June 4, 2023

Hopefully as I document this journey through finding the right medication for me, I can help out some that are having the same side effects. If you are I hope you get better ❤️

Hey guys i’m making this video because it’ll probably be helpful to people that are also taking this medication and i having the same side effects and are wondering if they’re going to wear off or not i recently started cymbalta i took it yesterday today would be day two i have not took it yet i took it around three o’clock yesterday 3 p.m. because i went to the

Doctor too and i’ve tried prozac before i tried multiple things for anxiety depression bipolar and we slimmed it down to that i just have anxiety that causes my mood swings and that causes me to go into depressive states so my doctor recommended cymbalta and i was kind of iffy on it because i haven’t had very good experiences in the past with medications and doctors

Prescribing me the right ones for me so i started self-medicating with medical marijuana when i’m in the process of getting my medical marijuana card at the moment and i was telling my doctor about that and she said all right we should get you on a preventative until that time comes and i agreed because i know that i do need a preventative for my anxiety can’t

Get pretty bad sorry about this crappy lighting i’m in the garage why i don’t know because it’s colder out here oh i’ll tell you why i can’t talk straight because of this stuff i think i couldn’t sleep at all last night i woke up about 2 times an hour i want to say it felt like it was such a long night i felt like the night was like not gonna end like i was like

When am i gonna wake up and it’s gonna be daytime and i can just get up because i’m not sleeping at all and so i think every time i woke up it was probably because i was getting too hot i was sweating and then i’d get really cold and then i’d sweat again and now i’m sweating at the moment sweating my mustache but um ya know i just felt real bad last night after

I guess on the comedown and this morning i woke up feeling real nauseous constipated i got a headache my eyes hurt it’s kind of like i just feel slow almost like what kind of like a sloth you know i kind of just want to stare off into oblivion and just kind of sit not really do anything um my dogs running down chasing something sorry but whatever i took it you

Know it made me feel really good cuz i kind of kind of like you know an instant feeling i want to say i kind of like not an instant high because it’s not like you’re getting high off of it it’s just kind of like an instant whoa like this is different like i don’t know really how to explain it unless you’ve really been on it it’s kind of difficult to explain but

The best way i could put it is that you kind of just feel like you’re in your own little world sitting there i guess and i’m gonna call my doctor when they open and see if you know the side effects will wear off because i was reading and a lot of people say that they wear off within 1 to 2 weeks but i can’t imagine living with these side effects for one to two

Weeks cuz i did not get any sleep last night and i have school today and that’s not good so yeah i guess i’ll update you guys i’m i’m going to take the second one today just to see if it gets any better you know maybe if my body’s not used to the medication because i haven’t been on any medications since 2015 so i look i’m gonna give it a try i’ve got 50 pills

So you know why waste them whenever they could work so i’ll let you guys know i’m sorry i got an itch i’ll let you guys know and i’ll update you guys hopefully all this stuff goes away pray for me

Transcribed from video
Cymbalta Day 2 (side effects) By Marissa May