March 28, 2023

Starting weight on day one was 253.4lbs and my goal weight is 170.0lbs the least. I’m 5”2 and a half. Day one I felt jittery in the morning but it went away in the afternoon but had consistent dry mouth all day!!! Drinking lots of water definitely is a must.

Hey so today is my first day on the top so for me and the friendship so my starting weight was 253 0.4 that’s basically because i have gained a pound over the past two days because i started binging before starting to do the medication so today he’s been up and down i’ve been hungry all day my mouth has been dry all day so i’ve been drinking consistent amount of

Water like when you take this medication you get super jittery and you just want to drink a lot of water like my mouth is super dry right now it’s been dry since like the first 30 minutes or after i took it so yeah just i’m taking this during the quarantine so i’m working at home and i’m actually like i’m actually like really bored and that might be why i’ve been

Hungry all day so i actually had like a quarter of a cucumber i had a protein shake that was like less than 300 calories but it’s like considered a full meal that was a strawberry banana i had a little bit of granola and i had fried fish which i shouldn’t have had fried fish the fried part but my boyfriend works at a restaurant or a food truck and they had fried

Fish and he knew i really wanted it so he bought it for me so i had some and yeah but i’ve been drinking lots lots lots lots lots of water and pain all day i am just hoping that drinking all this water and flushing all the water out drinking it can help with the weight loss i don’t really know what tomorrow it’s gonna hold i don’t know if i’m just hungry because

I’m on birth control or because i’m bored i’m not sure but i’m hoping that it does suppress my appetite someone suggested taking the fence remain in the morning and taking the super me in the afternoon because french i mean gives you energy in the top romanian she sleepy which i didn’t know but i’m gonna go as prescribed by my doctor first but if it doesn’t work

Then i’m gonna talk to my doctor about it and see what she thinks about seeking the fan i mean in the morning and the cypriot night i haven’t had really any other side effects other than the dry mouth i had like a slight headache and just a little bit of a jittery feeling but i’m sure that would be useful if i was exercising which i definitely need to incorporate

And yeah i joined a support group on facebook and i’ve been asking what other people’s results are but like the other people’s results i’ve only heard good things so i’m super excited for this journey and yeah it’s my day one

Transcribed from video
Day one on Phentermine and Topiramate By Timaya Lee