November 29, 2022

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Hello everyone i’m dr figg with get off my meds holistic clinic and today we’re going to be talking about uh reservostatin calcium otherwise known as crestor this is part of our informed consent series where we talk about drugs and the contraindications and precautions of them and as well as the adverse effects uh informed consent’s really important to us and to

Me at our practice because i feel like a lot of patients don’t get this information when they’re put on medications and they certainly need it when they’re making the decision to come off of medications and that’s what we do at get off my meds we help people get off their medications safely and effectively and we also help them treat their conditions safely and

Effectively so without further ado let’s get into it so once again we’re talking about rosuvastatin calcium which is crestor a common statin so statins are otherwise known as this hmg coa reductase inhibitors this one is particularly potent they’re typically used for you know reducing your cholesterol reducing your ldl cholesterol and your triglycerides they’re

Also used for um you know prevention of major car cardiac events such as like stroke or heart attack um that’s what we see here so let’s go down here so some general precautions and contraindications so if you have you know like an analytic allergy do not take it that’s pretty simple you’d know that from rash itching hives swelling that sort of thing um so

For alcoholics people with liver disease such as you know hepatitis or jaundice it’s not indicated you can’t use a statin medication with uh liver disease and that’s because you know it just increases your risk of having damage to your liver essentially and you should even here it says you should even minimize drinking alcohol uh while you’re taking a statin

Because it increases again the risk of serious liver injury um moving forward here so we’re going to talk a lot about this next topic here um cases of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis so which is basically just you know damage or you know abnormalities of the muscular tissue so of your muscles and also of your smooth muscular tissue which is like you know what your

Heart and your heart is using what your intestines and bowels are using or the smooth muscles for instance when you swallow food that smooth muscle contraction yeah and so statin drugs in general as a group of medications are well known for this problem they tend to affect your muscles and you know on some level that may be because your muscles and the rest of

Your body for that matter needs cholesterol to function properly um though of course when it’s too high it can become a problem in and of itself and so right here oh sorry let’s start right here so these risks and occur at any dose but higher doses increase your risk uh it’s pretty typical so myopathy is when you’re having diffuse muscle pain so like muscle aches

Across your body muscle tenderness or muscle weakness and typically it’s associated with an elevation of this enzyme the creatine phosphate uh phosphokinase sorry um that’s just an enzyme that’s found in your muscles if your muscles are being damaged it’s gonna be in your bloodstream more often than it would be normally that’s all that means and so they recommend

Uh not going on the highest dose of any statin unless you absolutely need to and because that increases your risk of that um moving forward there are a few other things here so if you’re taking a statin drug you should probably know what if you have any risk factors for myopathy which is what we’re talking about here and here are some of the risk factors being

Aged 65 years or more which is you know i’m sure there’s quite a few people who fit that category who are taking this medication and who are having muscle pain and i’m sure a lot of those people think they’re just getting old or something ridiculous like that or maybe they’ve been told that and you know it could very well be a side effect of the medication um if

You have you know renal you know kidney disease you’re not going to be clearing the medication as easily so of course that increases your risk if you’re female and you’re taking a statin particularly the statin or suvastatin you’re at an increased risk of myopathy um females one whole gender half of the human race um if you have low blood pressure if you have an

Infection like an acute like a cold you know something like that hypothyroidism seizure disorder if you’re gonna have surgery um these are all things to look out for because they can increase your risk of myopathy and inconcomitance with the statin there’s also a series of medications here let’s go through them really quickly so we have fibrates niacin which is

B3 uh gimphibrazil ichikonazole lutamide uh rigorophonem i mean a lot of medications here have interactions um which we’ll get definitely get to after uh probably in the next video here and so they recommend you know withheld withholding the statin medication if you’re going to have any of these risk factors or if you’re going to be taking any of these drugs for

Some time which is interesting so i mean it definitely is a concern that we need to take into account all right well uh that’s gonna be all for for me today once again i’m dr figg with get off my meds thank you so much for watching the video uh this is part of our informed consent uh medication series where you know we’re really passionate about having patients

Informed about their medical decisions and so we’re trying to get the word out about some of the concerns and precautions for medications if you’re if you have some concerns about your medications or if you’re interested in learning living a you know more healthy life with less pills feel free to reach out to us we free meet and greets i’d love to hear from you

And you know check us out on our website get off my thank you so much for listening you have a wonderful day bye

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