November 29, 2022

Cymbalta: How it’s helped me with my depression after 2 and half months

Guys first off my account has been struck with a copyright strike so it doesn’t matter second off cymbalta thing or doolittle x.18 i’ve been taking it for the past almost two months now actually i’ve been taking it for two months it was uh it was it’s definitely been an interesting road i i will be honest with you i have missed dosages at the same time each day

But i have gotten my dosage every single day except for once and that was a screw-up and i’ve completely screwed me up so medication wise how is it how is it side-effects what does it do to you how do you feel when you take it personally for me it has helped drop my anxiety tenfold i have completely gone a lot better like things have just gotten a lot better for

Me my depression has dropped i feel so much happier i feel more confident about things and i don’t feel so dead inside maybe that was something to do a streamy maybe i was completely drained of all energy from that and staying inside all day but being at work helps and that’s something i want to talk about for a moment before we continue on i don’t know all the

Side effects i want to say that clear i’ve noticed i do have a bit more fatigue and i’m quite a bit more tired than i used to be but maybe that’s just my body i also have delayed sleep phase syndrome and i’ve been having to wake up a lot earlier every morning that i’m used to so i’ve been going to bed earlier so that might be no i’m getting affected by that but the

Actual that the actual medication itself is not terrible it’s helped me in many many ways but i wanted to say you should i go on tangents also you want to make sure that you have an active daily schedule because depression will limit you in a lot of ways and you have to remember that you are not your depression your depression is not you depression might be a part

Of you but it does not make you who you are and you can you don’t deal with it and manage with it a depression is something you’re probably stuck with for the rest of your life but you can deal with it and manage with it remember being depressed is different than actually having depression everyone gets depressed at one point or another in their life but having

Depression is different you are chronically just in pain and you you just you give up on life so cymbalta or do lexa team has helped me in a lot of ways i’m not saying it’s going to work for everyone and i’ve was curious i actually typed this in cymbalta and then tired and i found a lot of people that are saying that it’s it’s bad i’m saying a lot of people are

Saying that it’s it’s bad for you and there’s a lot of people who are from withdrawal symptoms now i will talk about that because it is a medication and because it is a serotonin inhibitor i believe yeah and because it get releases more serotonin than you tiredness happens but also withdrawal in a way does actually happen and that was happening to me as well when

I went with howard a i was felt lost and i felt a little bit confused on it i’m paying about $30 per tab or per bottle or in this case a box of it for the first time i’m paying about $30 here in canada so medication wise it is you know you for your basically let’s do the math i actually have not done the math on this yet so i’m literally just doing this right now

I’m pulling up calculator on this computer so and i don’t want an address book oops sorry i apologize i should probably cut this but whatever i like to keep things wrong so we’re gonna do 30 and we’re two times that by 12 that’s $360 a year $360 a year if you’re a working person you’re making enough is not a bad investment if it keeps you focused and keeps your

Sanity you’re basically spending you know half of that already on netflix and stuff and your internet so i mean it adds up but it’s it’s something especially if your student or you have coverage for it’s gonna you know help you out so make sure again you have an active lifestyle with it make sure you’re getting walks make sure you’re getting enough air or make

Sure you’re drinking enough water things i sometimes forget to do and often got to do so yeah sim bolt itself though is i’m not gonna talk in scientific because i don’t know i’m not gonna pretend i know i don’t know exactly what it does i know for me personally it’s helped me as a human being has helped me as someone who has gone through a lot of garbage and i’m

Trying to cope with it has it drop my anxiety drastically do i still stutter do i still make mistakes absolutely i mean it’s human but you might have seen the commercials on cymbalta or duloxetine i’m probably pronouncing that wrong dozen really matter you might have seen the commercials on it and i want to let you know that it’s not all bad there is obviously

Side effects and there is issues if you have any problems with suicidal thoughts or you have other problems you know with liver or something it might overtime cause some liver damage but as it is for me it’s helping me right now and it’s keeping me quote unquote quote unquote normal it’s keeping me stable and functioning as an adult for my parents pretty much in

The first couple days which shouldn’t happen but maybe it was kind of a placebo effect for me i noticed it almost immediately um like first day or two i was just feeling so much more myself maybe that’s cuz i was getting more sleep and i wasn’t you know constantly streaming and everything so that was able to bring it back but yeah cymbalta is going to might help

You so don’t be afraid of it but i understand that you know have some skepticism with it and be skeptical because there are a lot of negatives too but it’s an antidepressant and if it doesn’t work for you try it out for three months if it hasn’t helped you out then talk to your doctor and find out what actually works for you because some medication didn’t work

For me the fur tent first antidepressant i tried was subtle poram or celexa i was off the walls two weeks i wanted to kill myself could not do it i will lost all i need you to live i had to get off of it and until that after that point i tried to manage having glasses also was helped me because my eyesight’s garbage but um yeah having having the medication to help

Me has helped and that a lot better had i have probably been on cymbalta years ago my life probably would have been a bit better i wouldn’t have probably had as many problems and everything and i probably would have been able to do a lot more things but yeah there it is that’s this is a actual account of the medication if you are not on it and you are considering

Taking it and you have doctors talk to you about it consider trying it out try it for a month see what happens give it three months i would say see what happens if you start to notice problems you start to notice heart problem palpitations immediately talk to your doctor and don’t consult webmd don’t do this your depression if you have depression and you’re not just

Depressed but you actually have depression and suffer from it then see if you can fix that there’s also a ted talk that happens any one of those ted talks by dr. andrew solomon it’s called depression the secret we all share i think this will also help you out too to understand it i showed it to a few friends and it’s helped them help me with the relationships that

Helped me a lot always understand myself depression is not something that you’re stuck it’s not it you might be stuck with it for life but it doesn’t mean you have to let it control you thank you for watching like it just like it whatever doesn’t really matter i know g-guys later please

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Cymbalta: How it's helped me with my depression after 2 and half months By Hey It’s Joel