March 22, 2023

Please note I am not a medical professional. Make sure you discuss how to take your medication with your doctor before implementing anything I say in this video. Methylphenidate (Often known as Concerta) used to treat ADD/ADHD can possibly cause troublesome effects when over-used and equally when abruptly ending long-term daily usage.

Hi guys today i want to talk about my recent experience with concerta this week i haven’t been taking my tablets because i’ve had a bit of a rough time with anxiety last week i was taking it every single day and it was just giving me pretty bad anxiety both physically and mentally i have this theory about consider in that if you take it every single day i think

That it can build up in your system and it can manifest in physical ways and it can manifest in psychological ways because i’m i i don’t think it’s a good idea to take every single day see but i was using it as a way to sort of access the best version of myself and i think it’s a bit of a destructive thing to do because it can send you down a spiral of addiction

Or it can send you down sort of the wrong path because you you basically just abusing the drug you’re using it to your advantage or at least you think you’re using it to your advantage because you think that it’s providing you with access to the best performance you can get and you know while while it definitely does work and it definitely can really improve your

Life i think there’s this maximum point where if you go too high up you eventually start come right down and i think it can definitely impact your life negatively if you’re not careful so my methods been with this is an innate excel 36 milligrams but i’ve been taking it in different dosages believe it or not it’s not really all the docs you shouldn’t do with this

And i don’t recommend you do it but the reason why i’ve done it is because i think well it shouldn’t be very dangerous because these tablets have got these little sort of marks in the centre of them and that tells me that they could possibly be snapped in half and taken half a dose which is why i was doing you see that there can you see that the little line just

Where my fingertip is well i was snapping those in half on on certain days i wanted the full effect so i just took the full dose like that the thirty-six but then on other days i thought well maybe i can have half the dough so just snapping them in half like that so i’ve got two little effectively 18 milligram tablets there so that’s what i was doing i was using

Them tailoring it to my weak oh depending on what i wanted to do certain daisy i think if i wanted my full intellectual capacity to be met i was taking the full dose but then on other days when it when i didn’t need it i was taking half the dose whereas i think that’s where the problem lies is if you take it on a daily basis i think that it can actually build

Up in your system and it can manifest as anxiety this is especially risky if you’re the sort of person who has an addictive personality like i am not really that kind of person but i’ve definitely experienced bits of it in my life like when i was younger i used to be quite known for being drunk you know the most drunk out of everyone and that’s because alcohol

Gives me a hell of a buzz you know i’d get a kick out of it and even to this day i still struggle a bit with knowing when to stop when i was younger was a lot worse but now we’re not so bad because i don’t really buy it much these days and if i do i usually just have one or two bottles of beer or something like that so i’ve learned to manage that but really i’m

Surprised i’ve never developed a full-blown addiction to anything you know i tried smoking as well but i’d only do that with drinking and i didn’t want to do that because of the health implications so i actually started vaping and i’ve ached for a year and i thought to myself well why why you hell am i doing this why am i wasting my money on these this pointless

Nicotine juice so i just quit and actually i didn’t really find it hard to do that surprisingly it took about a week to get off it but then the symptoms are no longer the main thing for me was avoiding triggers like going out so that’s why i don’t really go out partying anymore i just you know have i go to like the pub for just a game of pool and maybe a couple

Of beers and that’s it i you know i love maybe one pint and drive home so then like i have no choice but to limit how much i drink but i definitely had moments where i thought to myself in the past maybe i’m an alcoholic maybe i have a real issue that i need to go and sort out with a professional but you know i’ve tried drugs as well in the past and i’ve done quite

Hard drugs now and again on the rare occasion and i’ve done things like marijuana but i’ve never really got hooked on any of it i never really cared i think it’s because a lot of the times i’m just too scared to really get into something like that because i know with the dangers of it so i just sort of i stopped it as soon as i can but i think you know this this

Concerta is definitely something that can be abused if you you know if even if you’re not intending to abuse it you can actually end up abusing it without realising i think the main problem is that i was mixing it with coffee because i like to have my coffee i love coffee big fun and i’ve actually started making my own as in buying the coffee beans grounding it

And putting it in a french press i do that every morning have one cup a day that’s my treat but i had this habit of having multiple cups of coffee a day and it’s no wonder that i’ve had anxiety issues and tension headaches things like that no wonder so if you’re gonna combine other stimulants like coffee with this you really better watch out you better limit it

Because i know from experience that it’s gonna make your anxiety ten times worse withdrawal this is quite a big one as well because this week i’ve gone unplugged i haven’t had any of any concerns at all i have noticed in the first few days i was pretty bad if you come off this you’re likely to note this some nasty side effects such as tiredness depression maybe

Not depression but you can at least feel down in the dumps and unmotivated because you’re basically coming off this stimulant and your brain is withdrawing from it you know you brain is craving it so you have this really you build up this really unnaturally high level of serotonin in your brain and then when you take that away cold turkey you know you just stop

Suddenly like that you’re really gonna notice the things like what i’ve just said the tiredness and the lack of motivation and the low mood you know it’s definitely can mess with you i’m just looking at a website here about addiction and concerta withdrawal from concerta is similar to that of cocaine but not as serious symptoms that manifest during the stage

Are also similar to those in withdrawal from other stimulants such as amphetamine methamphetamine adderall and ritalin without proper care permanent damage mostly psychological in nature can occur the best way to undergo withdrawal from a drug is dangerous consider is via medical supervision this is because attempting to quit in the wrong manner can result in

Severe health complications for example quitting cold turkey can trigger a rapid onset of withdrawal symptoms which can have damaging consequences this is why it’s never advised to go through withdrawal on your own as you won’t have the expertise to taper yourself off the drug in the right manner i think this is a good point because i think next time that i want

To stop using or have a break i will actually taper off i’m gonna just you know go down in the dose and then try it maybe replace with caffeine a bit and then stop types of concerta withdrawal withdrawal comes in different stages and you will experience them uniquely according to your level of addiction and personal circumstances symptoms of withdrawal include

Psychological and physical effects which occur as a result of the drugs interaction with the brain and central nervous system duration of consider withdrawal concerta has a very short half-life and symptoms may begin to manifest a couple of hours after your last dose in general you will experience the onset of withdrawal within the first 24 hours the length of

Withdrawal will depend on the amount of concerta you consumed and the intervals between intake and how long you use the drug withdrawal may be prolonged if your concerta dependence and tolerance are severe you can also be faced with harsher withdrawal symptoms if you abuse conservator in combination with other harmful substances so in other words if you mix it with

Other things like coffee and you have too much of it it’s definite going to mess with you so don’t be worried about this as long as you’re sensible and you go to your doctor and you get the recommended dose and you regularly update them about how it’s affecting you they’ll give you things like blood tests they’ll test your heart rate to see if you have any history

Of any problems in your heart any susceptibility to disease or things like heart disease things like that so don’t let this video put you off it can be very very helpful if you do it correctly if you’re smart about it and you don’t abuse it and also you don’t need things like coffee and tea and all those other things because this is great enough so you don’t want

To become dependent on anything you want to be you want to do it as and when you need but i think if you’re going to do it every day you need to have the dose that’s right for you but also don’t be afraid to go a day without that you don’t need to be on this 24/7 you know it’s not i don’t think it’s good to be on a drug 24/7 so thanks for joining me guys i really

Appreciate if you subscribed to my channel and give me a thumbs up on the video if you found it helpful so i’ll see you next time guys bye bye

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Concerta 💊 Dependence, Anxiety & Withdrawal 😫 (Don't Do This! ) By Stuart Anderson