November 29, 2022

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All right welcome back everyone to plant-based kidney health as always i’m dr sean hashmi and my partner is michelle krosmer and today’s question michelle is everyone wants to know about coq10 can you tell us cool q10 is it good is it bad for patients with kidney disease what do you think okay so coq10 or coenzyme q10 it is a vitamin like quinone and basically it

Helps or works to lower oxidative stress it does this by helping to neutralize or reduce free radicals it helps with electron transport in the mitochondria and it also helps with recycling and recovering other antioxidants like vitamin c and vitamin e and so in the general population it’s usually um you know safe for people to be supplementing with and then we do

Have some research on people with kidney disease and even cardiovascular disease and other disease states where they look at supplementing with coq10 and so the potential benefits for people with kidney disease is that it potentially can help with lowering blood pressure helping with lowering inflammation oftentimes people with kidney disease are actually have

Low levels of coq10 um or potentially could be deficient so obviously it could help with repleting that and making sure that they get enough and um you know it has been you know one of the the main place that’s been studied is people that are on dialysis and that’s oftentimes where we see that there’s these low levels of coq10 and so um you know when it’s been

Studied there it’s been supplemented around 1200 milligrams and they found that it did help to lower oxidative stress and inflammation but i think the the thing to keep in mind is there’s all these potential benefits there’s likely not safety concerns you know what doesn’t seem to accumulate in the tissues um you know and it doesn’t appear to have um adverse

You know serious adverse side effects there might be some nausea or maybe some gi discomfort in some people but you know that’s what we’re looking at but then it comes down to the the form and then the dosing of it and so usually you’ll find supplements around you know anywhere from 50 to 500 milligrams and i’d say that’s probably a place where um you would you

Would look to for supplementing and usually the ubiquinol is the form of the coq10 that you would see if you look at the the supplement information but i think the the main thing to remember is that you before you start taking a supplement you always want to double check with your physician and your healthcare team to make sure that it’s good for you and then the

Other thing with all supplements to remember is that you want something that’s third party tested so that you know you actually know okay if i’m getting 100 milligrams of this coq10 are you really getting 100 are you getting 10 are you getting 3 000 milligrams you know it’s important to know that and that’s where third-party testing for supplements um you know is

Beneficial so i’d say in general it’s likely something that is safe a lot of potential benefits for people with kidney disease there is some research and some studies in this population but you do want to double check with your physician and make sure that’s right for you and then that you are getting a reputable supplement manufacturer brand and that’s it again

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CoQ10 Supplements and Kidney Disease. By Plant Based Kidney Health