May 29, 2023

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Hey everyone so i came across an article and it’s really funny and this is the second time i’ve shot this so hopefully we can get through this time without me up the stream so this is the thing and it’s really weird anti-vaxxers are taking feminizing hrt to try to cure covet by samantha rydel this is put on the 13th let that sink in for a second yeah let that

Wash over you into you just take that for what it is we’re in mere land right now here’s how we go we thought that guzzling horse dewormer was one of the most absurd things that anti-vaxxers would do in their cove denial in the name of cochran denial we weren’t prepared to be so wrong on sunday fox news aired an interview with dr pierre cory president of an

Organization called frontline cobit 19 critical care alliance through which corey is advocated for the use of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin to treat covid19 even after contracting the disease himself last year blaming big pharma and the fda’s lengthy direct approval process for the current crowding crisis in the united states hospitals corey demanded that

People be granted access to unexpected inexpensive drugs to battle covet including checks notes feminizing hormone replacement therapy that might sound like the setup for an extremely niche onion article but i swear it’s what corey actually wants at the end of the interview corey directed viewers to consult the critical care alliance math plus hospital protocols

For drugs they should be taking to prevent or treat copin 19 and according to those protocols the first line of therapy for hospitalized patients should be the dual anti-androgen therapy specifically drugs like spirolactone and finasteride both things i’ve taken one i’m still taking that’s amazing i will not do what you think it will guys they figured us out

Because they they did it they figured us out that we were trying to feminize them they that and revitalize the salt industry but apparently this will help with it uh yeah there are hyenas here i’m one i’m a yin um most trans feminine readers will be will be reading through their fingers at this point with mouth a gape because cory’s recommendation is literally

Just that people do a medical transition to beat covet instead of you know getting one of the several safe and effective vaccines ahead of time finasteride and spirolactone are feminizing drugs that are commonly prescribed as part of hormone replacement therapy for trans women both block testosterone and androgen from being absorbed into the bloodstream hopefully

All those vaccine truthers who follow cory’s nonsensical recommendations are ready for some unforgettable experiences of sore nipples and the possibility of osme churning uh uh and for ephemeral just gender dysphoria unless of course the unconventional treatment unlocked something for in you in which case we’re here to help then again you can also run the

Risk of increasing depression and anxiety after taking finasteride so be warned in the interest of being uh interested being fair because i only dunk on people in the name of truth damn it flux there we go um a study published last year in the medicine journal of viruses concluded the spirolactos beneficial effects in blocking engine receptors merit additional

Study but the study’s authors stopped far short of recommending spyro be taken to combat symptoms and boost recovery so i’m going to say this real quick this is written amazingly that’s the first thing first thing out the gate second thing there has been some evidence to show that people who are you know assigned male at birth are more likely to have poor

Outcomes with cobit and we’re i’m not sure why that is i haven’t jumped into that data a ton but i believe androgens recite it a bit now again i don’t know i’m not a virologist and i’m in nowhere an epidemiologist i just that’s my understanding from seeing things come across our slash coven 19 there’s been a number of like studies posted there showing stuff so

There’s a logic here where i kind of see like okay you guys saw this and jumped at it but there does seem to be some of these odd outcomes so i’m not sure what to do with that let’s move on if you’re interested in protecting yourself from a dis debilitating respiratory illness vaccine or newly approved oral antiviral pills are so much better than suppressing

Your testosterone because your doctor saw your doctor you saw on fox news said so it’s also worth noting that directly under quarries take two feminizations and call me in the morning guidance the protocol has gone to recommend taking vitamin d and melatonin which is tantamount to giving someone who just contracted hiv a pouch of emergency and some ginger ale

Omega lulls in chat that’s amazing so good hey i see you’ve contracted hiv a deadly disease that requires an anti-fire regime for the rest of your life here’s a packet of raspberry emergency and your own verners oh my god please let joe rogan take hrt please please please please it’d be so good for all their frothing outrage about how purity blockers and hrt

Are basically the same as child abuse it’s bitterly ironic that conservatives are now going to line up for some of that sweet medical feminization in the name of checks no it’s personal freedom or something i don’t know i’ve lost the plot at this point but they have too so it’s fine if there’s a silver lining here it’s that if you’re a trans femme person diy

Hormones while living with your transphobic family you now have the best possible excuse if you get caught with your spiral just tell them you’re fighting cover the way real americans do by medically transitioning damn i’m in love with this author this is great that happened that this is so good this is way more interesting um so again like i really need

People to understand this this is insanity and i it’s insanity that i kind of like because like i just imagine like these you know some big 300 pound trucker guy you know just starts noticing his boobs hurt it needs tons more salt i’m sorry we just don’t get to have men anymore covet covet actually took away all of our men um like i i’m all for this as as a

Humanitarian i’m horrified as a lesbian i’m excited um oh god so why didn’t we bring this up beyond the hilarity um mostly it’s funny i mean that’s true for a lot of people though covet did kind kind of was around my egg crack it’s fine but anyway it happened first and then code was like did you want just like extra time to like be at home and explore yourself

Yeah do you want some time time so why is this so great it’s great because in a lot of ways we’ve talked about so many awful things around covet the long coven effects all that those videos exist i’m not here to talk about the day i really just want to bring up the fact that these people will turn to anything to pretend reality isn’t real you know including

Using drugs that they actively demonize because they’re afraid that their tran their their 14 year old trans daughter is going to be a girl oh no i mean canadian brunch it can’t hurt i mean i guess it can but i don’t care dudes would grow brute we’ll rather grow booze and get the vaccine true so again we don’t understand this too long but i just want to make

It clear that this is funny as and that like no really conservatives are a joke anti-vaxxers are a cult and they genuinely believe in conspiracy theories and no they don’t know their signs or how to research or what means they don’t wrap team based what you gotta actually oh sorry fortunate the y chromosome is more or less than redundant xx for everyone

Just get that sri sry gene true i mean i really like my boobs so just saying xena really likes me i like them too so just saying so with that said i just want to share this with you it’s really funny and we will see you guys in the next one okay bye if you like this video please like comment and subscribe also consider donating to us you can support us on

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Conservatives try Spironolactone (HRT) to Ward Away COVID-19 | TGT By Jess And Zena Wholesome Degenerates