June 4, 2023

I just realized i don’t have a sparkling water out here and i’m raspy so whatever here we go okay first off i want to say day 15 clazapam this will be my updates are going to change i’m not going to do them every single day right now and the reason why i’m not is be cl is because it’s just it’s groundhog’s day it’s just it’s really the same you know so but i’m

Still gonna i’m still gonna do this regularly i’ll probably do it like every three days for a while you know or unless something comes up that’s the thing if any i mean i could be on here tomorrow i mean i don’t know we’ll just see how it goes you know but if it’s all just kind of the same you know every three days and then maybe every five days and then i don’t

Know and if i’m feeling good enough i don’t know i’ll just start making other videos again and in fact this is going to be so freaking quick because i’m i’m gonna make another video after this i feel like i’m uh i’m somewhere else i’m somewhere else uh so that’s why i’m in the that’s why i’m in the car baby that just like hey it’s like an old suboxone video

Getting off the box it’s a boxing withdrawal video i was always in my car like seriously i was in my car i made like 150 videos just in my car the first anyway um okay so sorry i’m sorry yeah it’s just it’s the same and i’m sorry if you just came to this video day fifth sleep has gotten worse it’s not that bad i’m probably getting five hours uh or so uh averaging

Something like you know whatever five-ish hours little agitation the thing too i know i’ve talked about this man it just it came on when i when we got here i was feeling fine and then all of a sudden it just hit me my stomach just tightens up i kind of sweat a little bit i feel like i’m gonna puke i really do i haven’t puked yet though doesn’t last too long but

Uh but yeah that uh that sucks i you know i’ve also been sweating a lot at night and sometimes i smoke wet dog it’s just getting out of my body it really sucks it sucks uh i’m already that will shower multiple times a day anyway i know it’s bad typical american right just oh but i do i do i exercise you know what i mean so anyway but it sucks wet dog freaking

Sucks anyway okay um well i really don’t that dude i’ll tell you i’ll tell you i’ll tell you when we’re driving here and i was thinking like oh man i got to make that up dave i almost didn’t do it i really did i almost didn’t even make this i seriously i wasn’t going to do it i was like you know i’ve done two weeks i’ll take a couple days off but i didn’t want

To leave people hanging because i said i’d do it every day so i figured i’d make an update video let you know that i’m not going to be making them every single day unless it gets really crazy okay um oh crap what was i saying i don’t even remember oh yeah okay there you go that i was thinking like what am i even gonna make a video on and i just felt so foggy

I’m just like dude i don’t even i can’t even think of a topic i can’t even think of like raw i mean seriously like that’s i’ve really been noticing that like it is i don’t know my mind is is different it is different and i don’t know how to explain it like i don’t know i really don’t not explain it i really really don’t and i know this video is freaking terrible

Sorry i’m itching my foot um but uh i don’t know i don’t i don’t have anything to say and uh um the withdrawal it’s doing this all right uh yeah this is it man this is gonna this is the short little freaking update right here because i i don’t have anything to talk about god bless all y’all right still still going still going all right terrible video god bless oyon salute

Transcribed from video
Clonazepam Withdrawal Day 15 By Gabe McCall