January 26, 2023

Curious what your doctor may not tell you about Cymbalta? Before filling your prescription, educate yourself about credible facts. Through her own hellish nightmare, Dana shares her Cymbalta story in hope to build awareness.

Hi there this is dana or curie from danarcary.com and today i want to talk about my own personal experience with cymbalta consider this a cymbalta beware what your doctor may or may not be telling you about this drug and i want to give a little medical disclaimer that i’m not a physician i’m not a medical professional i’m not here to diagnose you treat you cure

You and i’m not going to give you advice on how to taper this drug what i’m going to do is just be honest be upfront be authentic and share my own personal experience and so i was diagnosed in 2008 with primary fibromyalgia i had a lot of pain i had a lot of back problems also herniated discs scoliosis i mean it goes on and on all the medical problems but the

Biggest one was fibromyalgia so in 2009 my physician wanted me to consider a fibromyalgia program in my area with a neurologist and so this program was six weeks in which they start you on cymbalta so your dose begins slow and low and then it starts getting higher in milligrams as time goes on so within this four month time zone i went from the 20 milligrams to

60 milligrams and immediately i noticed that i was experiencing really nasty side effects so i noticed that i had a lot more anxiety that my fibromyalgia pain did not get diminished i still was in pain i still had a lot of inflammation and backaches and just muscles hurting all over i felt like there was really major changes happening that turned my life upside

Down as far as the mental health aspect i couldn’t get out of bed i had depression that was so severe i just felt suicidal and i knew that something was wrong so i went to my neurologist and at an appointment i told her what was going on and said you know hey i gave it four months but i don’t think this is working for me and could you just please taper me slowly

Off this drug and instead of helping me she dismissed me as her patient so i was pretty much left to wing it on my own so i tried independently on my own to taper this drug and it was unsuccessful and i then went to my personal you know family physician and told her what was going on and she said for me to just stay on 30 milligrams and even though it wasn’t my

Choice and i really didn’t like her idea i found at the time that my pain level was so high that i needed to just consider staying temporarily on 30 milligrams of course i really didn’t want to be on this drug because i knew that it was a the only thing i was taking and b was causing a lot of problems and i knew i needed to do something but you know getting from

A to b to c for me took several years and unfortunately i didn’t have the answers at the time and i don’t even think my doctors had the answers at the time so um i’ll get more into my story as i go through let’s move on to the next which is your doctor may not tell you that he cannot help you with tapering so what your doctor may not tell you in advance is that

Maybe he or she doesn’t have training on how to gently safely wean you off this drug and many doctors they go on board they’re so willing to write that prescription but when it comes time for the patient who says hey it’s not working and oh my gosh i’m having so many problems and negative side effects and they want to stop and then the doctor says no no we want

You on the drug indefinitely no we will not help you stop this puts us in a really bad dark unsafe place and and which i myself found myself in a dead end i didn’t know what to do and and back in 2009 and 2010 they didn’t have the kind of information on the internet that exists today what you have going for you right now is you could get onto google or whatever

Internet you choose and start googling all the information you possibly can come up with credible information about cybalta the side effects and so forth and really really empower yourself with knowledge and that is so important i wish back then i had all the knowledge i have today but unfortunately for me there was less information available back at that time

Zone and which left me pretty much stuck okay let’s go to the next one what your doctor may not tell you is whether it is or is not safe to count beads so what i mean by that is my own new doctor so i found a new doctor and he said to slowly taper symbol top by opening up the capsule and just counting beads i i have to say that i was a little bit surprised that

A board certified doctor is going to tell me to open up a capsule and start taking it apart and counting beads i feel that was not exactly the solution i was looking for um number one if you’re in physical pain number two if you have brain fog if you’re in depression you have anxiety you have insomnia you’re not functioning at your best it’s not always a good idea

To take apart your capsule i know plenty of people who do it and um you have to determine if that’s what you want but i personally believed it only spiraled my health out of control even further and left me suicidal next what your doctor may not tell you is that you should not go cold turkey now or the original doctor actually told me to stop taking cymbalta

Prior to her dismissing me as her patient she just said stop taking it and she refused to give me another prescription so there i am i’m winging it i do not want to go cold turkey she’s not helping me you know it leaves patients in a really bad place it leaves patients kind of like with their hands tied and it’s unsafe it’s really dangerous to go cold turkey so

The first thing i want to say is if your doctor says to you just stop taking some balta don’t walk away but run as fast as you can because that’s not credible that’s unethical it’s unsafe and you need to equip yourself with some someone you could trust someone you can have a good rapport with find a doctor who you really can get along with and trust because your

Health is important and you don’t want to just put your life into someone else’s hands and to jeopardize your own safety next would be wicked withdrawals so your doctor may not maybe maybe they’ll tell you about withdrawals no one told me about withdrawals not one doctor told me that i could go through horrific hellish withdrawals and so this was probably the

Most um aggressive horrible hellish experience i could go through it brought me to a place where i was very suicidal and i really had a lot of negative experiences going on a lot of physical symptoms a lot of pain i had a lot of problems kidney stones utis so many other physical things going on then there was the mental health aspect brain fog cognitive function

Not working then there’s the emotional a lot more depression a lot more anxiety panic so forth i mean the whole thing was just awful then let’s go to that cymbalta it is disabling and and of course not for everyone there are some people who take this medication and they’re doing fine you know who’s to say why some people do well and why others are doing so badly

On this drug i mean we’re all different we’re all unique so all i could say is if you want to try it take the risk if you would rather research it first and keep coming up with more knowledge that’s probably the best solution in my opinion and i want to go onward to say what your doctor may not tell you is that eli lilly is the maker of the pharmaceutical company

With symbolta and they have plenty of lawsuits so after the fact meaning after i already was going through hell and back over that drug i started doing a lot more research and found out that there’s a black box warning so you need to read and really equip yourself with with the knowledge and the information that’s a fact that there’s a black box warning there is

Suicidal tendency suicidal ideation depression hostility in the black box warning it stipulates that it’s for an age group and it’s a younger generation people who are in like their teens and 20s i’m gonna be frank with you i was in my 40s and i don’t buy into that age group you know personally i don’t think that this is just for the younger generation that the

Black box warnings for everyone i don’t care how young how old or who you are a black box is to take serious and i wish that i would have known about it prior to being prescribed this medication and next would be yes so there are lawsuits start researching it so many people have died over this drug so many people had fatal consequences i myself am a survivor of

Suicide from this drug and i’m fortunate today to be free so let’s see the last time i took this drug was in november 2010 so here it is 2017. i am so thankful and grateful that i a survived b got through it and see i’m beyond the bad the bad withdrawals so you know there is hope i’m here to say there is hope for those who are right now smack center and a wicked

Withdrawal or the horrific symptoms that are part of some balta next would be we need to also consider what your doctor may not be telling you is that if you’re taking more than one drug so you’re prescribed some balta but you’re also prescribed other medications you have a higher risk of potential problems interactions and negative negative side effects and so

For example when i was taking some vaulted started off only one drug from there it went into cipro because i had a uti oh my god don’t take cipro and some volatile all i have to say is please research it those two combination awful next don’t mix benzodiazepine with some balta that’s a whole other story i have videos about it don’t do it research it just please

Be aware of mixing medications you could get the serotonin syndrome too much serotonin in your body it is just one hot mess last let’s get into also that the end result is this your doctor may not tell you everything you need to know and that’s why you yourself have to take back control of your health while you yourself have to become your own wellness advocate

That you can you know start doing research start talking to people you know get onto groups whether it’s a facebook group for some balta or whether it’s support groups on another internet go and go seek help talk to people who’ve been there and who’ve done that who have survived who have made it or even talked to the people maybe their family members didn’t make

It i mean i met both i met you know hundreds upon hundreds of people and i’m here today to say this is a real problem okay this is a real problem but i’m thankful i’m alive today and i wish you well i pray that you can seek the help that you need and recover and fully get your life back feel free to check out my website at danarcurie.com feel free to share your

Own story you know share what you’re going through maybe something worked for you and you could help others so be the voice for the voiceless and be the hope for the hopeless and thank you have a great day bye

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Cymbalta Beware: What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You By Dana Arcuri CTRC