June 4, 2023

I’m so glad that my dosage has been raised but I may have a little problem. Beware of the TMI🤦🏾‍♀️

Three of my 100 milligrams circulating part of my mental health journey i just want to update you so that if there’s anyone out there who is not aware of what the transition is like between 50 and 100 or if there’s anyone who will be raising the level soon but would like to know what it’s like um yeah i’m making this video for that and the upcoming videos as

Well um would be about that the side effects are different last time i had a bad taste in my mouth i don’t necessarily have that this time around not really definitely not like last time however i did have some nausea and i definitely have issues with my stomach for sure actually what’s happening is when i take my tablet and i normally take it around 7 30 in

The morning um about within a half an hour tmi um i am in the toilet yeah so i i discovered that that happened yesterday and today um so that is a thing so let’s just see how long that will go on for my appetite still has definitely changed um in recent times that has not really gone back to what it was before but to be quite honest i’m glad because i’m

Eating better um but today is the one day that i felt and i still feel extremely hungry and my blood sugar felt as if it had dropped so i am not sure yeah i’m just gonna monitor that and see how that goes i feel as if this is actually working i don’t know if it’s too soon to say but i feel a difference fox had told me it that you will know when the um circulating

Starts to work and i didn’t feel this with the 50 milligrams i didn’t really i think i was searching for it but not really but this time between yesterday and today i feel different i feel as if i can manage my emotions better i feel as if they’re not getting the better of me because up until very very recently i have been panicking and been really anxious about

Some things um and i feel as if that has been lifted it isn’t that i i don’t know the things are there but i’m just not feeling them um i know it is early days yet and i am aware that folks say that sometimes they don’t like feeling numb however i like this feeling because normally i feel as if i’m feeling too many things too much and can’t control it and i

Don’t think i’ve ever felt like this before and it feels good so far so i am hoping that this is the feeling that folks have been telling me about and that it would wouldn’t be something that would just go away because i can i can tolerate this and i can i can um live with this i think yeah i will update you as this goes on um every couple days or so um but

The transition between 50 and 100 so far is not so bad even with the tummy situation it’s not too bad but actually a side effect of the tummy situation is that probably that’s the reason why i’m feeling so hungry because i’m empty i’m empty because i’m not really eating much anyway that’s it from me for this third day of the 100 milligrams of certainly um let

Me know how you feel um if you are going through this same process um and let me know your thoughts regarding mental health and the treatment and all that sort of thing because remember we are all trying to normalize this and aid in the destigmatization of anything to do with mental health comment like and share do all the things that you know that would help

What i just said and i will talk to you later bye now

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Day 3 Sertraline 100mg | My Mental Health Journey | A New Chapter #antidepressant By Lets_haveachat