June 1, 2023

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel this is my his second attempt at making his video the first attempt my thing got cut off because i lowered my little thing link i have an ipad and i lowered the little thing to check the time and my thing stopped recording so that’s what happened but also during that video my child was screaming so hopefully in this

Video he doesn’t scream so in this video i’m gonna be talking about my side effects and everything that like how i’m feeling right now today’s my sixth day on the buspirone um total milligrams a day is 7.5 yeah so i’m one point five milligrams a day and i take it like half like i take half of it in the morning and take half of it in the afternoon and that seems

To be working for me right now although i do get anxiety around the time it doesn’t happen every time it only happens some days so it’s been six days and out of those six days that i would say probably to probably have for those days so three of those days are getting i got anxiety within the like the 9 to 4 thing like from 9 a.m. i got anxiety some time before

Taking my second dosage but it’s like i said it doesn’t happen every single day happens about half of the days that but yeah what else am i gonna talk about my dizziness is it’s it’s not it’s not really there whenever mother medication has kind of gone out of my system a bit but once the medication is in my system i do feel slightly dizzy just nothing like crazy

Or anything i do feel a little bit out of it once taking the medicine i do feel a little bit high once it gets into my system still but not as severe as it was in the beginning my headache okay so i’m just thinking about my headache because i got a headache just slight headache in the morning time once i took my a.m. pill i got a slight headache probably in like

An hour and a half into it after taking it i got like a headache i’m like this side in my brain and now thinking about it i’m getting a headache on over here but it’s very very mild i’m not getting like the severe one that i was having yesterday so i think that’s it that’s all i got for today my anxiety levels have been really low like just i mean i still like

Get like i still worry about things but i don’t feel like i don’t feel like the association with you know like it’s not associated with anxiousness like i just feel worried or whatever right like i think about different things like school you know i’m worried about going to this thing that i have to do i have to go see it i have to go do a pharmacy thing and not

Find him i have to go visit a pharmacy and that’s coming up in like two days and initially i wasn’t gonna go but then my teacher sent me an email and pretty much i’m gonna go and so yeah that’s got me nervous i’m just basing on right now because i saw this like bear on my on my my sheets they have little bears on i want to show you real quick right here this bears

Face is messed up like i don’t know why it’s messed up it’s like it’s just all of a sudden it’s just got my attention just i lose track of attention like i lose attention really fast right after that’s another seven time that i get i have i get a very short attention span whenever right after i take the medicine i know it’s been around three hours now so i should

Be coming off of it but there are stays where it just doesn’t go away that easy so yeah so but so whenever it’s been several hours for and up hours after my medication i do feel like i can focus a little bit better than if i wasn’t on the medicine i would struggle with thoughts about different things and like just can’t focus like that’s just how i feel so yeah

So i’m going to show you guys my necklace because i got it today in the mail and it’s a chakra necklace it’s seven different colors and they’re different crystals or whatever that were i can’t think of the name but that’s what it is and it’s cute i got it from amazon yeah that’s pretty much all i want to say sorry this video took up a little bit of time so yeah

I hope you guys enjoyed my video if you did give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel because i’m gonna be keep i’m gonna be doing videos like this that i actually haven’t had a really good idea for my symptoms which i once i find my calendar i have a calendar somewhere around here i’m going to be making like a little color-coordinated corn color coordination

Coordinated thing of like my symptoms so every day it’ll be like different color of like how i’m feeling or how i’m doing with the medicine so i thought that would be really cool for to do that for the whole month of whenever in february yeah for the whole month of february so yeah okay

Transcribed from video
Day 6th on buspirone so far so good By Liuba De La Luna