May 29, 2023

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Hey everybody i’m dr figg with get off my meds today we’re going to be doing part three of our informed consent on crestor aka rosuvastatin um at get off a meds informed consent is really important to us we try to keep our patients informed about their risks as well as their benefits while they’re on their medications we talk about the interactions between

Their medications and we also talk about the risks and benefits of possible holistic therapies to help them get off of their medications so let’s get into this let’s finish this off here so talking about average reactions for crestor aka rosuvastatin um there are some severe ones that we’ve mentioned before proteinuria is typically a sign that your kidneys are

Struggling in a way we’re not going to go over all these individually but uh renal failure you know a lot of these are rare that’s why it says incidents not known here but you know they are associated so it’s it’s something to be aware of pancreatitis liver disease here steven johnson syndrome is an autoimmune condition that has we talked about in a few videos

Ago same with erythema multiforme so those are those are basically very concerning skin conditions um lupus mycena gravis we discussed that um so yeah possibility to trigger several autoimmune conditions which are not good whatsoever um let’s talk about the more moderate ones that we can actually get like a relative incidence on so constipation can happen you

Know three percent of people look at this diabetes you can just develop diabetes up to three percent of people on the medication will develop diabetes um you know elevated liver enzymes is typically showing just a risk of or just like liver damage a little bit so you know up to two percent of people that’s why they recommend that you monitor their your liver

Enzymes or even look at them before you’re even put on the drug uh you know other things here hepatitis more liver problems oh interestingly depression amnesia confusion these are things that can happen with statin drugs cholesterol is really important for our nervous system and our brains sometimes perhaps it may get a little low on the statins i’m just kind

Of hypothesizing here uh why that might be peripheral neuropathy again so we have some neurological conditions that can be associated with the medication liver liver conditions neurological neurological conditions and um you know diabetes as well as autoimmune conditions they’re kind of the main um serious adverse effects but here really interestingly the the

You know so-called mild adverse effects here we have myalgia part of the myopathy we’ve talked about so much muscle pain generalized and as many as 12.7 percent of people or as low as two so i mean it’s quite a range there depending on the group of people they studied but yeah i mean 12.7 of people um so i mean i just wonder how many people have you know aches and

Pains and all this and that and it’s related to statin drug instead of just getting old or something like that arthralgia joint pain as many as 10 of people will have joint pain and muscle pain headaches 8.5 percent of people dizziness for diarrhea you know 3.4 percent of people you know these are some pretty you know these aren’t that i mean this can be really

A problem for people in their lives especially if they kind of develop and become more severe and a lot of these things are things that are going to be medicated by another medication thus adding to the snowball effect so you know these are mild but i don’t think they’re insignificant by any means abdominal pain yeah so definitely some issues here insomnia we

Don’t know how often that happens oh hey look they put coenzyme q10 deficiency incidence not known so like i was mentioning a couple videos ago that’s a well-known um deficiency that’s caused by the drug and so what we’ve made to the end here i’m just going to scroll through the drug interactions so you all can see i was mentioning that you know it’s not cleared

By the liver and so technically there’s a reduced risk of drug interactions but you know as you’re looking at this list it’s hard to hard to tell that because it’s such a long list and you know it’s a good thing that we do know what the interactions are for this commonly prescribed medication but you know we’re always learning more and more interactions as well

Um so that’s crestor rosova statin um if you have any questions about anything feel free to you know leave a comment i’d love to answer that or talk to you about it um i’m dr figg with get off my meds holistic clinic uh if you’re interested in learning more about who we are and what we do check us out at get off we’re on social media as well uh you can

Schedule a free meet and greet online i’d love to talk to you about your concerns and see if we can help you uh thanks again for watching the video and you have a wonderful day take care bye

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