December 8, 2022

In this video, I discuss my usage of Concerta Methylphenidate. Many people have asked me about how much Concerta I use. Also many probably think has my tolerance for Concerta gone up over the years? Nowadays I use 18-36 mg of Concerta a day. I take usually weekends off from Concerta and also sometimes I take 1-2 week off on holidays. This I think has helped me in keeping my Concerta tolerance low. Overall I am very satisfied with Concerta, who knows what will happen in 5-10 years, lets see then.

Hi so many people have asked me how much conservative do i use and has my tolerance gone up over the years so how much do i take i take 18 to 36 milligrams when i first started i used all kinds of those 36 54 72 like for me it was like lots of experimentation and over the years i learned was the best dose for me and you would think that after all these years

I’ll probably use like 100 milligrams because i i’ve been using since 2017 so you would think that my tolerance actually would go up i think there is lots of reasons at play and i take breaks for the medication like the weekends i usually take off from a medication sometimes i take one week or two week during holiday seasons off my medication just to lower the

Tolerance a little bit and i think it it helps me a little bit you know i exercise regularly i i eat clean diet i sleep eight hours nine hours so i just try to keep my body and my brain naturally as healthy as possible so the medication will work for me much efficiently i’ve had many times episodes where i was sleeping not not sleeping well the next day the

Medication just would work for me like maybe 50 it would just work less because i would have very bad sleep and maybe i will not eat right at that day so when i started to neglect my body then i would usually see it in medication the next question might be why when i use 54 milligrams 72 milligrams more is better right well not always especially that in this

Case i notice when i go over this 36 milligram dose for example 54 milligrams get more side effects later in the day like mental exhaustion you just feel very weird feeling when the medication starts crashing this very weird empty feeling and sometimes my heart rate would gun up and also big dose of concerta they increased libido which is a bad thing at least in

My case so for me i noticed that 36 milligrams is a like practically practically no visible side effects at that dose for me but when i go to 50 54 72 then you know things start happening so who knows what will happen in 5 years 10 years i don’t know we’ll see but right now pretty happy with my current regimen and my current wave way of of doing things so far

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Transcribed from video
Concerta Methylphenidate Dosages & Tolerance – My Experience By ADHD Patrick