May 29, 2023

My Life With Clonazepam and Getting Off Of It

Hey guys john ledger here from anxiety struggle is real this is my fourth take on this video i have no idea why the hell i’m being so critical of myself today this is going to be the last take um as you saw in the title of the video we’re talking about i’m talking about clonazepan today before i get into this i want to tell you again that i am not a doctor i’m

Just a regular guy who experiences anxiety and panic and if you are thinking about taking this drug clonazepam which is generic for clenana klonopin it is in the benzodiazepine family if you’re thinking about taking any of these drugs or stopping taking any of these drugs or doing anything with any of these drugs talk to your doctor first don’t take my advice

Don’t take anybody else’s on youtube’s fight advice talk to your doctor and be sure that they’re qualified and they know about this drug okay i mentioned in the past that in past videos that i do take some medication and that medication that i was talking about was clonazepam i recently well within the last year i started on citillopran 20 milligrams that just

Because my social anxiety was just not getting any better and it it has helped i don’t want to take any more drugs but i also don’t want to freak out when i’m out to dinner with somebody anyway klonozipan i have been taking that for probably about 15 years my first experience with it was when i was 28 i took it for about two and a half years and then it was time

For me to get off of it and i weaned off of it it took about 18 months and my doctor let me do it at my pace um fast forward why okay why did i go back on it fast forward to my mid-30s to early 40s somewhere and i don’t remember exactly when um i started having panic attacks whenever i went on an appointment and i was selling real estate at the time uh rather

Successfully actually first for several years and then just one saturday this friggin showed up and then it kept showing up and it wouldn’t stop so my doctor suggested clonazepam i tried it it didn’t work but i stayed on it okay now these videos are going to be about my journey off of it right now i’m a day 200 and i’m tapering down the way i’m doing it right

Now is really not the right way but or i should fine-tune it which i’ll explain um i started with first of all i take point five milligrams three times a day how many times can i say first of all um point five milligrams three times a day and one in the morning one at midday and one in the evening and what i started with was breaking a pill in half and breaking

The half in half and i dropped a quarter of a pill that was number one taper number one and for about a week week and a half i had a little bit of increased anxiety definitely some dizziness and some disassociation like feeling like i was in a bubble but it went away and i waited i’m going to say probably i don’t know how many months i i can’t remember exactly

And um i tapered again but it was a while it was several months and i dropped a second time with another quarter and i was doing these quarter the two quarters at different times of the day and basically the same same a little bit increased anxiety a little just disassociation little dizziness a lot of dizziness whatever for about a week week and a half and then

It was fine i was getting cocky at that point i almost dropped again right away after a month but i waited i waited and waited and then i dropped again another quarter and that’s when got real um i started i was shaking a lot i could feel myself shaking inside i don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that um i felt feel like i got a dome on my head um a lot

Of dissociation social anxiety came back i went out to dinner with one of my best friends and i was freaking out the whole time um and heart palpitations which was really fun that is finally gone um that one i i did happen to uh have a checkup in the middle of that and mentioned it to my doctor and he but he knew i was tapering and as long as i wasn’t having

Any chest pain or shortness of breath that was fine that’s what was causing it was the clinic’s pen withdrawal so and that’s where i’m at right now um and i’m gonna chronicle this whole journey on youtube here and i’d like you to follow along um again if you’re thinking about doing this like i said talk to your doctor um i did educate myself a little bit on

Youtube now be if you do that be very very careful you want to see a video like this where it’s more positive than negative there’s some really graphic ones out there about what things that happened to people when they came off of this and stuff and you don’t need to hear that or see that don’t google it well if you google it just don’t look at the severe side

Effects of coming off it it if from what i’m told by my doctor if you do this right it it can be done it can be done take some effort though so that’s about it that’s where i’m at that i’m gonna do some videos about my journey while i was on klonopin also because i think that’s important um actually for people that are thinking about taking it but that’s about it

We’re not gonna do take number five thanks for watching hit the like hit the subscribe please it helps me out i appreciate it take care

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Clonazepam My Journey By Anxiety Struggle is Real John Ledger