March 24, 2023

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Dr mindy here and welcome to the first day of our fast training week so if you’re new to our channel i just want to start off by saying welcome we’re so happy you’re here please subscribe and hit the notification button so you get all the new videos that i bring you and and when i go live if you are new to fast training week what i wanted to explain to you is

This is a series of videos so go back and watch the video i did before this one called how do you balance your hormones through fasting all this week i am giving you a fasting and food style each day and i am teaching you how to balance one hormone each day today on this video we are going to show insulin resistance how do you balance insulin resistance with

Fasting and there are three things that i really want to go through so again this would be one of those videos you want to take notes or if you want the companion guide we write everything down during fast training week and a really nice guide it’s free just put companion guide in your comments and we’ll make sure that you get it so but here are the three things

I want to go through so first what is causes insulin resistance and there’s a few sneaky things in there the second is how can fasting help and the third thing i want to go through is how long should you fast and stay all the way till the end because i have a special bonus i’m going to share with you what we’re seeing in my resetter community the best fast for

Getting people out of insulin resistance and helping them drop weight so there is a magic number of hours that will help you do that i’ll share that at the end okay first thing really simply what causes insulin resistance so insulin resistance is where the insulin cannot help escort the glucose into the cell think of insulin and glucose like a lock and key and

Insulin resistance is where those are not working it would be like you walking up to your house and you go to to put the key in the door and the key won’t go in and you’re not allowed in the house that’s what’s happening with insulin when you’re in insulin resistance the insulin’s job is to manage glucose which comes from the foods that you’re eating but if it

You are insulin resistance you end up with too much glucose in your system and that glucose will be stored in fat your liver your brain your eyes i mean the extra glucose gets stored in many different places so in order to get out of insulin resistance or what causes insulin resistance are three major things just like i just said you get too much sugar so you’re

Eating all day and you’re eating high refined flours and you’re eating high sugars you’re eating a lot of carbs so you’re just sugar sugar sugar all day long not necessarily table sugar but you are eating things that are boosting your blood sugar so the first thing you want to change if you want to get out of insulin resistance is to stop that habit second thing

And probably the most surprising piece of insulin resistance is you’re eating bad oils not good oils and this is really important because oils will make those cells very inflamed and make them resistant to getting insulin into them so you want to switch from good oils to bad oils i’ve done several videos on what a good oil is and what a bad oil is so go back and

Watch that and then the third thing that causes insulin resistance are toxins so when we eat fake foods i don’t know if you’ve heard of obesogens but there are toxins in our water in our air in our beauty products there are toxins in our food we are living in the most toxic time in human history and those toxins are making you insulin resistant those are the

Three causes so how can fasting help the first thing is when you go to fast the number one principle of fasting that i want you to remember is we’re taking your eating window and we’re compressing it so you’re now even those six meals a day you can still eat those six meals a day but what you’re doing is you’re compressing the time period in which you’re eating

Them why would you want to do that because when you go a certain amount of time without food somewhere around 13 to 15 hours you start to turn on a switch inside your cells that that tell your cells to repair so you start to bring down the inflammation in the cell you start to repair the outer part of the cell where the insulin is trying to get in you all you

Start to upregulate hormones like growth hormone so 13 to 15 hours is that magical time where you start the process of making yourself insulin sensitive again which is really cool so you’re bringing your sugar down and you’re rebooting resetting those cells so that they can receive the insulin much more efficiently second reason that fasting really helps with

Insulin resistance is that it’s a signal so what i want you to think about is as your blood sugar is starting to go down what is happening is there’ll be a point at which it signals to the liver hey guess what there’s no blood sugar coming in we don’t see any coming in so we better go to an alternate food source so if you’ve ever had a hybrid car you know how

This works you run off of the electric piece for a while and then when it gets to a certain speed you click over to the gas same thing with this metabolic switch that happens as you’re bringing your blood sugar down there will be a point usually around 13 to 15 hours where you switch over to fat burner and in fat burner this is where we want to be so the second

Reason you want to fast is so you can make that switch and then the third reason that you want to use fasting is for this inflammatory piece so you’re not only making the metabolic switch but you’re bringing inflammation down so that the cell in general is a healthier cell and will be more sensitive to insulin okay now how long should you fast this is i know you

Guys are like come on just say it just tell me tell me how long i should fast i know you want the simple answer and i want you to understand the concept so that you i’m trying to teach you how to fish not just give you fish so i want you to understand this so you’re never insulin resistant again okay how long should you fast so well it depends so i know that’s not

A fun answer but here’s what it depends on the first is i want you to work the principles of your food so i want to make sure that you’re eating low carb moderate protein and high fat so make sure you’re doing that the second thing i want you to work on is removing your toxins out of your life get the the chemicals the preservatives the nitrites the red coloring

All that get it out of your diet and then the third piece is i want you to start by mastering intermittent fasting i want you to get 13 to 15 hours very comfortable if you feel good with that then i want you to move to 17 hours and try to do as many days as you can at 17 hours if you’re comfortable with that then i want you to throw in some 24-hour fast it’s that

Progression as you become more fat adapted that’s going to ultimately have the biggest effect on your insulin resistance so it’s it’s not as simple as throwing one big long fast at it you want to go through the fasting ladder where you’re start with intermittent go to autophagy go to 24 which takes me to my bonus fast which is which is the one that’s going to get

You out of insulin the quickest resistance the quickest and that’s the 36 hour fast so we do this in all of the resets that we’re doing and something magical happens when you throw a 36 hour fast in every month or so especially those of you are weight loss resistant you’re struggling with managing insulin you got to throw a 36 hour fast in every once in a while

That seems to be the time period that unsticks weight we see it in our resets all the time we’re about to start a new reset forever immune where i’m going to show you how to keep your immune system up how to go into a fat burning state and how to slow down aging all the great concepts of fasting that’s coming up so you can join us in that just put forever immune

In your comments but that’s the bonus fast okay last couple things if you’re listening to this and your eyes are like rolling back in your head you’re like oh my god that was so much information then awesome i want to give you some more resources so you can play with these concepts remember that there is a whole learning curve that happens with fasting now

If you’re some of those people where you’re like yeah yeah i’ve got this down i don’t need to i know i don’t need you to keep talking about insulin resistance then i you’re also the person i want to send to some more deeper pieces of information the first is know that there’s a companion guide for this whole week so if you want the companion guide put it in the

Notes or just in your comments put companion guide if you want to join me in a next uh 19 day experience and help have me guide you through this join us in the forever immune reset just put forever immune reset now i have a podcast don’t know if you guys know that but i have a podcast with really great guests and one of the guests on the podcast that i interviewed

This week is dr kerry jones she is a hormone expert and we talk about testosterone we talk about insulin it’s a phenomenal interview it’s on the resetter podcast on itunes you can find it there and last thing is if you’re needing support through this week know that the free support is in our resetter collaborative on facebook and if you want more guidance you

Want more interaction with me during this week join our academy there’s incredible support over there but insulin resistance the way out is through fasting but you also have to mine those other three principles that i i spoke of you got to remind your fats you got to make sure your blood sugar isn’t high when you are eating and you got to lower your toxic load

You combine those three principles whether you’re a vegan a carnivore a keto just take those three principles and combine them to your eating style and then put them with some fasting and and you’ll never be insulin resistant again i promise we’re seeing it hundreds of thousands of people across our platform are getting out of insulin resistance using these

Principles so as always happy fast training week i hope that helps you

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Day 1 – Which Fast Is Best For Insulin Resistance By Dr. Mindy Pelz