adjusted to this sort of temperature and i’m not really a sweaty person so yeah they so you have just been swaying constantly even in the morning when it’s been cool i’m just uh it’s disgusting and this is a common withdrawal that other people have mentioned

They’ve had so i definitely know that me sweating this much is just because of the medication and hopefully doesn’t last the rest of the summer number five is that i’ve had a constant headache so this is nothing compared to last week specifically day three that was close to coming on to a migraine but yeah it’s been more or less every day that i’ve woken up and

I just had a headache and it is really annoying when you wake up with a headache because you know it’s gonna get worse for out the day and yeah it it just ruins you did we mix she’s so much less not vetted which sucks but you can take a paracetamol for this so it’s all fine number six is dry mouth so i guess this links in to number five is why i was getting the

Headaches because every single morning i have woken up with such a dry mouth it’s like some pepper and what’s annoying about this is that you just keep drinking and drinking and drinking and you’ve still got a dry mouth it’s it’s horrible it’s definitely the second worst side of fact that i’ve been fasting from my winter which leads me on to the worst one number

Seven and that is hair loss so my hair is quite thin anyway so when i do brush it or when i do type up i always get strands falling out this is like to the extreme i’ve never felt like this before and it just makes me not want to touch my hair at all because i know that it’s gonna come out and i have fine hair i don’t need to lose any more but yeah as i said i

Don’t know if this is a wig troll if they saw any of the other withdrawal symptoms has happened to you please mention it down in the comment section so those were the physical withdrawal and i’m gonna mention quickly how i’ve been feeling in myself so we’ll start with the positive i’ve definitely felt a lot less anxious i don’t have the resin heart compared to

Last week anyway when it was literally felt like it was beating in my thrall definitely don’t have that to be honest i don’t feel anxious at all even when i was on the medication i always had a small level of anxiety but the reason that i did go on antidepressants in the first place was because of depression and it wasn’t until i took the medication that i felt

What anxiety was okay so let’s get on with the depression now so this week yeah i’ve definitely had really theory days i’ve felt like i’m going into that state of depression which has made me consider going back on them but for if i’m giving now then i’m probably gonna find it a lot harder to come off it next time because i will get the anxiety back and i will

Remember what the withdrawal is like and how hard it is okay so that is it for my update on the second week i will probably give you another update maybe a month after i’ve come off the medication so i’ll be in another couple of weeks but within that time i am gonna be doing a lot more mental health videos more positive ones because i have clicked on in the past

Videos on mental health depression and anxiety but the big you are depressed that’s definitely not my end for you guys i want to make it an entertaining video so you don’t feel at the end of it well if you want to see those videos definitely subscribe and hit that notification bell and i’ll see you next time

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Citalopram Withdrawal || PHYSICAL SIDE EFFECTS Week 2 By Eve Hemingway