June 4, 2023

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On a black couch episode four shout out to everybody who’ve been tuning in um for real man once you get to this point it really just don’t matter about it that’s like the abuse part work like it took that definitely took away my anxiety uh took away the panic attack i wouldn’t even say i had anxiety like it was just it was a moment i wouldn’t say i had like

Before that that first panic attack i wouldn’t like having anxiety beyond reason like anything that i was worried about was something that i should have been worried about or should have been calculating steps that i should have been calculating like if you’re walking past the house and you know it’s a dog without at least i don’t think it’s unreasonable to be

Or have anxiety in those moments so that’s what i mean and it could be those moments over time that cost i can’t go as deep but at some point i will um but yeah i stopped taking abuse part on wednesday today is like the 29th i believe october 29th i got a cycle point it’s 9 50 a.m eastern time i got a psychiatrist appointment at 12 telemedicine but i stopped

Taking it because it make you like so tired and lethargic or make me and then it makes me super hungry and uh more sort of tiredness because i’m just trying to get energy to get back somewhat normal so i can get the function and focus in like before focus still off got a little bit more energy not as like spaced out as when i was taking abuse bar bruce broken

Um what else i think about it it was like yesterday a moment that just reeled down because you know you producing or i whatever uptake is blocking this it’s more dopamine or the uh neuraphran or whatever the usual so when that stops you know you might have a few down moments but you just gotta understand like for me when i know what’s going on it relieves a

Lot of the worry so when i know it’s going it’s like oh this is this right through it’s usually you know 15 minutes tops so i just pushed through through that last night i’ve been real sleepy though like i don’t like it’s like every moment like somebody’s own hairline so i’m like just nodding and you’d be listening something or doing something i found when

I got on headphones i was going out even more too like it’s weird i don’t like that at all um yeah so i could just be in the aed state at this point adhd or i’m just not locking in and i gotta get going to get back to the regular program so i can do what i need to do and i’ll get back driving and uh you know stack up you know of course when you sit and you

Might be spending a little bit more you get all this stuff called the dry throw you buy a bunch of water plums and just just stuff to uh alleviate a lot of what you’re going through bought the cpap i said uh you know so it’s just it’s a lot you gotta you know you start sitting you gotta start thinking about you know jumping right back good thing i had no kids or

Nothing like that so but you know you don’t want too much going out and you ain’t uh keeping that recycling situation going so that’s pretty much where i’m at right now i’m still bringing all that part to how i got on the lecture you know yeah i’ll do it in another video i might come right back after this and do it you know still you know made up like you

Know a big dog yeah but yesterday i think i was just awesome man why did this have to happen like you know you’d be i’ve been complete outside of the weight still living pretty decent eating good supplements and my brain crash you know we want to get back to normal then you start appreciating like man if i could i already did if i could go back onto this this

And this this this and this cuz you don’t be knowing like of course you wanna be positive like man when i shake back i’m this this and this but y’all know you know that you can have a new norm with this you know my peripheral ain’t been like all the way a1 it’s better yesterday after after abuse fire was broken but uh yeah you just don’t know what this thing it

Ain’t really like nothing you can keep talking about because then it seems like oh you just make you know it’s all don’t even feel like you know burning or you know whatever most people just don’t get what’s going on so it’s just really a waste of time even talking about but right now i woke up i did like 20 minutes of cardio i’m cutting back on the push-ups and

Weights i want to give give my muscles some time to recover they kind of pop in and super sore so i wanted to atrophy i wanted to if it cut up because you know the consistency it wasn’t like it was too intense but just being consistent with it probably caused it to cut so i want to give it that time to really heal up and then get back to it don’t want to injure

Definitely can’t afford to get injured or super sick right now so just listen to your body if you working out with it um um super dry steel but i brought that dry idea on amazon like the first one they pop up not the 16 i wanted to get 16 consistent like a top brand and a brand that you get from the eye doctor if you get lazy from the basic institute or prk but

I end up going with um i think the nine dollar it was a little bit cheaper i think i had more reviews that’s that’s something i look at when i’m getting stuff for amazon like not just good reviews but how many people reviewed it and y’all need to stop leaving bad comments because your competitors like amazon you all got to figure that out you be going through

Trying to find quality information just hurting the consumer like y’all don’t have to compete like that just make good product and some people gonna rock with this likes people some people buy coke some people want pepsi like some people like mcdonald’s some people like burger king just put a good consistent product and somebody gonna show up you don’t have to

Come spread misinformation on one stars and comments of good products or decent products mentally eating people and scaring people from buying stuff especially something that’s going in my eyes like that was my worry about the idea that um that’s like i said gonna mess with you because that’s what they say mess with your vision a little bit but it’s it’s slightly

It’s weird how to keep your eyes moisturized because it’s not like when you put the eye drops when you feel like that instant relief it’s more of it not waking up with like red and just super dry and swollen it’s more so it’s just you could just tell it’s lubricated so but it still kind of feel dry but i guess it’s not when i wake up throw some water in it i mean

Some distilled water and then do some drops uh john probably the biggest thing right now outside of the brain stuff once i get the brain to focus man it’s like everything goes mine once i get my brain back back my mind clicking it’s just a second i’m a few steps off but once that happened or get some help with some some type of new medication some adhd something

Yeah man it’s just me on a black couch feet up louie wrong 60 feet in the sky looking down at the city man cool colder bad but just i don’t get too hard on yourself the wall it’s just uh you know it’s a process and be free you know be free don’t try to get on here faking it or um you know putting on uh oh i gotta make sure i look like this when i have bone

Or oh i gotta don’t dock it all up sometimes it’s best just to keep keep that wrong all you doing is really stressing you i mean you feel good man hop on if not but you ain’t got to always be no i’m sure at a certain point like you know with enough feedback and demand and stuff like that you might want to go make it more of a you won’t package it but uh you know

Still just don’t be just be just live man that’s all but spread some good today spread some peace today man and just just live unapologetically just live free peace

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