June 4, 2023

Learn about Clopidogrel with Picmonic!

Remember clopidogrel also known as plavix by the clapping dog who applauds when performances fall apart this drug is considered an adp receptor antagonist shown by the a dentist singing peace with the aunt toga smacking him this means that it blocks atp receptors thereby preventing platelet aggregation shown by the plates that can’t connect due to this medications

Anti thrombotic properties it may be indicated for the management of acute coronary syndrome shown by the acute angle heart this is because clopidogrel prevents blockages from forming within the coronary arteries it is also used to prevent thrombotic events shown by the plug trombones event these include events such as myocardial infarction and ischemia and

For those who do not tolerate aspirin well this medication can be used as a second line of treatment one of the main complications related to clopidogrel is hemorrhage or bleeding shown by the bleeding coming from the trombones side toe peanut with purple cat which represents thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura this is a serious side effect resulting from the

Formation of blood clots within the small vessels of the body leading to issues such as low platelet counts pancytopenia the pan side tokina can also occur which is the reduction of red and white blood cells as well as platelets for this reason complete blood count should be closely monitored in patients receiving clopidogrel and because this drug is absorbed

In the gi tract it may cause abdominal pain related to gi bleeding shown by the abdominal pain bolts lastly it is important to note that due to the increased risk of bleeding from decreased formation of platelets quoted a girl should be withheld five days before elective surgery shown by the dog being held back by the surgeon this is done to decrease the risk of

Hemorrhage during surgery however this may be determined on a case-by-case basis so in short cope integral or plavix is considered an antiplatelet medication that works as an adp receptor antagonist to prevent platelet aggregation it is indicated for treatment of coronary syndrome and in order to prevent thrombotic events side effects include bleeding thrombotic

Thrombocytopenic purpura pancytopenia abdominal pain it is important to withhold this medication before surgery in order to prevent increased bleeding during surgery this clapping dog really only gives a standing ovation when performances fall apart for the rest of the story check out pic montcalm and sign up for a free account there you can also take pic monix quiz

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Pharmacology and pathology so see how hundreds of thousands of students like yourself have figured out how to save time and have fun doing it so you can lock in everything you need to know forever play quiz and space repetition efficient effective and research proven to increase exam scores after years of watching his fellow peanuts eatin his snacks and events

Such as this he sees all the different blood cells from the bleeding musicians as bite size retribution so he fries him up in his band but the peanut eats too many blood cells and gets abdominal pain so as the peanut is rushed to the operating room the clapping dog is withheld by the surgeon as he gives his final applause for such an amazing catastrophe

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