February 1, 2023

*This video is not mean to encourage or discourage anyone from taking spironolactone or any other acne medications. I recommend consulting with your doctor to determine what’s best for your skin!*

First of all let me just let y’all know the son is being real disrespectful today she’s going in she’s going out she’s going up she’s coming down i mean i really don’t know how this videos gonna turn out from a lighting perspective but just bear with me please just bear with me what is up guys welcome back to my channel as you can see i am not wearing any

Makeup so you know what that means a skin update video i know i left y’all hanging last year about midway through the year i just i just gave up on these skin videos because i really wanted to make sure that i had my acne under control and i had a solve for it before i came back with another update so y’all know i tried accutane yeah if you haven’t seen that video

Just watch it and no i will never ever ever in my entire life try accutane ever again since accutane ii didn’t work out for me my dermatologist prescribed something called spironolactone spironolactone it took me a while to figure out how to pronounce it but beyond that i had never heard of it before so i went home and did some digging so i went to my best friend

Trusty and never dusty google and search for what is spironolactone and as you can see there are a plethora of articles i found this one on drugs.com that says spironolactone is a potassium diuretic and it is used to treat heart failure high blood pressure hypokalemia it’s ultimately when you have too much aldosterone and it regulates the salt and water balance of

Your body and that begs the question what does this have to do with my acne so i went back to the drawing board and searched spironolactone for acne and again there are a plethora of articles and this one looks interesting a pill for hormonal acne so this looks like we’re on the right track this article talks about the pill slash birth control as well as accutane

And how spironolactone kind of falls somewhere in the middle so this talks about house by town was to treat hypertension and other cardiovascular troubles okay so this looks familiar just like from the last article but it also says that at a lower dose it can help with hormonal acne because it’s an androgen blocker and it delivers a tiny bit of progestin i what

Lost yet yeah me too so let’s keep reading androgens like testosterone are responsible for a few masculine leanin traits okay things like body hair growth and sebum production spiral ultimately blocks some of the body’s production of androgens okay so this is starting to make a little bit more sentence so one dermatologist explains it like this spironolactone is

Blocking the skin sensitivity to testosterone the male hormone that causes acne to the jawline where males normally have beards this makes a lot of sense because my acne falls primarily on my jawline alright so i think i got it less androgens aka male hormones equals less sebum production which contributes to acne thus less acne alright so now that i know this what

Next so after i learned a little bit more about spironolactone i decided you know what i’ve tried everything else i’ve tried the last resort drug i i decided to just move forward with trying sparring lock tone and let me tell you listen come here come here listen listen listen closely yes i have found the answer to my acne problems spiral a tune is a freaking

Miracle acne drug i started it’s burning light tone and i want to say april may probably june cuz i took accutane april in may so i think i started spironolactone in june of 2019 and spironolactone is not something that works immediately one week after using it not even a month after using it will you see result i honestly thought it wasn’t gonna work but again

I had literally tried everything else so i just figured hey if i don’t have any crazy side effects like i did with accutane let me just keep going with this and see we just don’t see where it goes i am on the 50 milligram tablet and i take it once every morning and some people are on spironolactone for a couple of months some people are honest and a lactone and

Definitely you can’t use it if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant you need to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant and our own spiral lactone no side effects whatsoever i know a lot of times people say they have to pee more or they are more thirsty because it is a diuretic but i literally don’t have a single side effect for

Me that is a miracle because my body really does not take well to medication after about three months of using it i have not had any major major major breakouts like i did at the beginning of last year and i could mean just look at my face compared to what it used to look like of course my face is not completely clear just yet because wow i got my acne breakouts

Under control the next step is to just get these dark marks gone just like get off my face i didn’t invite you to the party i didn’t ask you to be here why are you here and you you are you have overstayed overstayed your welcome i will say i have had a couple of breakouts in the recent past probably in like month month and a half fringe because i did something i

Knew i wasn’t supposed to be doing and i started eating dairy it’s the ice cream in the chocolate i just i couldn’t stay away so i was eating dairy and also it was around my cycle so that just all together started putting my hormones out of whack and i got a couple of new breakouts so one right here and then i have two right here one right here and one right here and

One right here here here right there so yes i have a couple of new breakouts is not the end of the world but they gonna get up off my face if it’s the last thing i do the way that i am getting rid of my dark marks and acne scars and sort of hyperpigmentation is with two products first one being favi or maybe or is basically like a retina or a retinol or tretinoin

Whatever you want to call it it is a vitamin a and what it does to your skin from a topical perspective is it speeds the cell turnover of your skin so where you have dark marks that tends to be like dead skin that’s just kind of stuck on your skin underneath the surface and using a retin-a or retinol helps to speed your skin cell turnover to get rid of those dark

Marks and fabulous pacifically just has a higher percentage and a stronger dosage of tretinoin o chão yo skin will be dry and thirsty like the desert and the second thing that i’m doing to get rid of these dark spots are cortisone shots now these are things that you can only get from your dermatologist and basically they inject cortisone or there’s a there’s a

More medical scientific technical term for it that i will leave right here but basically it’s just cortisone and they inject it into all of your dark spots and what that does is it goes in and breaks up all of that dead skin and all of the dark marks so that over time the dark marks begin to lighten but it does work a lot faster than the baby or threatenin retinol

And it also works faster than a hydroquinone so after about four weeks of getting the cortisone shot you will see that you are dark marks and hyperpigmentation have significantly improved like these areas of my skin were super dark they were about the darkness of these maybe even darker than that and i got a cortisone shot about four weeks ago and they are a lot

Lighter like a lot as far as frequency is concerned you can get cortisone shots about every six weeks just depending on your dermatologist and also the state of your skin so my dermatologist lets me get them about every six weeks but there are some side effects that you want to make sure that you know you stay away from first being the halo effect which just means

That there’s a lighter area that forms around your dark mark and that can be caused with hydroquinone as well not just cortisone shots but basically it’s lightening the entire area so making the outside and also the dark mark itself lighter and it can also create dents in your skin so little like little you know like give your drive in and you just like run into

A pothole essentially you can have potholes on your face not that dramatic but you you you you know what i’m trying to say ultimately between my miracle drug my tretinoin and my cortisone shots your girl is on track to have clear skin in 2020 huh okay let’s just bony doing yes he where but anyways let me get myself together doc you get it together get it together

If you guys have any questions that i’ll be sure to leave them in the comments down below and be sure to subscribe to follow along with me on this journey to clear skin i think that is it for this video i will see you guys in my next one i’m always always in my corner down i’m falling down i’m falling down

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Clearing My Hormonal Acne With Spironolactone | Skin Update #3 By Naakie Nartey