March 28, 2023

So I am continuing to be taking prednisone for the next week and it’s making me feel so anxious/hyped/ I don’t like how it makes me feel!! Plus my gerd symptoms are coming back due to the prednisone messing with my stomach too 🙁

Come on guys welcome back to my channel nikki’s here today is day eight of my summer break i know i might be confusing all of you about like these number of days and i’m on break but pretty much today is august 6 yes today is august 6 so i’ve been counting down like day 1 of my break was you know like monday the 2nd something like that but anyway so my hives not

Getting any better i just have to keep taking an antihistamine and these pills just make me so sleepy and that’s all the whole point that it makes you sleepy so you don’t scratch yourself to death but i don’t have a choice i have to so it started on saturday saturday sunday monday today is tuesday it’s been four days and i’m not getting better i might just have

To go to see my doctor again later today or i’m gonna give it one more day and then go see the doctors because i can’t i can’t live like this i can’t have this go on for weeks and months because i did some research and they said that it’s very normal that pipes are like this kind of allergic reaction can last for weeks and i’m already on steroids so it should be

Getting better but i’m gonna give it one on one more day or maximum two days and i’m gonna go see them someone’s gonna have to do something about this because i can’t live like this literally yesterday after i made that video i took some more banjo because i was just itching like crazy i can’t i couldn’t do anything and then of course it knocked me out for like

A couple hours and same thing this morning last night i took two more benadryl so i just been taking so much inside histamine sure i slept through the night because i took two as soon as i woke up this morning like it’s just flare all over my body again so i had to take another a different type of allergy medication it’s called allegra allegra yeah we girl and

This one is stronger it’s probably gonna last usually like 12 hours 24 hours balmy life anyway i don’t know it’s even set non-drowsy but literally as soon as i took it an hour later i passed out i just passed out for another two hours and it’s and 30 a.m. now and i couldn’t really get anything done that i wanted to do you know i planned to wake up early and do

This video and i’ll get things done but i couldn’t because i just i fell asleep but anyway so i’m gonna try to just wake myself up by just being really active hopefully i can stay away but i’m gonna go make food for the day and shall we make food for the week i’m gonna make that chicken dish that i’ve been making and eating for the last like months when my mom’s

Not here so i’m gonna go do that in there and i’m gonna come up here and i have finished planning for the gerd video so i’m gonna make that video edit post it today for you guys so that’s a good thing and i’m gonna put on some makeup just to make myself feel better and hopefully say i don’t know by the afternoon if i don’t have to take another allergy pills and

I’m gonna be fine but if i do have to i’m already feeling itchy already only like 2 hours after taking this medication so she’s gonna probably just give it one more day and i’m gonna go see my doctor again tomorrow but here i have chicken broth just you know plain chicken breast i’m gonna slice them into thin slices and then just kind of stir fry like with very

Little oil on the pan and add a lot of you know seasoning like salt garlic salt nothing spicy again nothing spicy just garlic salt i like to add like this it’s like a seasoning made of like bone broth or something this is not the contain of course but my mom got it from vietnam and i like it sometime i add a little bit sugar but that’s not it um yeah so hope you

Guys are having a better day than i am all right against all odds fighting the sleepiness your girl is ready to make this video more than that i actually finished cooking i ate and came here did the makeup so now i’m ready i’m gonna go change and then we’ll come back this video guys so i just successfully made that video for you guys i don’t know how i did it but

Oh my god don’t feel i’m like the medications is making me feel like i could just pass out at any moment and i’m fighting it so hard and my hand is literally i feel just shaking i don’t like this feeling but hey um anyway i’m meeting lunch now they made this rice and chicken salted chicken and i call it slim’s it because it’s just too salty trick but anyway it’s

Really plain i put so little oil and i show you guys this recipe before so if you want to try it again um do it it’s healthy it’s just chicken breast a little bit fish sauce um kollek salt like after today as well and that’s it just cook until it’s it’s fully cooked it was thought the store is making me feel like i’m just racing like my heart is beating so fast

But uh delicious and healthy good for you i’m boiling some kale after that i’m gonna start editing this video get it out for you guys today i don’t want to piss off there’s so many things i’m gonna do so i’m just gonna try to like keep myself moving so i’m not gonna pass it i literally feel like you know the feeling that when you’re drunk and you just fighting

That feeling of like oh you are drunk that’s what i feel like i’m just like my lunch every day all day every day kale yeah chicken breast and rice i know it looks really plain but actually tastes good because i added salt fish sauce and some garlic salt and then my brother he was baking some fries in the oven so he gave me some of this so this is gonna be a nice

Treat oh hi guys so this is pretty heavy i mean maybe like 15 pounds whatever heavy for me i just feel like whenever and i hate taking stair which is because the way it makes me feel i’m just like i’m staring and i just feel so anxious sometime it gives me anxiety with the higher dose but thank god this dough is not too high so i just feel that my heart is racing

I just need to like constantly doing something and my hand was like really shaky earlier i’m surprised that i was able to just make that video without stuttering and stuff but i did it edited i’m gonna post it now i don’t know i just hate this feeling i mean the allergy pill makes me feel dizzy and sleepy but then this just the stuart it’s making me feel like i

Just do stuff so i don’t know i’m gonna go find something to do otherwise i’m gonna crash it away and when i crash i’m gonna crash for like hours and i’m not gonna wake up and i’m on good day to be wasted something she’s gonna go and do something now sorry you can you feel the huh you’re gonna feel it through my voice and everything so i think what i’m gonna do i’m

Gonna go try to paint the kitchens wall was just crazy i’m gonna try well so i fixed there were so many holes in these wall like not that one that one and this one and i patch it i patched all of them and i’m gonna find the paint and paint those bastards okay i just wanted to let you know how i’m doing i’m still alive so see you in a bit ice-cream or smoothie

Bowl comment down below booya did i paint the house did i pin the kitchen of course not full of sorry so i ended up coming here i took like a small nap and i made that smoothie bowl i ate it i got full and i felt asleep for a couple minutes but now i’m getting ready to do yoga i have the blinds all closed so that the space will look a little bit more relaxing

Sorry about the mess and then i have my yoga mat here getting ready to do yoga so namaste i’m gonna go do my yoga it’s gonna take about 3540 minutes and then i’m just gonna end this vlog here i don’t know what i’m gonna do later but maybe i’m gonna go to marshalls really late when the sun goes down so i don’t have to like put on sunscreen and all this cheap ass

But yeah thank you for joining me today guys i’ll see you tomorrow

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Day 8: Prednisone got me like….| Summer Break Series By Njcki Tran