June 1, 2023

Cymbalta & Duloxetine Medication Information (dosing, side effects)

Duloxetine belongs to the class of serotonin orbinephrine reuptake inhibitors snris duloxetine is used to treat major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder it also helps to lessen pain associated with diabetic neuropathy and vibinyalgia take cymbalta by mouth with a glass of water with or without food avoid cutting crushing or chewing this medicine

Do not take the medicine more often than it is prescribed do not give up taking it except on the advice of your doctor consult your doctor concerning proper dose for you before taking cymbalta tell your doctor or chemist if you are allergic to duloxetine or if you have other allergies inform your doctor or chemist if you have bipolar confusion eye liver or kidney

Problems aged people can be more sensitive to side effects of the medicine during the pregnancy this treatment should be used only when strongly necessary as this medicament can be absorbed by skin women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not manipulate this medicine cymbalta should not be used by pregnant nursing women or children as well as by the

Patients having demonstrated a reaction of hypersensitivity to duloxetine the most common side effects are quick and irregular pulse tremor anxiety blurred vision vomiting fever diarrhea etc a very serious allergic reaction rarely occurs many people using this medicine do not have serious side effects turn to your doctor or pharmacist for more details in case

You notice the effects not listed here contact your doctor or pharmacist tell your doctor or pharmacist of all prescription and non-prescription herbal products you may use before using this medication duloxetine can interact with mal inhibitors viewersolidin is soccerboxazid linzolid mclubamide trenelcipramine etc antiarrhythmic drugs propathion quinidine etc

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ssris citalopram depoxetine fluoxetine fluvoxamine paroxetine at cetera antipsychotics also called neuroleptics fluffenazine etc h2 receptor antagonists cimetidine ranitidine famotidine nizatidine etc turn to your doctor or pharmacist for more details if you have missed your dose take it as soon as you remember if you see

That it is near the time for the next dose skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule do not take your dose twice if you think you have used too much of this medicine seek emergency medical attention right away the symptoms of overdose usually include chest pain nausea irregular heartbeat and feeling light-headed or fainting store your medicines at

Room temperature between 68 to 77 degrees fahrenheit 20 to 25 degrees centigrade away from light and moisture do not store them in the bathroom keep all drugs away from reach of children and pets we provide only general information about medications which does not cover all directions possible drug integrations or precautions information nation from this video

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