March 28, 2023

Folks… this is not a PED or a blocker!! It is a.. just listen to the video!

Ldb see this is your boy coach shelton harrison your life blah blah blah nicole showing harrison boxing and mma show live okay guys listen and i need y’all to listen carefully okay uh what in this video i’m going to do some refuting okay i’m gonna do some refute and see people what i don’t like to do on this particular channel i don’t like to drop the hammer on

Somebody just right off the back because of something that that appears to be what it is okay in this situation i’m gonna go here and i’m gonna arrive a signboard they’re probably gonna be a lot of people that you know don’t roll with this you know opinion of mine that’s fine and some people will probably unsubscribe that’s that’s cool too because i don’t make

Videos for the subscribers i do it because i am passionate about the sport of boxing and i’m passionate about the sport of women’s mma and i’m passionate about seeing the women get there just do so i am gonna do my part to help this become a reality and that’s my code of ethics in the ld bc okay but what i want to do is i want to go and i want to read what cyborg

Put on her her media social media accounts the reason why i like i’m a fan because cyborg in the past when she got popped she owned up to it okay and this time she’s not you know owning up to something that she didn’t do okay now this is what she put on her social media okay and she did this rather quickly so that’s also telling me that chris cyborg is refuting

These allegations that are made against her okay and here’s what she said she said it has been brought to my attention that my recent sample contained a banned substance known as spirit spare alone lock tone okay spironolactone that’s how i pronounce it many of you probably never heard it so i looked it up the substance is part of a therapeutic treatment being a

Minister ministered to me by doctor okay and that’s how she talks doctor that stated the 26th of september and that started the 26th of september and it’s supposed to last for a period of no less than 90 days okay acquiring blood exams at the completion in addition to the treatment administered to me by dr. ulicia okay and it has to it has the woman’s credentials

This is a doctor it is a real medical doctor you know i was given a medical suspension okay which is what i’ve been telling y’all which is what i’ve been telling y’all the reason why she couldn’t take the fight in february now been telling people this the reason why she don’t have the fighting in february let’s keep reading okay um i was given a medical suspension

By her not to enter into competition style training or weight cutting practices during the recovery period and in all her training videos the only thing she’s been doing is he admits now some people said that well cyborg was doing power lift and she was doing all this okay let’s just keep reading okay i’m a proud member of you solder now here’s my thing okay she’s

A member and she was the first fighter to complete one year of testing under your solder before competing in ufc now why would somebody compete and why would somebody adamantly beat a member of you solder why would they do that people who dope they don’t go to you solder people who are doping they physically don’t you know want to get tested she volunteered she’s

Been tested 14 times since enter in a program 14 times okay twice in quarter four into sin 2016 and she’s never been flagged a sample she’s never had a flag sample so you’ve been tested 14 times and never a flag sample okay now she says my doctor is experienced with you side of testing and informed me that there were no additional steps needed for approval with

The associated treatments given to me following my ufc brazilia fight we were being fully cooperative with you sada at this time and i’ve already started the process of applying for retroactive therapeutic use exemption so she’s already applied but i’m not done with y’all see let’s look at what this thing is let’s look at what it’s called it’s called sparano a lot

It’s called sparano lactone spironolactone okay let’s look at what this is okay so i took the liberty of actually looking up what what the hell this drug is okay it’s a drug okay now let’s look at everything this is used to treat okay number one high blood pressure heart failure lowering blood pressure and i’m gonna tell you you fool boy got you now and it helps

Prevent strokes heart attacks and kidney problems and it is also used to treat treat swelling edema caused by certain conditions such as heart failure liver disease by removing excess fluid and improving symptoms such as breathing this medication is also used to treat low potassium levels and conditions in which the body is making too much of a natural chemical

Called aldo okay aldosterone oh man okay so this is a water peel she’s taking the diuretic folks now why would cyborg need discount of diuretic it’s for high blood pressure and i know y’all friend to say well coach but cyborg is a well trained athlete she’s healthy she don’t have high blood pressure no not normally but when your blood is too thick that they can’t

Draw your blood if your blood is thick you’re gonna have high blood pressure they gave her this to thin out her blood and lower her blood pressure folks people with heart problems get this they’re used to lower blood pressure and when you have heart problems and all kind of things your blood does not coagulate properly they the doctor gave this to her to help

Coagulate the blood folks listen we got to stop the witch hunt okay it’s a water pill it’s a diuretic it’s flushing out the blood stream and lowering blood pressure if your blood is thick okay because they couldn’t get the blood out of site they tried to do a blood test on cyborg they couldn’t even get the blood out of her because her blood was too damn thick when

You have thick blood you have high blood pressure please go look it up go look it up that is a fact so when you keep looking at this thing it’s got a lot of other uses okay but the main thing is hard it is high blood pressure and doctors give out diuretics they give out these kind of diuretics all the time this is not testosterone it’s not a it’s not a testosterone

Blocker it’s not she’s not trying to mask anything folks this is what they found she said it this is what they found this is true and cris cyborg just took the article reprinted it and put her name and said that has been brought to her attention that’s what she did ladies and we got to stop this witch hunt we got to stop cyborg is on a dare onus doing it so so

She’s doping everybody getting excited over a damn water pill a water pill that lowers blood pressure because she damaged her body cutting weight because she became extremely extremely dehydrated so why did they take this water pill again why why the cyborgs get a water pill let’s look one more time let’s look again the main reason now you wonder now why would

A person who is dehydrated why would they do it what if she’s that dehydrated why don’t you take a water pill that helps get water out of the blood well okay when you dehydrate it what they do is they give you ivs okay they pump you full of liquid they pump you full of liquid as much as they can because they know that you got to get fluid into the water into the

Bloodstream but the diuretic they’re using the diuretic okay they’re using that diuretic to replace the potassium okay ee to replace the potassium that’s being excreted through your kidneys and also to help remove salt because what the salt do salt helps retain water and when you’re trying to you know when you have the iv floors you want the fluids to go in and

Hydrate your body but then you want the excess fluid to go out and you want the excess salt to go out so they give you a die already and this in turn lowers your blood pressure it in turns thick it thins out the blood the blood can’t coagulate properly through the cardiovascular system and henceforth you have somebody who is not about to die we got to stop the

Witch hunt and i know a lot of people a lot of people waiting on this and and what a b sample come back they waitin to find out that cyborg was taking a real-life steroid she said this is what she said listen y’all can believe dana white all you want to dis man has lied this man done told so many lies that is ridiculous but people still believe what this man say

All this stuff going down about this 145 pound division you remember when dana said that they never do this and now they got a division dana how you gonna explain this y’all remember that do y’all remember when dana was talking about holly you remember that when he was said he was proud of holly home but you saw the look on his face when he beat ronda rousey and

Look at holly now holly can’t even get another title shot i will say because she owned two that’s what y’all is safe but what about the fight that she deserved against me should take dana wait how you gonna explain this just man has a history of not being honest as chris tybor had that history remember when she went back in time remember she owned up to her first

Time she got popped she owned up to it i don’t think she lying right now that’s just me we can add it we can agree to disagree ain’t finna argue back and forth from the comment section would do ain’t doing at this time i’m just going if we disagree we disagree like men and women we gonna disagree and call it a day but this is the coach’s opinion and i’m not gonna

Stop here i’m done hey what are you waiting on subscribe

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Cris Cyborg Alerted That Spironolactone Found In Her Test Sample By CSH COMBAT SPORTS