November 29, 2022

Today I comment on the uses, usual dose range, and general lack of side effects of buspirone, brand name Buspar. This is a good option for patients with moderate anxiety, for those needing a boost for their anti-depressant or to help alleviate the sexual side effects that some patients can have while taking certain anti-depressant medications.

Hi welcome to comments on psych meds by a psychiatrist i’m dr ankur soraya uh if you haven’t read the intro i’m sorry listen to the intro and disclaimer videos uh please uh take a moment to do so and today i’m going to talk about buspar generic name busparone so this is a medication that is approved for the treatment of various anxiety disorders but i would say

That it’s probably most commonly used at least in my practice as either an add-on for depression or in a somewhat uh unique aspect of busberone it can help with the sexual side effects that can be caused by certain antidepressants the ssris snris and for certain people uh the beusperone can be quite helpful so again to reiterate busprone is used as a treatment

For anxiety as a booster medication for depression or in some cases to help uh alleviate sexual side effects that can be caused by certain uh antidepressants the usual dose range abuse burn has a fairly broad dose range generally we start titrating it slowly at 7.5 milligrams but i like to get my patients up to at least 15 milligrams twice a day and i have had uh

One patient in particular at a quite high dose but generally the top range is considered 30 milligrams three times a day um and that’s the that’s been in my experience i’m actually not sure what the package insert uh describes but that’s the general uh top and bottom range so as i said i like to get patients at least up to 15 milligrams twice a day but when using

It for sexual side effects sometimes you can get away with once a day and i actually have a small number of patients who use buspar on an as-needed basis but that’s not supported by the research but like i said i have a couple of patients who feel like it helps with their anxiety kind of as taken as needed but following the what is understood about the medication

You do need to take it daily for it to work for any of the indications that i described but again some patients with anxiety do use it as needed and a few patients say that they can use it as needed even for sexual side effects but that’s unusual generally speaking this is a medication that you take on a regular schedule the general bottom range is 15 milligrams

Twice a day all the way up to 30 milligrams three times a day although i have had one patient who through a miscommunication ended up taking an even higher dose which she tolerated very well and actually found very helpful but i will generally not go above 30 three times a day and in part that’s because for anybody taking a medication three times a day is hard

To keep up on any kind of long term basis coming off of buspar generally speaking it is not a medication that’s associated with any kind of withdrawal you can come safely off of it pretty rapidly but as a general rule with almost all medications i like to have patients taper so if you um even at 15 milligrams twice a day i will advise that patients cut the dose

In half and do that for a week or so and then stop but it generally is not associated with any problems in terms of side effects this is one of the appealing things about busparone is that it is a medication that is generally free of side effects and has no medication interaction so it’s very simple to prescribe and to use the one thing that a small number of

Patients experience is that they will experience a bit of lightheadedness about 40 minutes to an hour after they take uh their first dose of the day that’s generally something that goes away pretty early on as your body gets used to it and some patients don’t even notice it especially when we start at 7.5 milligrams but starting at 15 milligram doses sometimes

People experience a a mild dizziness a lightheadedness it’s not terribly unpleasant and patients have told me that once i warned them that this is something they might experience it actually was not a big deal at all lasted for a few minutes and passed and like i said once patients have been taking the medication for about a week or so that doesn’t keep happening

So um i think overall i think it’s a a really good option for the three things that i mentioned it’s not used a lot for anxiety i think we have other medications that are generally we turn to first but for patients that are very concerned about the sexual side effects that you can get from ssris um uh and uh their anxiety is not uh crippling i think abuse bar

Is a good first option to consider i think it’s an excellent option to consider for wanting to boost the antidepressant effects of antidepressants especially if there are sexual side effects because you can kind of get two for one you can both boost the antidepressant effects but also alleviate sexual side effects side effects if they’re present so uh that’s it thank you for listening

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Comments on Psych Meds by a Psychiatrist: buspirone By DrSaraiya