May 29, 2023

Hey guys!

Hey guys it’s jason wanted to do a quick video today for a couple different reasons the first reason being to thank you guys again for the continued support i’ve been shown a lot of love recently on on your guys’s channels and in the comment section and it just all means so much it’s also crucial to me at this particular point in in my addiction recovery recovering

From addiction can be a very isolating and lonely process and the support of you guys in those dark hours and there are a lot of those that support really carries me through and i don’t mean to make it sound like it’s you know so so dark and horrible and gloomy right now because it’s not you know i’m really there’s a fairly equal balance in my opinion kind of being

Struck between things that i’m grateful for certain emotions and feelings that are kind of coming back my enjoyment of certain things my enjoyment of music again my interest in reading certain things are just coming back that i’m really appreciative of things that i’m noticing but there’s also you know a lot of depression and anxiety and restlessness waking up at

You know to three o’clock in the morning drenched these are you know all the moments that don’t really get shown the last thing you feel like in those moments is recording but i’d like to thank in particular a couple different channels for showing me support change a rocking roberta haunted by the truth addicted quit was ak kickin addiction my dear nicole over at

Real talk recovery hearing people say that my videos are inspiring to them it’s just a very humbling thing to hear when i started making these videos i started making them for a very self-serving purpose i could i didn’t feel like i could kick this habit this addiction in any other way i had tried before but when you’re keeping your addiction a secret you don’t

Get support and without that support it just wasn’t happening for me after i outed myself and all the support started pouring in i realized very quickly that it made all the difference so just thank you guys all of you guys so much oh show me support it’s it’s great and so important okay now the video changes a bit in intone gabapentin i’ve been doing a lot of

Research on gaba since friday and a lot of the things that i’ve discovered are extremely frustrating i can’t quite figure out why a doctor would put somebody on gabapentin to help them with opiate withdrawal never telling them that gabapentin you develop dependency very quickly on gabapentin it’s extremely hard to come off gabapentin the withdraw from gabapentin

Mirrors pretty identically the withdraw from opiates so i can’t quite figure out like why i wasn’t told that’s what’s really frustrating to me and i know that you know we have to be our own biggest advocates when it comes to our help we can’t depend on doctors to give us all the information but also at the end of the day i just feel like you know i’m not a doctor

I didn’t go to school for this you know i went to my doctor to help and sometimes i just wish they’d be a little bit more forthcoming with the information that’s that’s right out there all you have to do is type in gabapentin withdraw and and you see how much comes up one of the things that freaks me out in particular is that i am a person who has suffered on

And off throughout life with depressive episodes really high anxiety in one of the biggest things that people talk about when they talk about coming off from gabapentin is how it makes them feel so hopeless how the increase in self-harm and suicidal ideations seems to go through the roof depressive episodes heightened anxiety excessive sweating headaches insomnia

Lethargy just all the symptoms that mere opiate withdraw you get these same symptoms when coming off from gaba and it just frustrates me that i wasn’t told this information because i’m not really you know i’m certainly not a doctor i’m not trying to give out any advice here i’m simply giving my own opinion on the way that i feel about the way that gaba was given to

Me to help me withdraw from opiates and it was given to me with very little information about the dependency issues that come along with with gaba and you also start discovering that the brain doesn’t heal i’m gabba so yeah there’s just a lot of frustration tied into that and what i would suggest to people if anybody’s watching that is thinking about getting off

From opiates if anybody’s watching who is taking gabapentin for their opiate withdraw i would just suggest researching the drug because unfortunately it’s something that i hadn’t researched gabapentin is something that i was actually on before i even started this detox i was taking it for restless leg my dose was increased by a lot for the detox i was taking 600

Milligrams a day i’m now taking 600 milligrams three times a day and as i said in my last video you know i can really tell when i haven’t taken the gaba and how i can tell is increase in sweating i start getting depressed about everything everything starts feeling overwhelming i get a very dull headache like right through here the restlessness really kicks kicks

Up in intensity and you know feeling all of these things is is the main reason that i started researching the gabba on friday because i just started wondering like why am i so aware when i haven’t taken a dose what is it doing so i would just encourage you all to research before just kind of blindly taking a medication because unfortunately we can’t always rely

On doctors to give us all the information and it’s true that we are our biggest advocates and we have to remember that sometimes but i’m gonna stop this video now because i don’t want it appearing to anyone as though i’m giving any advice in terms of stopping or starting gaba this is just my personal opinion and my personal frustrations with the information that

I feel wasn’t given but that’s about all for today i’m doing good i am going to talk to my doctor about tapering me off this gaba because i just feel for me that’s that’s best before it’s something that i’ve been on for a long period of time but that’s about it guys and thank you guys so much for everything thank you guys for watching thanks for your comments and

The support and i’m still going strong most i think probably i’m having more better moments than than bad so a lot of the things that i’m feeling are very very promising and give me a lot of hope so yeah i’m still in a good place just frustrated about the gaba but all of you guys stay well and i will see you very soon

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Day 17 – Opiate Withdrawal, and Gabapentin By These Four Walls