January 27, 2023

In this video I discuss Concerta Methylphenidate crash. Concerta crash is impossible avoid on big doses over 36mg. That is why I take Concerta only 18-36 mg and avoid bigger doses. I m gonna share some other tips I have gathered over the years

Hi so consider the crash many people have asked me about consera crash how to avoid it the truth is consider crash will come question is how bad is going to be you know that saying what goes up must come down that is especially true with stimulus medications and of course illegal substances if you have ever tried them conservative has time release mechanism

So it’s not like valbutrin that is antidepressant that increases dopamine and neuroafrin over a period of time from weeks months consider x for one day then it goes down like always the dosage is the main issue i can take 80 milligrams with no problem i will not feel any kind of crash even with 36 milligrams i really don’t feel that crash but 54 or 72 yeah i

Will definitely feel a crash i used to divide my doses i was pretty smart early on and i realized that to have to make my crash easier on me i would have to divide my dose so take one pill six in the morning before work then i would take another pill at nine in the morning three hours later i would be always very mindful about what time i take medication and

My reasoning with this was that if i take the whole dose for example i stick 54 milligrams i don’t i don’t take that big dose anymore but i used to take 54 milligrams so take the whole dose right in the morning and it would go like this then it would crash like this but if i took 18 milligrams it would start going up then i would take another 80 milligrams so

It will be always be like this so it won’t so i would not experience this so when my first dose starts declining i would take another dose it would go like this instead of this very bad with my hands this gave me at least i felt so stable release caffeine also early on i got great idea that when when the medication effect decreases i would take coffee i would

Have strong black coffee to raise my dopamine levels for a while this would cut this would kind of work but then again coffee does also increase norephen in cortisol and it will give me anxiety and i’ve made a video about this about concerning caffeine intake which i will link down below but if you mix concerto with cafe if you mix concerto with coffee it can

Be a very um for some people if you’re very sensitive it can be a very horrible uh mix with those two if i was taking 54 milligrams i would not take coffee anymore because i have experience from that it does work but then it will affect your anxiety also then it also will affect your sleep later in the day one thing i noticed when i was doing keto diet last

Year is that my my my mood and my energy was very stable through the day i didn’t experience it anymore blood sugar crashes even coming off those like 54 milligrams did not feel as much as bad as it used to feel so i realized that having stable blood sugar can actually help so having like stable blood sugar with nutrition can actually help with the medication

Also because if your blood sugar goes like this all the time then also also the medication will go like this you’re going to have a very bad crash later in the evening because now you know your blood sugar is crashing and also the medication is crashing and if they crash the same time oh oh no it’s not too nice so these days i maintain low carb diet and i try

To eat less carbs in the morning more carbs in the evening so i can sleep better with nutrition i have pretty much stable energy and stable mood and i feel that this also helps me with my medication ltn which is found in green tea this also i i found out last year i noticed that when i was drinking lots of green tea i probably was do i probably was drinking too

Much green tea to be honest but i noticed that my crutches actually didn’t feel too bad when i was drinking lots of green tea green tea has ltn in it which will make you more calm it will give you focus and also it increases dopamine and serotonin so it’s it’s a very it’s amazing supplement i prefer a green tea myself i think for me it works much better than the

Supplement so my so my crashes did not actually feel that bad even with 54 milligrams because i was drinking green tea especially in the evening but still green tea has some caffeine in it so you have to still be careful with caffeine how much caffeine can you really take and also i take magnesium in the evenings it is called the relaxation mineral so it it

Relaxes you and it’s it’s good for the anxiety so i always take before sleep i take some magnesium this is all the tips i can give you at this point in my life so my question is how do you deal with concert crashes or do you get them at all tell me in the comment section below well thank you for watching if you want you can like this video and i’ll talk to you next time take care bye

Transcribed from video
Concerta Methylphenidate Crash By ADHD Patrick