June 4, 2023

What might be a regular walk through the myriad side effects of coming off Venlafaxine aka Effexor

Right it’s a quick video at the moment i’m coming off then lafaxin it’s also known as effexor in the u.s and i thought it’d be interesting to make a regular video describing the side effects that coming off this medication because it is up beyond anything i’ve experienced before so far i mean i came off matazepine about two years ago and that was really difficult

Very very had a horrible time coming off that but this is something else so i’ve could have been reducing down i’m down to one a day at the moment and the way i’m i’m doing it the way i’m tapering it is i’m taking them two hours later each day with the idea that this will then you know it spreads out the amount that i’m taking over a longer period to the point

Where i can then coat down to half a day and then do the same with that so yesterday i took it at 12 today i’ve taken it a two this is going i was on about one and a half a day before uh and the doctor briefly put me up to three a day but the the side effects are peculiar insomnia is one of them that’s a good one uh headaches that’s quite uh fun uh hot flushes

Lovely i’m really liking those what else have we got uh falling asleep is interesting because you start kind of going over things in your past but they’re kind of weirdly dark and nightmarish um so like last night i was for some reason recalling a whole lot of stuff about living in dundee and but it was all kind of dark and bad and made the whole thing seem really

Nightmarish and awful which wasn’t the case um so that was weird then the dreams so this is the one that i really wanted to talk about today is the dreams are insane super vivid um very kind of narrative like last night i was dreaming something based on the laundry series by charles strauss and for some reason i was the main character and the person i was married

To set fire to herself and my boss died and we had a sculpture of my boss and he was kind of weird demon thing but it which he is in the books um it was just up at one point for some reason and i’m not sure why this happened in the dream but at one point i was looking for a printer cable just one of these just a normal usb cable you know the ones with the big

Square ends on uh i picked a blue one in the end i remember which does show that the whole thing about not dreaming in color is and then when i am finally able to sleep properly i’m sleeping in for ages i feel heavy uh which i do anyway because i am but that’s a whole different story and uh knee aches that’s good that had gone away for a bit and i’d actually got

Knee braces for that for a while ago which i might have to dig out again knee aches and uh elbow pains that’s good the problem with phenylalactin is it has a very short half-life so you start getting the side effects very very quickly with it if you miss one and you’re saying on three a day if you miss one you start to notice very quickly that you’ve missed it

Unlike things like prozac and stuff that build up to a treatment level and you know you can miss a couple and not really have a major problem so yeah i will i will make another video tomorrow if anything’s different with the effects but i’m gonna try and keep while this is going on i’m going through the withdrawal i’ll try and make a video regularly to describe

Anything new or describe what’s happened uh since then so i just remembered something part my dream last night um i had this tardis in it why i had this tardis in it i was riding a bike with this tardis in a seat next to me and the cats were in the on the bike as well and because the kind of there was a duvet around my feet on the bike i could only do little

Kind of half turn so i was going really slowly and i was going down the commentary road in in birmingham towards solio that was weird uh and i had this tardis this big the big tardis not the little tardis that we have so yeah it’s a it’s a weird experience but i will keep you informed

Transcribed from video
Coming Off Venlafaxine, Part One By Alex Botten