March 22, 2023

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Welcome back in this video we will be talking about gout and calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease now these diseases are halasana and their symptoms and features and it’s very important to be able to differentiate between them when you’re solving q banks or do you simulate them so in this video i’ll be teaching you how to differentiate between them and how to

Spot which one the question is asking about gout is caused by uric acid crystals deposition in the joint and usually the trigger is increased meat intake the night before because meat has amino acids and they will be metabolized to yorick acids so once they increase in the blood they will deposit on the joint or by increasing alcohol intake the night before because

Alcohol will compete with uric acid excretion in the kidneys while calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease is largely idiopathic in its cause we’re in nowhere happens but usually associated with joint trauma gout would usually present as acute to mono arthritis usually one of the knees plus toughest on top of the influent joint topher’s is basically on a jewel on

Top of the employment calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease have two phases when it comes to presentation other acute or chronic if it was a huge will be called pseudogout and it was chronic will be called pseudo osteoarthritis now gout diseases associated with a couple of conditions and they are thiazide use lesch-nyhan syndrome prpp exists tumor lysis syndrome

And one gear disease calcium pyrophosphate deposition is only associated with hemochromatosis and hyperthyroidism now there’s a sign that’s very important to know in gout and it’s called pellagra is just a fancy name for a big to involvement when you take a fluid sample of the influence zone in gout we will see something called negative birefringent and we take a

Fluid sample of the calcium pyrophosphate to position inflamed joint we’ll see something called positive birefringent what this basically means is that when you say negative bar fringing it means that this stain we used will stain everything except the crystals that we want and gout and when we say positive birefringent that means the stain will stain specifically

The little cubes when custom purposeful deposition disease so on doubt we stain everything except the crystals and then calcium pyrophosphate we stain the cubes themselves it’s very important to know the gout presence as little needles and catherine parr phosphate presents as little cubes now for the treatment of gout and calcium pyrophosphate two-position disease

With the same treatment in acute cases which is insane corazon and colchicine and for the treatment of chronic gout we use our purine all and few books of state for the treatment of chronic calcium pyrophosphate deposition we use cokecake seen alright guys so that’s everything i’ve got today hopefully i made this easier for you and hopefully when you come to these

Questions the exam we’re gonna be able to answer them our usual on the exam to just give you a history that is comparable with both diseases so you need to know all the features for both diseases because it usually answers in one word or one line the patient says that that gives you an idea of which diseases so of what all the features here so you can differentiate

Between them and see you guys later

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Colchicine, Allopurinol and Febuxostat – Joint Aspiration Analysis Birefringent Stain By USMLE pass