May 29, 2023

I seemed to have my head in the clouds today lol. How do my side effects line up with the common ones for Sertraline? Hmmm…

So today was slightly different to yesterday slightly in that the tiredness wasn’t as bad because thankfully i got some sleep last night and when i got up i actually um i took my medication and then i was able to do a couple odds and ends that i normally would not have been able to do so i felt really good about that but that was short-lived that was short-lived

Um i’ve realized that my stomach is definitely being more affected this time the nausea is a terrible it’s just the the weird taste in my mouth the weird feel um the weird um yes weird feel because i’m not sure how my mouth feels and when i eat food as well i’m not sure of the taste um and then of course my stomach in itself slightly upset but not like

Full-on nauseated or anything like that i definitely have brain fog but i have already been um i’ve already endured brain fog from my fibromyalgia so i feel it just it’s just lifted it to a whole other level that i didn’t even think possible um so definitely have that still have the dry mouth so every so often i feel conscious of that as in dry lips dry skin

And things um still have the issue with my ears i have tinnitus but this is like something on top of the tinnitus that i get feeling i don’t know just feeling like a weird sentiment a sensation with my ears there is another symptom that another side effect that i get that i forgot to mention and i didn’t even take notice off and that’s yawning now i didn’t

Realize that i seem to be yawning a whole like more more often i attributed it to the fact that i’m an asthmatic because with yawning sometimes it means that you need more oxygen but it’s it wasn’t that it felt as if my whole body wanted to get into a yarn so when i yawn i would literally feel it from the depths of inside my stomach coming out and my whole

Body would be like this and that’s the only way i can explain it but yeah i yawn a whole lot more often and i and the yawning feels like deeper and it’s as if i have to to get it out or something it’s weird i looked it up and i saw that um a small percentage of people have yawning as part of their sentence and um but yeah it is a thing and i also spoke with

My daughter who i mentioned in the previous post she’s also gone through a similar process and she has also gone through the same thing so that is interesting it was it was um good to hear in a sense that she also experienced that so would have something to compare it to i will also place right here um what are the most common side effects of circulating um

And then i will compare it as well to the symptoms that i have had so far so that you can see where i am at it is day nine so i am still very new to this and i am on my third day of taking 50 milligrams um i am still unsure um regarding changing my my intake from morning to evening especially since today i’m not necessarily sleepy but i do feel big that’s

The only way i can put it i feel spacey and things but i don’t feel like the tiredness as if i need to to sleep like i did yesterday but i do feel big i can’t push myself to say like um i can’t see me walking for like an hour and a half in that condition i definitely can’t um but but yeah it i can feel the need to rest more also my tremors are still there they

Still go on and off even as i talk to you i can still feel them um of course as i mentioned before in previous post there are other times that they’re more seen like in the sunday post definitely um today i was in a bus and i can i could feel my whole body going um anytime i’m anywhere sitting down and then being quiet my my tremors start also my fidgety

Mess which is from before i started taking the medication even even my tremors are from before the medication but i’m just highlighting to you what is going on now um so even my fidgeting has come before that has that is continuing if i i’m sitting down anywhere or if i feel a bit um anxious i start fidgeting um you can feel it within me that’s the only way i can

Put it i can feel like this going on in my body that’s the only way i can put it um but yeah i can’t think of anything else right now but then again my memory tends to be pretty bad but yeah um that is it for today i hope this has been helpful please let me know in the comments below and place this in the comment section if you’ve reached this for far please

Comment like and share and do all the wonderful things that you know you can do in order to support and spread awareness yes we have to pick up our mental health community you know that we need to be a team here working towards the stigmatization and working towards wellness and better management of mental health for ourselves if you are going through this

Journey comment let me know this too shall pass it will i know i am in the midst of it and i’m going through all sorts of rides right now but i know that this will pass i will get to a point where my body is finally in tune with this medication and i will reap the benefits of it but for the time being i know i must be patient even though that’s really hard and

I suggest the same for you hang tight hang tight you will get there you will get to the point where you are meeting the benefits of this and um you will feel better okay so until tomorrow i hope you take care and i will talk to you later wow that just that shows you how my head is

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Day 9 on Sertraline | My Mental Health Journey | A New Chapter #mentalhealth #antidepressant By Lets_haveachat