March 24, 2023

Hello green thumbs how are you thank you so much for supporting my channel and for watching my farming videos i have read a lot of comments asking me how i made my organic liquid fertilizer which i used on my previous video in this video i’m going to show you step-by-step instructions and how to make my liquid fertilizer rich in nitrogen phosphorus potassium right

Now i’m looking for plants rich in nitrogen here in my garden for my fermented organic fertilizer i’m going to gather first the plants rich in nitrogen just like the water spinach here if you are growing ornamental plants at home and you don’t have green leafy vegetables you can just make use of different types of weeds available in your surroundings like this one

You can make use of this for fermentation this is melodica cow and it is one of the most amazing plants high nitrogen content you can include the stem of the madrid ii cacao or it contains small juice than the leaves the good thing of this madre de cacao is that if you make it as your fertilizer at the same time it serves as natural insecticide for your vegetables

Here is what we need in our project different types of root for potassium source green plants for nitrogen content empty containers chopping board knife molasses eggshells for calcium force banana flower and swing beans weighing scale based in people bag plastic screen blender rubber strings first thing to do is to slice the plant materials into small pieces the

Smaller the batter so that we can really extract the nitrogen from them through fermentation well nitrogen is fewer that makes plants grow and develop healthy leaves once you’re done slicing your plant materials you need to weigh them and the ratio is one is to one if you have one kilo of plant materials the molasses you are going to use should also be one kilo

After weighing with the molasses on and let it drain to the bottom for 10 minutes before you mix them now let’s prepare for the phosphorus content fertilizer using string beans and banana flour mixed with calcium from eggshells sews the eggshells for 5 to 10 minutes pulverize the eggshells using blender until they become a white powder well i chose our most made up

Of 90% calcium carbonate that helps our plants grow stronger we will need lemon to extract the calcium from eggshells so that it will become water-soluble and it would be easy for the plants to absorb it then mix them well and set aside for 30 minutes now let’s prepare the string beans and slice them as small as we can just like that well if you don’t have string

Beans you can also make use of banana flower for it also contains a high amount of phosphorus or you may use pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds seaweeds or finish or coffee grounds just make use of available resources in your locality after 30 minutes the pulverized eggshells is ready to be mixed we have string beans and banana flour mix them well and add the molasses

Equivalent to the weight of the three ingredients and let it settle for 30 minutes our last fertilizer is rich in potassium we’re going to use different types of fruits available in our areas ok so the more fruits you are going to use the more precious for our plants this is rose apple which is high in protein fiber and calcium banana which is high in potassium

Well i also add guava because it is also high in potassium and fiber and lastly santaland macapa that’s it and then add all the ingredients and add the molasses the molasses that i am using is called blackstrap molasses so this europe is produced by the third boiling product of the sugar making process from sugar cane after mixing clean this up using tissue paper

Now it’s got the plastic screen just like that next we have to sterilize the reverse tools to avoid contamination now put the plastic screen on top and put the stones on the screen so that the plant materials will not float and all be covered with molasses now let’s cover the container with paper bag make sure that it’s tight so that no insects can get through

It that might contaminate the whole thing okay so these are my finished products for my organic fertilizer the nitrogen phosphorous and potassium we’ll just wait one to two weeks for them to ferment completely and not forget to put them on shady areas like under your tables or under your bed okay hi greetin so today marks the second week since we started our

Fermentation and finally they are ready so let’s now collect our fermented juices i’m gonna open first the nitrogen content and then the phosphorus content lastly the potassium content then i need to remove first stones and screen we need to use strainer in order to separate the plant materials from the fermented juice you may need to squeeze to make sure that we

Can get all the juice and then transfer the juice to separate containers and then the ratio of application is one tablespoon of liquid fertilizer per one liter of water and then apply two times a week or as needed for my lemon seedlings i apply rich in nitrogen phosphorus and calcium for healthy leaves and develop healthy root system okay so for my strawberries i

Used complete fertilizer rich in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium then for my lovely letters i only use rich in nitrogen for them to have healthy leaves for my carrots i used rich in nitrogen and phosphorus content mixed with calcium for a healthy root system who since carrots belong to root crops for my eggplants i apply complete fertilizer i just mix the three

Fermented fertilizers four healthy leaves root system and beautiful fruits and then for my spring onions i just apply a rich in nitrogen and calcium for healthy leaves and strong root system and then for my tomatoes i apply rich in phosphorus content calcium and potassium for healthy roots flowers and fruits i hope you learned a lot from this video and i look

Forward to know your experiences and making organic fertilizers at home let’s all go organic for healthy life and healthier environment once again this is rapid s34 rapids green thumb be a green thumb come on

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Creating Your Own Complete Organic Fertilizer | Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium | Super Easy! By Raffy’s Green Thumb