May 29, 2023


If you have rheumatoid arthritis joint problems where your immune system is attacking your joints which of the drugs you’re taking might affect your covered survivability so i found an article published in the british medical journal that’s one of the highest quality publications of scientific literature out there and they studied which drugs taken by people

With rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid disease affected their survivability when taken and having a diagnosis of covid so they looked at thousands of patients who had coveted and whether or not they had rheumatoid arthritis and then if they had rheumatoid arthritis they looked at which drugs they were taking and they looked at tnf alpha inhibitors they looked

At dmards all these fancy big words that you probably don’t know but don’t need to really worry about and finally other drugs like prednisone and they tried to see okay if they’re taking this drug does it increase the risk of hospitalization if they’re taking that drug does it increase the risk of hospitalization or dying or worse outcomes at the hospital and

Then they did it with prednisone and they found that there was a correlation between taking prednisone and hospitalization and so once they found that they wondered well what dose does it matter i mean does dose matter and if so what dose is makes the difference and so they looked at different doses and they found that below 10 milligrams didn’t really change the

Risk compared to other people with rheumatoid arthritis but people taking above 10 milligrams that was when there was an increased risk of hospitalization and this was a big question because a lot of the drugs that you take when you have rheumatoid arthritis are immunosuppressants like they’re turning off your immune system because the whole goal is your immune

System is attacking the joints all these little joints and causing your swelling and pain and inflammation and inability to open jars and get out of bed and walk and all those really important things and theoretically they should all worsen your odds but the other drugs didn’t only prednisone over 10 milligrams did and why might that be so below 10 milligrams

Prednisone is closer to your body’s hormone for stress called cortisol and at those lower doses it’s actually really similar to your natural release of cortisol from your brain and your adrenal cortex the that system the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal system and if that system was working without you taking prednisone and you were just releasing cortisol on

Your own then it would be somewhere between two and a half and seven and a half milligrams i’ve seen two and a half i’ve seen five i’ve seen seven and a half in the literature so somewhere around that is what your body naturally releases of cortisol and so if you go below 10 milligrams that means you are pretty much in the normal range of this stress hormone if

You’re above 10 milligrams and your body thinks that prednisone is actually the real cortisol stress hormone that means you’ve got to be experiencing some incredibly severe stress your body wouldn’t be releasing that much cortisol on its own ever unless it was incredibly terrible stress you were under so taking that high of a dose is really important to treat

Your condition but your body would never release that much on its own and so your body is is taking from peter to pay paul and when you take prednisone and so you’re taking from your ability to thrive as far as your muscle mass is being depleted your bone mass is being depleted your immune system obviously is being turned off that’s why you’re taking it right

All of those things are being depleted to serve that wonderful goal of surviving and feeling well while you have rheumatoid arthritis but it’s coming at a cost it’s increased this is precisely what they said in the article it said the prednisone dose of greater than or equal to 10 milligrams a day was associated with higher odds of hospitalization and they gave

Us some statistics and i can explain those in a second that said the odds ratio was 2.05 with a 95 confidence interval of 1.06 to 3.96 so an odds ratio means essentially you have a two times greater risk of being hospitalized with covid than another person with rheumatoid arthritis who’s not taking that hivadosoprednosone so it’s essentially two times greater

Risk because you take prednisone high dose protozoa yikes i’m sorry but is the benefit outweighing the risk your chances of being hospitalized with covid are pretty small they’re real risks lots of people actually have it whereas is the benefit of prednisone greater than that risk of hospitalization that’s a question only you and your doctor can decide and i’m

Not going to tell you right now to go off of prednisone because that’s not right you have to work with your doctor and never ever go cold turkey off of prednisone ever like that that can be life-threatening but this is one thing you need to know as far as knowing the benefits and risks now you know more information about those risks you know the benefits for you

Right you know how well it’s helping you cope with rheumatoid arthritis so now you know the benefits and you know some risks and that is one of the reasons i created neutronized zone let me turn it so you can actually see the label neutronized zone is the first and only supplement for people on prednisone i designed it to increase that benefit to risk ratio so

That if you’re taking prednisone and it has given you a wonderful benefit of functioning but it’s causing risks i’ve mentioned several already this helps decrease those risks to put the favor in the balance side because this contains the 10 nutrients that prednisone depletes from calcium and vitamin d to help you maintain strong bones it’s melatonin to help you

Get restful sleep to chromium piccolinate to help you have balanced blood sugars this is designed with the highest quality ingredients to give back the nutrients that prenatal zone is stealing i want you to have the best possible benefit to risk ratio for you and that’s why i created neutronizone to help you feel better to feel like yourself again while you’re

Taking prednisone you can find it at n-u-t-r-a-n-i-z-e it’s like neutralizing through nutrition you can find it at and i’m signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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