March 22, 2023

My experience with Cymbalta (Duloxetine) as an antidepressant.

Hi guys so this is my first update video since uh three and a half years since then a lot has happened i’ve changed meds i think multiple times i’ve changed the countries have been on and off different things all kinds of things have changed but so i want to talk about in this video is uh my experience with symbalta or duluxetine now that i’ve been on it for a

Year and so i’m going to talk about the pros and the cons and i’ll compare it specifically especially to cetalopram which i’ve talked about in a previous video on the positive side the pros first i do feel there are fewer negative thoughts and they’re they have less of an impact on me so that’s a good thing which is what you want with an antidepressant um the

Other big thing that’s a positive for it is that i don’t feel lazy which was the case with uh citalopram uh with that i was feeling apathetic felt like i felt like i didn’t want to do anything i felt okay or pretty good in terms of mental state but i didn’t want to do anything so with duluxetine or cymbalta i am not getting that feeling which is good now the

Negative side effects uh or the negative aspects of it in general i would say there’s uh three like three main ones first there’s uh i don’t have a feeling that everything is fine it’s a bit hard to describe like i felt with citalopram i felt more of a almost a high a sense that oh everything is going to be fine everything’s okay i don’t feel that with the luxity

The other thing is uh the sexual side effects which i felt pretty much with any antidepressant uh main thing is essentially becomes much more difficult to climax so that’s the the bit of a downer and then the third thing is weight gain i gained a lot of weight actually on uh luxity and i think it’s because it increases your appetite so you end up eating more

And i went up i’m not sure exactly how much but i’ve gained i’ve gained somewhere between 5-10 kilograms i don’t know 20 pounds maybe something like that um over the period of time now since then i’ve actually lost weight like right now at least i’m at a normal bmi range which is the first time that i’m i’m in within the normal bmi range almost since i’ve taken

It started taking it and that took a lot of work actually at least a lot of effort to mainly reduce calories and do a bit of exercise but that’s uh where things are at i’m relatively happy with deluxe steam it’s not like i have it’s not like an amazing experience but it’s doing the job reasonably well and i should add i am on 90 milligram dosage which is a high

Dose for it uh because on 60 milligrams i was still having some really negative thoughts so the doctor ended up increasing it and it it’s uh it’s not bad i don’t i can’t i don’t see myself uh getting off it anytime soon i did actually try to just decrease the dose and i was going through a really hard time having really negative thoughts so i i’m not keen on

Trying to get off it or reduce it now one thing also i should add is alongside it the doctor prescribed me with olanzapine which um i’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to do but it what it does my experience seems to do is it helps with sleep given one is taking the luxetine if i don’t take if i forget to take lonzepine then i actually can’t go to sleep

So there is that you know additional dependency with it but uh that’s it and hopefully if any of you are taking antidepressants good luck with you on your journey and hopefully find something that works for you

Transcribed from video
Cymbalta (Duloxetine) – Pros and Cons – 1 Year Update By Norris K