March 22, 2023

Guys, Ed is our only patient whilst in national lockdown…! I am sure there are some points I forgot so please tell me in the comments below!

What you’re my patient and then we’re gonna go out and get lunch oh nice to meet you why does it feel like you’re flirting with me anyway hi guys welcome to today’s video in today’s video i’m actually going to counsel my boyfriend on a pixar man he does not take a pixel van but actually like obviously he has my national lockdown and i have my fs1 assessment next

Month i was like you’re going to be the patient i’m going to cancel you and you can ask any questions and i thought let’s film it so that’s what we’re doing today i’m gonna act like i’m the pharmacist on the wall and you’re like the patient dying in the bed and basically you’ve suffered from unfortunately what your father has suffered from can i say that yeah

Which is a pulmonary embolism just act like you would if you were a patient in hospital i don’t know why i’m so nervous right also i’ve got a list here so like i’m not doing it from memory because my brain’s not there today so it might be a little bit patchy and obviously you can tell me in the comments if i’ve missed anything which i’m sure i will so we’re both

Gonna learn from this today okay hi hi my name is regina i’m the pharmacist on the ward yeah yeah but i just realized something now i didn’t ask who you were i’m supposed to ask who you are okay guys this is this is why you need to to be honest in an actual counseling i like to just do it how like how it feels like i really don’t like the fact that we have to go

Through this whole um consultation like pro forma anyway let’s try this again hi my name is rodrina i’m the pharmacist on the ward oh nice to meet you originally um can i just confirm that you are ed ed yeah is that right that’s fine okay so i’ve just come to talk to you about one of your medications that’s recently been started by the doctors it’s called a pixaban

Sure do you know why it’s being started or are you kind of aware of what’s happened in the past few days or i don’t know much about it can you please tell me more yeah so basically you’ve suffered from a pulmonary embolism which is basically um when a blood clot has blocked one of the blood vessels in your lungs and so to prevent and to treat that blood clot in

Your lungs and then to prevent it from happening again you’ve been started on this drug called a pixaban okay it works in the clotting pathway in the blood and basically treats the clot and then prevents it hopefully from occurring again okay does that make sense to you like genuinely i’m talking to you like is it like would that make sense to you if you sorry

Oh my god what’s a p what’s a p p know yeah embolism i’ve just told you so what does it mean the patient needs to know that no i’m just yeah because it’s happened to you you’ve suffered from a page you don’t want to know what that is so it’s important that you do take this medication and that you take it as we’re going to discuss now one thing i just want to

Say is that everything i tell you right now is going to be written on this patient information leaflet so don’t worry if it all goes over your head and you forget it um you can also when you’re discharged from hospital speak to your community pharmacist as well so yeah don’t think i should like you know remember all this right now but i’m just gonna go through a

Few points okay what happens if i miss it what do you mean oh you miss the doors yeah okay um if you miss a dose then obviously if you remember it within six hours then we recommend that you do take it but if you don’t remember within six hours then just take your next dose if that makes sense okay so the dose you’ve been given will be 10 milligrams twice a day

That will be for seven days and it’ll be five milligram twice a day after that okay so we talk is there a specific time i need to take it or well you know i’m just i was going to tell you but if you’ve got so many questions that we just want to mess up the order then fine please go ahead you’re supposed to take it at the same time every day like that’s what’s

For the best you know effective treatment twice a day that would be morning and evening um but it doesn’t matter with a pig sponge whether you take it with or without food that that’s not really a concern you can just take it morning and evening so i would recommend probably like maybe eight o’clock in the morning and then eight o’clock at night okay one thing

I want to tell you is that if you experience any side effects such as black tarry stools or you vomit up blood or there’s blood in your urine or anything like that just to stop taking the medication and seek medical help as soon as possible and that’s the same for if you say bang your head on something and you start bleeding makes the blood a bit more watery

Watery yeah i guess it would take longer for it to stop you should stop bleeding yeah which is why it can be dangerous so seek medical attention immediately so your dose might need to be reduced depending on your kidney function okay but that will be monitored by probably your gp you’ll also have your full blood count and your liver function test as well but again

That will probably be done by a gp if you’re thinking about taking any medications over the counter tell a pharmacist i’m taking a pixel and can i take this drug as well just to make sure and we don’t recommend that you take anything like ibuprofen if you’re going to go for an over-the-counter painkiller we suggest paracetamol and that’s because ibuprofen with

Apixaban can increase the risk of a stomach bleed well okay yeah do you want to ask about alcohol yeah is is there anything i cannot eat or drink while i’m taking this drug no so alcohol is not going to affect the levels of the drug itself if you’re drinking a lot of alcohol there’s an increased risk of like say accidents happening where you slip and fall over

Or whatever and for that reason we just say try not to you know excessively drink alcohol just because if you have a wound or something like that again that would be quite dangerous are you taking any contraception is there any chance that you’re pregnant okay so if you are going to your dentist or anything again you know that requires work where there might be

Bleeding of your gums and stuff so make sure that you tell the dentist taking a pixel van so that they’re aware and that you can for example stop it before your treatment or anything like that and you can obtain further supplies of this drug from your gp i’m suffering in summertime from hay fever would that affect any interaction do you know by any chance what that

Drug would be um just over the counter like periton as far as i’m aware there are no interactions between antihistamines and apixaban so i think that should be fine but if you are really concerned when you are purchasing it over the counter make sure that you do tell the pharmacist and they can get the most up-to-date information on that and obviously for further

Advice if you’ve got any further questions whilst you’re on the ward then you know ask for the pharmacy team i’m always here and i’m able to speak to you or one of my colleagues will be able to and obviously when you are discharged like i said committee pharmacists are really helpful so all of this will be in this patient information leaflet which i’ll give to

You i hope that you feel better i need to go through this you need to tell me if you think i did it or not okay so um i introduced myself yeah can you give me a pen oh no wait do i have one i don’t like getting tested on counselling because i feel like it’s not as natural and you’re constantly thinking of stuff that you need to cover instead of like actually just

Listening and like talking to that patient like it’s it’s more like i’m spewing out information to you yeah so did i introduce myself i did did that confirm your identity i did the second time around oh did we discuss the purpose and structure of the consultation uh yeah you mentioned that like it’s for me to know like well what is the drug yeah did i invite you

To discuss your medication i guess right yeah okay did i document a full medication history no i actually didn’t but then as a ward pharmacist i would already know what’s on your drug chart but maybe in community i’d say like you know or an outpatient i’d be like oh or the medication they’re taking yeah we’re putting over but i volunteer my information about the

Hey female medicine yes did i assess your understanding for prescribed treatment yeah and did i talk to you about your understanding of your illness yeah you weren’t interested but yeah i didn’t talk to you about your social history like whether you smoke or anything no no i didn’t do that did i ask you how often you miss a dose no because you weren’t taking it

Yet did i establish reasons for the missiles no no no identify and prioritize patients pharmaceutical problems no that’s not really relevant okay did i relate information to your illness and treatment beliefs did that involve you in designing a management plan no we don’t know did i give advice on how and when to take the medication yes did i check your ability

To follow the plan i guess i could have said at the end like do you have any questions do you understand well you mentioned something like if there is any questions i can uh then there’ll be pharmacists around it i checked your understanding and referred to other healthcare professionals and finally did i explain what to do if you have difficulties yeah and

Provide a further appointment or contact point yes and ask you if you have any further questions i don’t think i asked you if you had any further questions maybe that was the only thing i didn’t do there’s behaviors but we’re not going to go through that for example did i demonstrate empathy and accept the patient in a nonjudgmental or patronizing way i don’t

Know i don’t need to do that right towards me okay well thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed that and you want me to do this with other drugs and um unfortunately at the moment ed is our only patient but um yeah if you enjoyed that please let me know and i will see you in the next video

Transcribed from video
Counselling my boyfriend on Apixaban (he doesn't even take it lol) By KOREginA London Pharmacist