January 27, 2023

Cure Thyroid Problem Permanently in 4 Simple Steps. Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid problem solution in 4 steps. Thyroid Problems in women and men. The symptoms of thyroid and permanent cure.

Hyper and hypo thyroidism are two most common endocrine disorders that originate as a result of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland when this butterfly shaped gland in your neck doesn’t work at its peak efficiency it causes an overall imbalance this results in the form of fatigue sudden increase or decrease in weight hair fall bulging eyes mood swings depression

Menstrual disorders and even infertility no doubt thyroid malfunction is a serious disorder but i assure that it can be permanently cured in four simple steps modern science however says that thyroid problems cannot be cured they can only be managed that’s where ayurvedic um stew rescue in this video i am going to share with you a clear roadmap as to how you can

Root out the thyroid problem from its very root cause are you up for it stay tuned hello friends welcome to fate tea over go back 30 years and you will find very few people suffering from thyroid but today in india alone more than 42,000 people are suffering from thyroid problems are unhealthy inactive stressful life stages to be blamed even top medical doctors

Will tell you that women being hormonal sensitive are more prone to this disorder however today even males are faster loving thyroid problems no doubt thyroid is a serious disease but yes it can be permanently cured provided that you are really serious about making a few changes in your lifestyle else you will have no choice but to depend on lifelong prescription

Of pills this brings me to my first point pills are not the solution t3 and t4 are two primary hormones produced by the thyroid gland when the thyroid is not able to produce enough of it what produces excess of it tyroid diseases develop that’s when this hormone is prescribed in the form of a pill generally it’s t4 but it hardly solves any problem even your doctor

Will tell you that this would not cure your thyroid disease but will only manage it as long as you keep supplying t4 in the form of a pill that is why you can see women around you taking drug forever and ever and still having a thyroid problem that’s not all trying to bring about an ideal hormonal balance through pills may have many side effects and hoping to get

Cured through these pills you are simply wasting your time and money see unless your thyroid problem is acute varies you should without a second thought through these pills in the dustbin but if it’s really serious quickly taper down the medicine within a few weeks now that you are not dependent on pills the next step is to heal the thyroid in such a way that

If again starts functioning efficiently that’s where ayurvedic texts clearly less down the most effective remedies there is one oil which has been given a lot of importance in the ayurvedic scriptures to treat thyroid and it’s a crude tell’em that is pure cold-pressed walnut oil all you need to do is every night before going to sleep take four to five drops of

Walnut oil and massage the thyroid area to heal it it is important to understand that your thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain so massaging the neck with walnut oil which is best for the brain taps the root cause poor pressed walnut oil is easily available online for your convenience i have linked it down

In the description box until it reaches you you can massage the neck with onion juice that too is effective just like walnut oil coriander seed water is also highly effective for thyroid for this you will have to take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and crush them not using a mixer grinder but a motor pestle if you don’t have a motor pestle you can simply use a

Chuck labella mixer grinder is a strict no-no as it will heat the seeds which will defeat the purpose you can even grind more coriander seeds at once and store it in an airtight glass jar to be used daily now simply put these seeds in a glass of water and keep it overnight in the morning boil this water on a low flame until it reduces to half the quantity this will

Ensure that all the vital nutrients have seeped into the water finally strain of the seeds and slowly sip this medicinal coriander water consume it in the morning at least thirty minutes before breakfast do not eat anything in between let it work if you were taking any other juice except at this point of time please keep it for the next three months if you really

Want to throw away this disease out of your body practice both these remedies daily for three months without failed this will solve half the problem for the next half it’s extremely important that you practice yoga the amazing thing about yoga is that there are some very specific breathing exercises and sonnez for thyroid which are not only easy but are also super

Effective start with tank where they’re simply hum the sound of ohm without opening the mount and simultaneously keep moving your head up and down while doing it you can actually notice your thyroid gland vibrating and amazing exercise do it five times next is ji prana probably the most effective for thyroid close the mouth and constrict the throat start inhaling

Slowly and rhythmically in one long and unbroken inspiration allow the air to pass through the constricted throat creating a friction sound retain the inhaled air for as long as possible in jalandhar bonne position and then exhale through the left nostril you might experience little coughing in the beginning but that’s completely normal do it for five minutes the

Third is singer son or the lion polls in this asana the body and face are manipulated at once to invoke the force and intensity of a lion’s roar in fact this posture is one of the best to get rid of thyroid problems do it ten times so doing this basic yoga routine is must for fast recovery if you can’t even spare 15 minutes for it then i’m sorry to say but you want

Really serious about curing thyroid last but not the least food and lifestyle first things first iodine is the most important mineral for ideal thyroid function but please avoid iodized free-flowing refined common salt where iodine is synthetically added instead switch to rock salt which naturally contains iodine there are some big noseband suffering from thyroid

Disease these are soy products stored refrigerated food and cold water make sure to use an earthen pot instead cabbage cauliflower and peanuts are three foods that can be consumed but only if they are well roasted or cook avoid raw caffeinated and tannin based rings like tea and coffee do hinder with thyroid healing keep them to minimum it’s imperative that you

Stop eating preservative laden packaged food for a while and switch to fresh homely food and it’s not difficult simply follow the healthy plate method next time when you sit to eat fill half your plate with fresh seasonal vegetables 1/4 of the plate with protein rich curry like doll or paneer and the remaining 1/4 part with complex carbohydrates like roti rice or

May let’s first eat the salad and hop on cooked food it’s that easy it ronnie an air salad it helps curing thyroid then coconut because it’s rich and lauric acid is also very helpful you can simply eat it as a snack fresh seasonal foods must be a part of your daily diet then there are some underrated lifestyle changes firstly avoid the use of plastic as much as

Possible as they hinder with hormone function and switch to stainless steel and glass containers secondly maintain proper sleeve timings and try to remain stress-free it will also greatly help you if you stop using nonstick or aluminium cooking utensils and switch to something like clay brass or iron pots the takeaway is this stop depending on pills try to taper

Them as quickly as possible drink coriander seed water 30 minutes before breakfast every night massage your neck with cold-pressed walnut oil make sure to spend 15 minutes daily doing the specific yoga exercises it’s the processed and preservative laden foods switch to fresh homely food avoid refrigerated foods practice healthy plate method cut down tea and coffee

Include iodine rich foods switch to metal and glass containers that’s all now the ball is in your court if you religiously follow these practices depending on how long you have been suffering from it i assure that you will be successfully able to root out thyroid from your body within 2 to 3 months and if you are still skeptical do check out the comments section

Of our pcod video there’s so many women have shared how successfully they have cured it that’s the power of ayurveda so follow the mentioned steps and don’t forget to come back to share your results in the comments below i want to thank mama for partnering with us for this video check out mohammed’s newly launched vitamin c face mask and vitamin c face wash mars

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