February 1, 2023


So the kona coast steroids are the next portion in our ban and slam we’re going to be talking about how could it go steroids like prednisone like sully medrol specifically helped to decrease the inflammation of the of the major pathways so that’s why we separate this into our anti-inflammatory team this is our slam team so for your critical steroids these usually

End in zone s o in or sometimes they end in zone sometimes they end in just one so a good way to remember these is and identify them is just looking at the lump of sub x just like pm anticholinergic because it helps you pee with them right filling methyl xanthine you fill in it right okay and then your terrill like your albuterol so it’s that beta 2 antagonist

Okay for your zone is your steroids like you are printed zone or your suleyman role which is a brand name but your generic name that it’s like saying soda instead of coca-cola your generic name is your methylprednisolone ends with ohm so we got it own cool so how do these work now i know we did another video about this but specifically for the lungs it helps

To d inflammation inflammation it helps the d inflame your lungs so if these are your lungs right here do we know that inside your lungs there are pretty much branches that go out like this right and it looks like branches and you have little arterioles at the end and arterioles when i say you have a little lie at the end and there’s so many things that can

Go wrong with those little lie that’s a whole nother lecture where we’re going to get into at elective cysts actually i did a little lecture about that in terms of post-op patients getting all that sedation out of those little a viola and really using that incentive spirometer to pop open those av o ly increase perfusion but we’re not talking about that right

Now okay so your cocoa steroids what happens is you have inflammation on the branches of your lungs so you have big inflammation which causes a backup of airflow or sometimes no airflow at all and that note airflow is going to suffocate your patient remember remember i keep on saying it oxygen is the money of the body without oxygen and your body goes broke you

Will die so everything that goes wrong in the body nine times out of ten is always related to an oxygenation issue so let’s get these lungs to be better accept oxygen better so the inflammation process usually happens because these prostaglandins and all these other type of allergy or inflammatory responses that are natural in the body like we have histamines we

Have prostaglandins that cause pain we also have something called substance p and then we also have cox-1 and cox-2 all these guys are just different inflammatory responses it’s almost like confetti if there’s an allergic reaction or if you have for some reason your your body doesn’t like something it’ll pop these confetti pieces and that’s inflammation and all

These little pieces come out and that’s your prostaglandins that’s your cox-1 and cox-2 your substance p your histamines and they all just cause inflammation and puffiness so your adrenal glands are supposed to kick into action and cause d inflammation but sometimes we’ll have the adrenal fatigue adrenal insufficiency i had asthma when i was little and i was put on

Prednisone did it mean that i had adrenal insufficiency didn’t mean that i had bad adrenal glands all that meant was that i had too much inflammation so my adrenals were doing the best they could but they couldn’t do it good enough so they put me on a little disc that i had to inhale and bring all that prednisone down into my lungs one of the things that they taught

Me before i take my prednisone was to take my albuterol inhaler to bronchodilator me and so i can get that i can get that steroid down into my lungs a little bit so instead of sucking at all that sterile right and have it accumulate in the back of my throat or on the sides maybe in just just my bronchi itself not the bronchioles you give that bronchodilator first

Expand the airways so you can breathe it in and everything absorbs better so it’s kind of cool so um it’s going to entreat your inflammation your inflammatory inflammation for your lungs so your inflammatory conditions you know that copd that asthma that’s chronic these um these steroids act very very slow too so it’s like the last line therapy it’s almost like the

Lantis of insulin like 24-hour relief it’s going to last a long time but it’s going to decrease that inflammation so as we give this it’s going to suppress our immune system it’s going to suppress those prostaglandins so we’re talking about a suppressed immune system with prednisone steroids suppress the immune system and that’s a lovely question of always put on

Tests nursing instructors love to put prednisone which patient would you assess first or which patient is most at risk for infection someone on prednisone course always going to be the prednisone person or it’s going to be the chemo person who’s undergoing chemotherapy because they’re also immune suppressed killing off those white blood cells patients on prednisone

And patients on chemotherapy both have immuno suppression but on different levels okay so i’m not saying that they’re the american a connection it’s just on different levels both are immunosuppressed but with prednisone we are causing that immuno suppression from this steroid that we’re taking in our body we’re telling those adrenal glands that we are taking over

So some things you have to remember from last lecture is that it’s going to cause increased blood sugar it’s going to cause fluid retention because it’s acting like that aldosterone steroid that’s going to retain fluid in the distal kidney tubules it’s also going to cause increased muscle weakness and also talking about the kidneys again possibly a potassium loss

With fluid retention so that’s in a nutshell prednisone and your zone code ago steroids so let’s go into leukotriene z– next and singulair

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