February 1, 2023

xanax1765’s Webcam Video from 4 June 2012 11:31 (PDT)

That ladies and gentlemen is stephen odds are report yeah i’ve been coming up a medication for about three days or so unless it’s saturday or whatever zack says let’s get a sunday but they could script and have in early but the bad thing is they ran out of that medication percocets and watch is banal which are i was there think i had some gu tylenol three it’s a

You know tom on three coding that from my dentist whatever been taking off and on and killing the pain and a little bit little bit really so much pain that we’re trying to kill that there is because my tooth without you bother but nothing as if right now but they finally got my base claim they finally got my medication in today my oxy could and whatever but the

Kind i get is you know like i told you tile i’m so hard to get that order damn things in this store is like unorganized and everything and i guess maybe might be possibly my doctor true the way she wrote it she wrote it out it’s hard to all weekend do you see like on holidays or weekends cd gate everything in the shipments and everything you know when they try post

Dated for the data to actually do they don’t have it on that date you know make sense and on the expects you have it on that date they can’t get it’s not open on the sunday first of all guys so how can you get your medication on sunday when they’re not open though sunday you know sonia i was here i take it up last take out the ass basically so so well and plus it

Pisses me off because okay cyndi’s she’s on the singular set medication to oxy kind of common though she told me we’ll just take one of mine so you know i’m sure you know but guess what you tell the pharmacist in new i but she’s well she’s having so much sweat and everything going on and i felt bad were mounted eight emergency just for that you know just because

Of that situation could you know unless i have to come about box code and you know so i thought the bottom up jump in the book slipped up on i knew i knew the routine ending run how it works and everything and i’ve taken out strength before there’s nothing against spring i haven’t prescription for that strengthened to it in the past so i went and took one of hers

Okay no problem worked brilliant work disturbed like charmed ten minutes later i came out of withdrawal just like that snap of a finger on glorifying there nothing but he just kept me out of the hospital guys medical cost you know costing more medical cost and everything else see there’s certain tricks you can use even though good for the good foods bad is a good

Game candor and uses at the end or where do you want to call it she sent the system doesn’t always work it works the way you want to work it you know i’m saying i’m not saying i see i don’t take this for fun i take it because i really have back pain sis that’s freakin either that i mean this pharmacist didn’t put the order in a time and buy time sunday you’re not

Open on the sunday so how the hell am i gonna get in the medication you know and then they say oh by the way you can come down and get of one pill i know how that works that is not the way it works with a schedule to you can’t get one freaking pill that i’ve ever heard of anyway because you know what that second okay diabetics yes you can get it it’s tell you go to

The er when you’re paying right okay that’s protocol okay i know cuz i’ve studied into pharmaceuticals and everything else you know everybody knows how to ready okay but when you’re withdrawing from any drug even alcohol let’s say there’s some nothing i mean they consider alcohol a drug we go to na guys okay everything is a drug they say that you exclude alcohol

And drugs you can’t because alcohol is a drug okay you have a choice paris help them drinks it you know millions of other actresses drink and so what you know what they’re doing it for fun you see i’m not doing mine for fun i’m doing works i eat it and when i’m been on it for years and i missed some ii miss it for so many days and i have the sweats have a headache

What am i gonna do get the tylenol three and kick in it i’m not gonna keep up with tylenol 3 that one prescribed on three anymore so what the hell it just took it and it worked ten minutes ten or fifteen minutes boom cook booboo kaboom work just like that and you know what the hell with them you know i’m not gonna suffer and put my life in danger well i know what

How to take care of myself you know when i know the roles i mean i mean all er doctors going to do to me you look at me and say okay what’s your problem steven oh i don’t want medication and then come in i don’t getting shakes i’m sweating okay that’s normal okay is what i say i say yeah well so that’s normal because i couldn’t feeling that urge well i’ll tell

You what we’re gonna do some more taps bar tap see not tension yes that is codeine no mas give me itchy my pants it’s my anger say i’m trying to say nicely anyway they felt you know that no good until i get you know the my script got my prescription pills by the way i do we have to do and that’s all there is that i’m like i said on glorified when it comes to

Emergency situations have you ever been prescribed it in the past you know that you could take that that medication even in when you were in severe pain in the past worse and you are not i mean you know how it reacts on your body he knows body but the dark past world us so there’s nothing against the rose on that lesson but i think because i had me for god sakes

I have the bottle of fruit so laughing up so they’re all perfect anyway that’s how i’ve been feeling in the last few days whatever and that’s why they kind of literate and sociable well not really too much in socialize us not all together basically but because you know you get a headache gets wet you get like what together guy said that one jumps on topics about

It how did with maybe some ideas how to not take that medication i told you about but you know stead of talent on three’s and i’m not on three’s any batteries they don’t balancing them just higher dose but you know it worked it didn’t hurt me did nothing like that i fell great but you know whatever takes to kill but we can pain you know and plus not just the pain

It’s the fizz mental pain yes it is true to feel normal sometimes okay the old saying is you know you do feel stick though this other girls on here talks about it i don’t know her name’s christian some of the correct she says some about me and dope sick whatever you call it it’s not really dope sick of them on ticket we see understand what i am is something using

It because i’m using up blood okay you know i have a certain volume in my blood my mind expects to get that in my in my blood you know i’m saying that dosage if it doesn’t have it i have to wait two or three days without to shoot but the helmet will still go no er waste their money wasted tax dollars i mean waste it you know and pay for paid cash and all the other

Stuff you see doctor waste her time just tell me something re know what to do you know because she is common sense and how many doctor do i know that you have me think of something up last year something something’s kind of stupid actually to give you uh methadone or out but that other one no see my i’m seeing by single or whatever they put in suboxone you know

You put it underneath your tongue sorry about the brain part okay it’s stupid to give us a box in for one or three one two three days or whatever just because you’re out of month actually good and when you continue i go because that doesn’t work the way it works take your oxy code for moderate severe pain okay there’s the rear pain that you know under optima to

Reasons and if something doesn’t work whatever works for you you know because they’re rotten parent that didn’t work for me penalize don’t work for me so i take what i feel worked for me and what the doctor has given me plus after my surgery of my thyroid guys if they kiss my ass they don’t know i felt like you know sorry guys i’m just telling you the truth this

Is an update from you know it’s been a few days since i made the video guys but my heart does go out to a lot of other people that are hurting that are out of a medication and the way the world’s gone and i don’t like to talk about the economy too much on here as i talked about i did talk about the political speaking we do have a shortage on some stuff they say we

Have a shortage on this and that this and that because this is called supply and demand so you can’t have to supply you don’t have you have a lot of demands we have no supply that’s what i’m trying to say so what do you do when you write a vacation you go to the next highest bidder you have to do what you gotta do and i’m not gonna go spend two or three hours in

Er just have been tell me well get will write you a prescription for some more oxygen on the in florissant tough wooden was a call of some vicodin or whatever something less less those a different drug for oxy coding because it doesn’t mix i mean it doesn’t got the same chemical and it’s only got i don’t have the hydrochloride well i don’t know yeah i don’t think

It has hydrochloride did it plus don’t have the oxycodone in it so i figured by wait don’t what don’t waste a doctor’s time just take you know that one hearse and dad dead the truck of ten minutes in ten minutes i felt like dynamite felts great and actually i felt great for 14 hours i felt great on one pill one to 14 hours no pain nothing i didn’t get about what’s

Wrong guys all it is get the sweats a little bit no headache after take it hurts and even last a little bit longer so throughout the heck i’m up breaking the rules kalyra had that in the past anyway i got a bottle to prove that i have that in the past they give to me they’re in surgery to get surgery i had oxycontin straight out 80 80 milligrams okay hurts less

A little bit less in them so their man was stronger but my point is all for all people are suffering out there should have the same fair shake less hospital business if you know what you’re talking about know what you’re doing possibly i’ma telling you to go out and do that but you gotta be smart you got to think of course you consult with the doctor you are i

Did consult with him the urge you know them everything the album about it okay so that they can’t change it because they weren’t in over the weekend right to to the straight other kind of stuff whatever but i mean it was like a urgency i was just gonna top it i’ll top it all off my centroid to i was like one short on that because they messed up with the pharmacy

He gave me one less short i’m gonna say and it’s crazy because what happened really is either i lost it somewhere and or something like that and yeah like on one short you know i might have to wait the extra day and i don’t want i can’t wait with a thyroid kill i mean you get hyperthyroidism as it is with a tsh low that prolactin in the brain eating i’m correct

I mean that turns and moves different kind of moves and they’re moody it’s not the same as i can be happy happy you’re not gonna be happy you’re gonna be sleepy you fall asleep all time then you mean just that your your thyroid well you don’t have a lot of behind but i don’t have a flag right but on top of the hormones the pth levels are whacked out you know no

We’re too mad low lower thyroid hormone now i would if i took the pill they’re not taking the pill plus my hair up all out okay and not not just one day probably but i’m just tickled you speaking you know but anyway god bless for everybody else and you know lori this is a message to you please don’t do nothing bad or anything okay and i traditionally male you to

The wrong freshness rape it’s your old address but i tried my best to write you a poem a psychology poem i used to take in college and just do my papers in college and i thought they’d help you you know i do best i could you know for psychology reasons so i know psychology for quite a long time three four years baby doll i mean we’re praying for you and everything

I know it’s life is hard right now for you and you don’t want to just do it take everything and do everything all at one time and do something stupid please just because of problems at home or whatever is going on with you at home boyfriend problems or whatever guy problems or whatever is not worth it step back take a deep breath think of a nice virgin island

Or something close your eyes going to dream state you have to whatever just don’t od so i’m saying don’t think those come just deal with your own mind – with your own mind just think of that place only thing that matters is you do you matter that’s what matters the only person that matters is you – that’s what i’ve learned okay i’m not trying to say i’m being the

Hypocrite i know like you know like i don’t care about cindy okay that’s for the record okay i love cindy okay i’m not saying that that’s totally separate i’m talking about your situation with your it hurt yourself okay that’s not very smart that is dumb and stupid okay do not hurt yourself do whatever you have to do to get to correct help okay you need if you feel

Like you need help and bending of that don’t hesitate get the help okay i’m going to close right now god bless for this video thank god everything’s working out okay i love every person and everyone up there on facebook i am okay i’m not over come on don’t worry didn’t od nothing like that i’m perfectly fine that’s all except one i’m good i feel good now come on

Feel like normal okay god bless you all love you lotta piece and i feel pampered to jeopardy guy that just died okay take care guys charlie wayne i’m kidding winning now sometimes i feel like i’m not winning but that’s being honest okay i like aerosmith a lot okay here you guys go i let you roll out on this one can have it play all that stuff by the way to wrap okay late

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coming off my oxycodone cold turkey because of pharmacy Video from 4 June 2012 11:31 (PDT) By steven pyle