November 29, 2022

So hello sharks my name is kenneth my name is matt and we are the chief executive officers of team one pharmaceuticals our company is seeking a 5 million investment in exchange for 10 equity in our company are you tired of taking the same old regiment of copedo girl and aspirin every day to take care of your heart and taking two different medications can

Be very annoying and it makes it even more difficult to remember at the same time every day studies show that patients who at least had one heart attack or prescribes five or more different medications to prevent future risk of major cardiovascular events like another heart attack and our company is here to improve those outcomes by combining two tablets

Into one and with that we have our product bear grill tell us a little more about your product absolutely our drug bear gryll is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind dual anti-platelet therapy that combines both aspirin and clopidogrel now clopidogryl is a pro drug that when converted by into its active metabolite by sip2c19 enzyme and uh works to inhibit the

P2y12 receptors ultimately inhibiting not just platelet activation but also platelet aggregation and its other component aspirin you’ve all heard about commonly prescribed for fever and pain acc an aha guideline strongly recommends patients to continue adapt therapy after pci with stent placement at least 12 months after an acs event to decrease the fatal

Risk of a cardiovascular event like another heart attack the typical regimen for each of these agents is clopidogrel’s 75 milligram tablet taken by mouth once daily and asked for an 81 milligram tablet taken by mouth once daily one may say that taking two medications every single day at the same time may not be a big deal to them but add on four five six

Or even seven different medications on top of that or even more medications on top of that if you have comorbidities just imagine how different that would look like for an older adult trying to take all these medications every single day for the rest of their life our product their grow will alleviate the pill burden for millions of people who suffer from a

Heart attack and must be 100 compliant with all their medications to prevent future heart attacks you two seem very confident but unfortunately i prefer not to invest in pharmaceuticals so i’m out so i arrived somewhere that genetics plays a role in how it’s lepidugal works what can you say about that and how is that relevant to your product i’m so glad that

You brought that up we mentioned before that clopidogrel gets metabolized to its active form by c2c19 in the liver well in fact there’s why genetic variability of the enzyme between patients which determines the effectiveness of the drug’s metabolism per metabolizers who carry two type two loss of function alleles of sub-2c19 gene may have a decreased drug

Metabolism of clopidogrel which ultimately makes the drug less effective in producing a therapeutic response and puts the patient at higher risk of serious cardiovascular events this evidence has consequently prompted the fda to implement a black box warning up on the category label noting the diminished anti-platelet effect uh for patients who are homozygous

Of loss-to-function alleles in the 2c19 gene bottom line pharmacogenomic testing is a powerful tool that clinicians can use preemptively to protect septum c19 functionality and metabolize your phenotype we encourage clinicians to consider this product as a first-line product and acs pci patient populations with functional subtc-19 alleles to improve survival

Oh but that means bear gryll may not be beneficial for patients that are poor sip2c19 metabolizers moving on so we already know that the direct to consumer advertising for clopidogrel didn’t increase use how will you reach the consumer and how you incentivize buying your product over clopidogrel and aspirino separately well that’s a great question we already

Have advertisements that are ready to be put in place and use at this moment we want to take advantage of the social media platform to extend our product to the consumer mind we also have done extensive market research and it shows a great positive response and finally bayer grill we want to market it as ten dollars clopidogrel alone costs eight to fifteen

Dollars making our product the cheaper alternative and the no-brainer so your product seems to check all the boxes but how safe is your drug and are there any drug drug interactions or any side effects to it that’s a really good question our product is generally well tolerated but it does carry the risk of side effects just like pedigree does and those

Side effects include bleeding gi ulcer dizziness and even fatigue base your girl bear gryll does interact with certain medications that are sub substrates of sib2c19 particularly those that inhibit the enzyme and those medications may include ppis or even azole anti-fungals i wish i could get on board with this product but i just think the number of drug

Interactions are too high and you aren’t offering another formulation for those that can’t tolerate clopidogrel as well so for this reason i’m out so i like your product however if i’m putting that much money into the company i would like a bigger stake so i’m going to offer 2 million dollars in exchange for 20 stake of the company oh well um is it okay if

I can consult with my partner before we make the decision yeah go ahead but hurry up before i change my mind listen i just don’t think that’s enough i think we need to renegotiate to at least 4 million at a 20 state i agree let’s do it all right we talked it over we were wondering if we could ask for four million dollars and 20 of the state you know what

I believe in your products and i believe in your numbers let’s do it congratulations team one pharmaceutical you

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