June 4, 2023

Concerta definitely helped to improve my income, as well as my grades while taking it in school, but does that mean it’s right for you?

Hey everyone during this video i’ll do a personal review of concerta it’s primarily used for adhd on the slash a dd attention deficit disorder i’ve used it a number of times we need to past five or six years and different cycles when i needed it overall i mean it is fantastic as far as the adhd medication i would i would say it’s the best although i’ve only tried

Two or three different drugs but this yeah i had i had prescribed and i mean it was it was essentially amazing for focus motivation just keep you going regardless of whatever task you were doing if you’re an entrepreneur if you’re a student if you’re in sales if you’re businessperson you really feel the mental stimulation that just allows you to focus on something

Normally i would need to take a break from a task after like you know ninety minutes to two hours i would need a break where it’s concerned it would just allow you to kind of single task on something for a good four or five hours and you know just be complete someone didn’t like hyper focused if you will something i like about it is that you there’s there’s little

Side effects when you’re taking it except during the later portion of the day you’ll feel a little bit of a crash it’s not too sick it’s not too strong but it’s it’s yeah it’s subtle but you can definitely feel towards the end of the day you’ll be a bit more irritable a little bit of slower mood won’t be as won’t be as great but i mean during the time you’re you

Know you’re obviously feeling its effects like i’d say like an hour after you take it you mean you feel feel great not only do you feel that kind of euphoric feeling that you feel with caffeine or other stimulants but again you’re just mentally stimulated to the point where everything you can just do it faster you can just do it fast fast fast i mean everything is

You can do it fast and you can do with accuracy simple things like just no mental math like mental arithmetic it’s just so much easier you know you’ll you’ll find yourself just being able to jump task do one thing on to the next so you have a focus and you’re not really distractible at the same time so overall that stuff is i mean it’s really good but the worst

Part about it is the crash once you sorry like the not the crash but the withdrawals let’s say if you take it for a month that a good dose man when you’re off it’s absolutely horrific so for that reason i don’t kind of go back to it even if i need it if i’m noticing there’s like a slump in my business so to speak conservative is a great tool that way i couldn’t

Relate to times when maybe it was in a sales slump i will get on concerta and like boom my sales would not only be back but they’d be back exponentially but just because of the withdrawals and they’re so severe i will it’s not something which i use by which i can see myself using anytime soon i can’t really just like if if i was to describe the withdraws it’s just

What you’d expect like i mean there’s no other way that we’re saying but just depression you mood is low but when you’re not kind of occupied with something you kind of you’re you know negative thoughts are gonna start spiraling and you’ll feel like thoughts of hopelessness you won’t want to be social your rate of speech slows down things like that and it’s really

Just bad i would say for about two or three weeks so what um it’s very slow and fatigue like you’ll feel really fatigued once you stop once you’re off of it but otherwise um well who i would recommend it for is maybe somebody who is studying for their finals they really have to you know really have to catch up they have a bunch of material to study for so let’s

Say it’s like i’m you have a month what are you on it that would be good or just somebody who is just in you know in that time in that point of their life when they’re dealing with a number of projects they just have a really critical time ahead of them that they have to stay sharp concern it would be a go to it in that scenario i mean i’d ready to eight out of 10

Or higher because it’s great that way better than ritalin for sure because it’s the effects are just they’re you know they’re stronger a little bit basically do does everything ritalin does but better so hope that was helpful guys i’ll see you next time

Transcribed from video
Concerta / Methylphenidate Review – Personal Experience By TheNootropicReviewer