March 28, 2023

Clonazepam serve para que? [Rivotril®]

Today we are going to talk about clonazepam, a benzodiazepine psychopharmaceutical, a positive allosteric modulator , with anxiolytic action and also an anticonvulsant. come here… are you already subscribed here on my channel? like this video and subscribe! returning to our topic for today. clonazepam is prescribed a panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, for anxiety

Disorders and various types of seizures. among its other uses, we can highlight acute mania and psychosis, in this case as an adjunct drug to the treatment and also in the treatment of insomnia and catatonia. in anxiety treatments it increases the inhibitory effects of gaba, thus reducing the neural activity of the fear circuit, and this is what reduces anxiety symptoms.

Clonazepam provides immediate relief from the first dose, but it may take a few weeks to reach its maximum benefit. its use is generally recommended for only a few weeks, and it must be remembered that it is not curative. for long-term anxiety, it is common to choose other pharmacological approaches, and in addition, psychotherapy is always recommended. when this drug does

Not produce the expected results, it is essential to return to the doctor for a reassessment and possible change or even enhancement of the drug. as already highlighted here, it is not recommended for continuous use, after all the risk of dependence may increase with the dose and duration of treatment. in addition, its withdrawal must be gradual, as a strategy to prevent

Rebound effects that are common if the withdrawal is made abruptly. some people should not use this medication especially those who have angle-closure glaucoma, severe liver disease, or who are allergic to other benzodiazepines. among its advantages, we can highlight its quick effect, the lesser sedation it promotes, the longer duration of its effect and the fact that there

Is an oral disintegration option that favors adherence by people who have some difficulty in ingesting pills. among its disadvantages, we have to highlight the possible development of tolerance at higher doses and the risk of abuse, particularly in those people who have a history of drug or other substance abusers. among the main side effects presented in the literature

Specialized fatigue, sedation and possible dizziness. its safety in children and adolescents is only established for seizures, however, in the treatment of panic there are still no data and it is recommended for this case in lower doses. it is also important to highlight that there is no scientific knowledge of its long-term effects in this age group. in pregnant women,

There is a risk of congenital defects in the baby and it can also cause withdrawal syndrome in newborns, the doctor will assess the cost-benefit ratio, after all, if it is being used to control seizures, it may be better to keep it, because seizures are very harmful to the embryo or fetus. nursing mothers should not breast-feed if they are taking clonazepam. in the elderly,

Dose adjustment and constant monitoring are imperative for the use of clonazepam in its treatment. do you use or know someone who uses clonazepam? leave your like, subscribe here on the channel and activate the bell to be notified of our new videos! a big hug and see you soon… bye, bye!

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