March 28, 2023

Cymbalta And Restless Leg Syndrome! 🌜

Hello guys it’s me jeannette and i want to tell you about some time discovered after going after a cymbalta now in another video i discussed how to go after this involved her because i thought it was what was causing my long shooties but i still have a problem with hardstyle the long qt so but i notice now that i’ve been completely off for a month off to cymbalta

My severe restless leg syndrome has gone away and this has been plaguing me for several years probably around the time i first started cymbalta but i never connected the two is such a relief i don’t have trazadone to go to sleep at night anymore i go to bed and go to sleep without my legs kicking around and i had other problems too even while sleeping they would

Kick around and i would wake up and i have to move i’m constantly and it was just terrible no i’m not her problem was they would flex and point flex and point flex and point and it i’d my body would be so ato hard to get me sleep in the more and and by morning time so i’d have to sleep extra long just trying to get some sleep and guess what it all disappeared

I can go actually go to sleep i mean it’s so awesome the only thing is now um i have depression and it just it just doesn’t feel good and i hate depression and just i’m not so interested in things like i used to is just like blah blah blah and i’m afraid it’s gonna turn into a severe depression without any medication at all so next week i’m gonna go talk to the

Doctor just right psychiatrist to see what i could do about it i’ve tried some of different herbal things for several weeks now and this haven’t done really anything and they also they still have their side effects too so they haven’t caused the restless leg syndrome no but i’m so believed that that is gone that was so torturous i mean i was even restless during a

Day sometimes too and then just i just could never relax so yeah i’m now i’m kind of stuffed with like you know do i go completely off medication i mean i’m off communication actually do i go back on medication for the price and stuff or do i just live my life like filling blood and yuck and you know like what’s the use of life i mean and just let the depression

Get deep again i mean that’s just hi muffin so um yeah i just thought i would stop and have a talk like about that but what’s going on so if you like these kind of vlogs and like this kind of information please give me a thumbs up and for more of my vlogs and videos and help support a channel i would love to have you subscribe thanks you thank you for listening

And watching i’ll see you next time bye bye you

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Cymbalta And Restless Leg Syndrome! 🌛 By Guillory Family