February 8, 2023

Hey guys! Just clearing up why I stopped taking Lexapro because I’ve been getting messages and comments from people who are confused.

Hey guys um so i wanted to make a quick video to kind of clear some things up i guess people that haven’t obviously watched every single one of my videos are a little bit confused when they see the lexapro videos and how i’m talking about how everything’s great and then they see the withdrawal video so basically the reason why i stopped taking lexapro is because i

Found out that i have hypothyroidism and this was before i found out that i had lupus and i understood that hypothyroidism can cause things like anxiety and depression and so i started on a medication called levothyroxine and i kind of wanted to give the thyroid medication a try to see if it would help my anxiety um because obviously the more meds i can cut back on

The better and the only way i was able to do that it was to get off lexapro did i want to get off lexapro no did i want to go through the withdrawals no i didn’t and also i didn’t take as long as i was supposed to to kind of wean off i was supposed to take ten days and i think i only took like seven days if that um so if you go slower you probably won’t experience as

Negative effects as i did but yeah so obviously after i found out i had hypothyroidism then i found out i had lupus so then i had to start taking even more medications for that and i it seemed that like maybe the thyroid medication was working for my anxiety i’m still taking clonazepam 0.5 milligrams once a day so that really helps and i’ve just been pretty stable

So i haven’t really had a reason to go back on it if things do start getting like really out of control like if the clonazepam starts working stops working at a low dose i might get back on it or something like it because i don’t want to continue to increase the clonazepam dosage because i don’t want to get up to a level where you know i have to start weaning off

Of that and then those having those withdrawals i just i don’t want to go through that um but yeah so lexapro wasn’t perfect it really did help the biggest drawbacks i found was that my pupils were dilated all the time and i didn’t like that and i kind of always like felt like i was on a medication like i felt calm and i didn’t feel anxious but like i could always

Kind of just like feel the medication i don’t know it’s kind of hard to explain but for right like right now for instance i don’t feel like i’m on any medication i just feel like a normal person i guess but yeah so just wanted to clear the air there i’m gonna be doing a q&a video i know i keep saying this because i know there’s a lot of questions people have

Asked me in other videos that i haven’t gotten around to answering yet but i will be doing that i think on saturday so yeah if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and i hope you guys have a beautiful day and i will see you next time

Transcribed from video
Clearing things up | Why I stopped taking Lexapro (escitalopram) By Amanda Fisher