January 26, 2023

Eating as a way to deal with grief and depression feels comforting in the moment. But, it’s not the best for our ADHD brains nor is it the best in the long run for our overall health. Hi ate my way through my grief and there was a steep consequence: increase cholesterol levels, weight gain and not recognizing myself in photos even though I didn’t really notice a difference in the mirror. That’s like reverse body dysmorphia. Or, in other words: denial. In this video A give a shout out to the people who gave me healthy comfort and I also give a shout out to the food that, although it was extremely unhealthy in its own way it got me through the rough days as well. #adhd #binge #junkfood #depression #grief #ComfortEating #Comfort #Eating #feelings #mcdonalds #KFC #dunkindonuts #Donuts #Starbucks

Yeah i topped the scales at 201 i just looked in the mirror and was like i look good but then i saw a photo of myself who is that chunky chick and then i had a cookie because that really stressed me out i want to take the next 30 seconds in adhd time that would be like an hour to thank the people who have helped me through this past awful terrible deplorably sad

Depressive nine months that i have been realizing fighting the reality of accepting and then grieving the eventual death of my mother i thought i was the kind of person who would be able to process all of that through my work and creating content i i do all this work for free right now i just didn’t have it in me so instead i leaned on my friends in the adhd

Community my adhd coach inger shea colzi thank you renee brooks adhd coach of black girl lost keys my mental health therapist jackie thank you i want to thank these amazing little fuzzy wonderful creatures that i’ve been entrusted with one of which was my mom’s dog max dixon it’s a zoo around here and it’s not been easy because there are days since um my mother

Has been declining and then passed that i couldn’t even take care of myself let alone three animals and some days i didn’t some days i just asked my friend who is also a pet sitter to just please take them home with you i can’t and i felt so guilty about that but it was necessary most impactful to my say my body and my health that has helped me manage and deal

With all of the grief the depression and the sadness i want to thank chocolate and kentucky fried chicken mcdonald’s lots of mcdonald’s chocolate chip cookies starbucks lots and lots and lots and lots of starbucks vanilla scones petite vanilla scones lots of those lots and lots of those i would only order three at a time because moderation however i would order

Those like twice a day i would like to also thank oh my gosh chocolate truffle cake and ralph’s oh that chocolate truffle tuxedo cake slice it ralph’s i was like the freaking chocolate mousse layers the white cake chocolate mousse another thin white cake white chocolate mousse another piece of oh my gosh it’s so like oh it’s like air you can like eat so much of it

And i did like to thank the uh 7-eleven down street for their caramel logs who else oh amici’s pizza across the street under new management now they sell pizza by the slice i made them deliver it to me and i live across the street that’s uh yeah it’s a rough year i’d also like to thank coke zero it was all the flavor and none of the sugar allegedly is enough here

I gained 50 pounds i’d also like to think um um all the friends i’ve made at the dog park who sometimes brought in free donuts for the other dog walkers you know that’s that was dope oh the lemon lemon loaf slice at starbucks i’d like to thank that that that really got me through some tough mornings oh yeah the yogurt place around the block all those extra m ms

The hard shell eminem’s by the way and the dark chocolate chips and those carob chips which don’t even taste like chocolate they look like it just just really just helped me process a lot of feelings last year oh especially i would like to thank my sister nicole’s employers for that big ass box of holiday cookies really fancy kinds they were individually wrapped

They’re about that big but each of them had like 500 calories in them the caramel crunch the chocolate chip white chocolate chip there was like put 50 cookies in that maybe 25. i have no idea i’m bad with numbers i ate most of my sister’s cookies when i was there for our mom’s funeral that’s how i got through the whole thing eating in bed under the cover so nobody

Could see me it was me who stole the last cookie sis i’m sorry the chocolate chip one i ate it i didn’t know you’d set it aside for yourself i’d like to thank the hershey’s company for making really really amazing king size hershey’s bar with almonds i’d like to thank dunkin donuts exceptional white powdered sugar donuts with the chocolate like filling inside i

Think that’s pretty much all of the therapy i had last year when covet started i was a hundred and none of your business and i gained uh 30 pounds from 2020 to early 21. boy i thought i was off the rails then then my mom’s put on another 25 pounds i topped the scales at 201. that was too much i was hurting everything and ease of hurting it’s out of breath coming

Up the stairs i just i just looked in the mirror and was like i look good but then i saw a photo of myself conducting a wedding and i was like who is that chunky chick it was me and then i had a cookie because that really stressed me out i’m working with a a coach who is now helping me pull back because i couldn’t do it myself i mean i could but i’ve just i’ve

Gone too far i’ve gone further with poor health than i ever have in my entire life and i will tell you about my fitness goals in the next video look at me look at me stop the camera

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Comfort Eating: a way to deal with grief and depression. DISCLAIMER: I did it. I don’t recommend it. By Stacey Machelle