March 28, 2023

Luckily my neck broke my fall all right there’s the movie quote today another special occasion so i’m having this but i’m gonna drink the whole freaking 12 pack dude trying to like you know what do i want to say preserve it i don’t know whatever trying to be i don’t know try not to drink them all in a day i could easy okay okay day one of klonopin withdrawal here

We go uh so yeah work just work got out of the shower here i am okay um so i didn’t take it last night yeah in about three hours it’ll be 48 hours with no klonopin which is freaking great uh which is it’s fabulous dude isn’t that great i mean seriously um so didn’t take it last night i slept fine really did slept slept okay uh yeah that that didn’t bother me

At all woke up though woke up with a lot of anxiety uh and i woke up but you know i was i never sleep great anyway so i mean i was up and i’m like you know my heart was going you know whatever it’s it’s i was that way with suboxone or hormones your cortisol gets i mean it’s just it’s what it is i don’t know i don’t really know what else to say there it’s just

I expect it it’s it’s gonna suck okay and it does suck but it it just it is what it is okay um you know uh so yeah slept okay had the anxiety but then as i got going at work i was feeling pretty good and then around noon you know you slowly start to feel the onset of uh the withdrawal symptoms and what’s to come and yeah oh yeah it’s gonna just it’s gonna be

Fun i’m gonna be in for a freaking ride i can tell you that right now um agitation is uh is i don’t know what i’m was really feeling the fir first kind of symptom i think i was feeling other than anxiety in the morning but you just never know i might have anxiety anyway in the morning um so yeah the agitation and i’m not doing right now as i’m doing this video

It’s it’s pretty darn good actually it’s kind of been coming in waves it’s been there longer and then it’ll kind of go away you know it’s kind of do you know that long half-life that’s that’s what’s going to happen you know um but uh but yeah the agitation the freaking headaches dude oh my gosh that sucks and i know that with tapering and i know they’re gonna get

Worse whatever okay but yeah that’s gonna be fun to deal with because i got a little taste of that today i have one right now but it’s again i’m doing doing better right now i feel like the shower helped actually i really do uh but oh my my yeah my freaking legs are cramping they like ache a little bit too you know because you’re cramping up and i didn’t exercise

Today i was just like man by the time i was getting on lunch around two or something i don’t or i don’t know whatever one something i was just like man i was like i’m not gonna do it today i’m just not i’m just i just you know because i’ve exercised before during the taper when i’d take a good drop and i’d run and i would like cramp up and i like couldn’t run for

A couple days anyway so i was just like you know i don’t want to push it i really don’t like i’ll probably be walking a lot but i don’t know how hard i’m going gonna push stuff during this uh acute stuff especially especially so but uh yeah so the leg cramps and some aches you know and and the agitation and the headache stuff uh you know the concentrations stuff

That’s been sucky too and i and i noticed that actually first thing this morning i did i felt weird today especially the first half of the day and then once the symptoms started to come on you just start to kind of go i don’t know what it is like you know i don’t know what it was like in the morning you could just tell like okay i stopped taking something i haven’t

Stopped taking in a long time and it is a little bit of flight or flight mode kind of like what you get when you come off suboxone or other opiates opioids that you can kind of get kind of ties in with the pink cloud a little bit so and you get the anxiety you know i’m just like you know uppity i was seriously uppity i when i went into work i told my goal i feel

Like i have have had like too much caffeine that’s how i kind of felt like this morning but once once the symptoms started to come on it kind of just got me like settled in a little bit it was like okay here we go and uh and i and it’s kind of giving me like a preview of what’s what’s coming up it’s like okay it’s gonna be all this but worse and maybe some other

Crap i mean you know but the the cognitive ability of just the that that’s gonna suck i can tell you that right now uh yeah like i just was i couldn’t remember part numbers i mean it was just i just really had to like yeah write stuff down more just i don’t know whatever you get what i’m saying um but uh crap what was i gonna say there you go see i’m gonna i and

I forget stuff already but i’m gonna i’ll forget more but yeah you know something too you know uh it is tough you know i was thinking about this today i’m saying like oh i should talk about this because you know i went into work you know and i’m just i’m awaiting you know the symptoms and of course i i don’t want to be at work anyway right so uh i you know i’m

Looking at the clock you know and then the symptoms start to come on and i’m looking okay i’m like oh god i just want to get off work i just want to get you know and then i’m thinking like okay and then i just got to work saturday i just want to get saturday over with then i have my time out and i’m start so i’m like like thinking ahead thinking ahead and like

And i’m feeling agitated and i’m like getting more restless and i was just like dude you gotta chill out i mean i was i was i remember where i was i was walking in the store and i was just like dude you gotta try this might sound really weird but this is true as i was thinking like dude have perspective and i was like dude just be grateful that you even have

Vacation it like hit me where i was like dude some people don’t get any you know talk to a lot of you folks that don’t that are you know trying to do it without working off sp whatever it is it doesn’t have to be a benzo at all uh but uh so i was just like dude i need to be grateful and help me calm down and i so anyway so i started thinking like because it’s

Tough dude no matter what you get off of when it’s day one and it’s like you just went through the wall and you’re just like bam i’m here now i i don’t have these easy outs i can’t just take this or that i mean it’s like you’re in it now you’re freaking in it and like with me like there’s no going back like it’s just this is what it is right so it can be hard

And you can panic in the early stages and maybe give up i i see a lot of people just give up because of this you know you’re just waiting for the withdrawals to come on okay and you’re waiting and you’re waiting and stuff is slowly starting to come on and then you start to think oh man i’m already feeling this is it how long is this going to take to even peak

And then once it peaks how long is it oh my gosh and then you just you know you start to panic and you make things worse it’s like you psych yourself out dude it’s not going to make it go faster you know it just isn’t going to make it go faster uh and it can just you know you don’t want to panic for it it can ruin everything okay obviously and just make it hard

On yourself but i know it’s hard in those early stages but we gotta we gotta just really okay be right try to be rational about it it’s freaking hard but you just kind of gotta i don’t know i don’t really know you just gotta deal with it i don’t know i don’t really i guess i don’t really know what to say right now um but i remember hating that with some boxing

You know just like oh gosh the freaking day one when i woke up i was just like ah crap you know just crap here we go and yeah you just slow it slowly comes on but uh yeah only another thing that’s what i was gonna say gosh dang i’m sorry this is scattered this is what’s gonna they’re gonna get way more effing scattered uh than this but uh uh oh yeah i know what

I was gonna say or do i do i do this is crazy um damn dude this is a freaking trip okay i gotta make myself try to remember this now just this this is this is the video now will he remember what he was going to say let’s see i was talking about panicking oh i know what i was going to say maybe i already said this i don’t even know but but yeah and another thing

That can happen you’re slowly waiting for the withdrawals to come on is you do start to you know wonder if you’ve peaked yet and then you start getting upset i think i already freaking talked about that i don’t know whatever i’m not gonna talk about it anymore you get what i’m saying i don’t know i don’t freaking know you guys but you know i’m doing okay i’m doing

I’m doing fine my attitude’s fine i was cracking jokes really dude kind of being busy today too yeah like really just moving around a lot yeah i do feel like i need to move around uh and that’s probably gonna be more and more and more so but uh you know uh yeah we’ll see you know we’ll see how things go and and uh yeah tomorrow will be day two i’ll freaking work

And come home and press play or not play record yeah record not play right okay and i’ll let you know how i’m doing but yeah uh it’s not too bad okay but it’s got a long half-life and uh this is just you know we’re not we’re not even close uh to being there yet you know not even not even freaking close but hey you know what we’re 45 hours closer than we frickin

I was whatever how long ago all right so there you go how are you like that i don’t know i feel like there’s more stuff i wanted to say i think i covered everything you know the hot shower freaking helped but uh there you go all right um okay fee for victory all right oh i haven’t taken any supplements today i’m not gonna take any tonight and uh all other than

Magnesium okay yeah i forgot to talk about that in my video yesterday too yeah magnesium i take that too okay larger than charging and looking for cheekies okay god bless all y’all v for victory and salute

Transcribed from video
Clonazepam Withdrawal Day 1 By Gabe McCall