March 28, 2023

Deck of Panning Project Pan UPDATE #8 | I MESSED UP AGAIN

Hola hello young man hellos welcome to another deck of panning project pan update you guys i am so excited i really liked my variety that i got this past month and i’ve been having a lot of fun with it so my five products here if you do not know anything about this project can everything will be linked in the description box so that way you guys can see all the

Rules who it was created by any links you need to know because as the year is ending you might be considering trying this out next year so if there’s any changes obviously we will let you know as well if the creator does rely that message to us so i have my five products here i’m very very excited to share with you guys what it is that i will be rolling in and

Rolling out but first if you’re new alejandra i go by alex i shadow enthusiast with a dash project pan if that is something you want to continue to see on your feed subscribe and join us and now let’s get on with this update i say this every month and i will repeat it every month i do not look at the board prior or i do not play with my playing cards prior

Everything is fresh so that way i am not attempting to do anything or anybody assumes that i am trying to cheat which i am not so let’s get into the product shall we first and foremost is my joker i rolled in my tart frose pigment my goal was to use this 35 times currently or last month i used it four times currently it is at 12 uses so i still got a long way to

Go i got 12 uses out of it there are certain things that i rolled out in other project pans that were hindering me from reaching this more i am wearing this in my inner corner today because it worked perfectly well with the look that i am rocking today so i am anticipating using this more as an inner corner i’ve used it quite a bit all over my lid so it’s not like

It’s only going to be used a certain way i’ve used it on my lower lash line i’ve used it many multiple ways so i’m not neglecting this or only specifically using it a certain way so i still got a long way to go 12 uses is not even half but i will eventually get there the six of clubs i rolled in last month that was the largest collection and obviously eyeshadow

Is my largest collection i randomized what palette i was going to bring in because i couldn’t decide and the zoeva caramel palette the cocoa blend i’m sorry the cocoa blend palette came in here my goal was to use these shadows all one time and i have succeeded in doing that this is actually a beautiful palette i am shocked the only shade that i felt like was was

This one right here but i could see that being an inner corner highlight all the rest were really rich in formula and actually now that i look at it this looks like a really nice fall palette doesn’t it it’s really pretty and the formula of zoeva is actually rather nice it’s soft it’s not in your face but i have plenty of singles that will work with this palette

That’ll give me that the band that i want on my lid but be able to have the richness and pigmentation of this palette so i’m rolling this out because i met my goal in that up next was the five of hearts and that was a double ended or duo product i brought in my nars frenzy duo this is definitely one of my favorite duos absolutely i i it was reminded i was reminded

Of that this past month so i use both ends mainly the uh highlighter but i really did use that blush and it’s one of my favorite blushes that i own the formula just gives this beautiful orangey shade on my cheeks and that highlighter is gorgeous you can clearly see i’ve used this quite a bit my goal was to use this 10 times and i think i reached for it more than

10 times i forgot how many times i’d used it i continued to use it beautiful love this i am really such a fan of this truly truly am that blush is probably one of my favorite blushes in my collection that’s really really pretty okay so six of hearts was the next card i rolled in and that was something that already had a pan in it and for that i i brought in my quo

Highlighter i will share a picture of where it was before because i wanted you to visualize or see the the difference in how much i’ve used it you guys i’ve used this a ton you can clearly see right there how much pan i have versus the photo that i’m sharing with you i had so much fun reaching back for this now i can tell you i’ve reached for this a lot of the

Month with the exception of the days i was using this highlighter i really liked and i think i’ve reached my goal of visual like hitting more pan showing more pan in this so i am going to roll this out but i am going to keep it out because i want to see if i can finish it by the end of the year or at least get close to it i just swirl you can clearly see i just

Swirl both shades because you can see from the outer part the circular motions that i do i swirl both of them i don’t pick one or the other because this is way too light and this one’s perfect but i like to mix them just to get i am actually wearing it today you can see that it is really really pretty mixed together so i am wearing it today told you i kept using

It over and over so i am going to roll it out in this project pan but i’m going to see if i can finish it by the end of the year and it’s not going to need a project pan it’ll just be me using it and last but not least was a jack a black jack and that was a random color generator i will pop on the screen what that color was and i brought in this bh cosmetics pigment

In the shade bounce my goal was to use this 10 times so far i’ve only used it six times so i have four more uses and then i can roll it out this has been a lot of fun you guys i use it in the inner corner i’ve used it on my lower lash line i’ve used it to actually blend up here and a lot of you guys like that green look so i’ve used it multiple ways and i’ve been

Having a lot of fun with it so i only have four more uses and then i can roll this out so that means i am rolling out three products and i get to roll in three new products so we are going to go ahead now let me bring it up because i have not seen this whoa okay so the board is up is there a shirt i forgot i put this shirt on to go with fall and i forgot ah let’s

See change suit brand new less expensive no okay we’re good we’re good me is good matches eye color okay i’ve never heard that one before all right so let’s shuffle these shall we collecting cobwebs nail polish no i don’t want to do another nail polish this time last year interesting i don’t know what that means but all right okay you guys so we are rolling in

Three cards this time so let’s see what we roll in first card a black king oh gosh oh gosh black king newest product i’m currently wearing it as we speak that is an eye shadow palette chakra there next up the ten of clubs ten of clubs out of control category come on that is eyeshadow all right so rolling into eyeshadow palettes as it is and last one black jack

What is that random color generator okay so let me get my phone so then i can randomize a color again so i am going to hit it you ready it is a grape color purple so i screenshotted that so then i’ll put it up on the screen so you guys can see it but it is definitely a a great purple it may look blue green and blue purple on screen but it’s it’s a grape it’s

Grape so it yeah it’s a great color all right so let me pick out these three items actually you know what you know what because the ten of ten of clubs is out of control category and you guys my out of control categories eyeshadow palettes let’s just randomize it shall we so we’re going to randomize an eyeshadow palette let’s do this i’m nervous nars could do

Uh i think that’s a duo i think so well if it is a duo then it is what it is right let me just double check yep it’s a duo all right i’m gonna pull that out cause eye shadow is my most out of control product thing so i will bring you back with all the rest of the products all right i is back i is back this is fascinating you guys okay so the king the black king

Is the newest product well my newest product is my natasha denona my dream palette this is actually what i’m wearing on my eyes today i have done a swatch and comparison review on this palette already and i have been playing around with it as it is to get more um acquainted with the palette so since we’re rolling it into this project pan i am going to go with

10 uses so i actually yeah let’s do 10 uses 10 uses however i feel like i want to use it and then i can roll it out so um yeah this is the palette i’m wearing on my eyeballs today so we’re going to do 10 uses now for the 10 of clubs right 10 of clubs yes i think about it for a second i rolled into this this is the duo this this is the what is it out of control

Category you guys know this is a duo that has never been used never been touched we’re gonna touch it today oh it’s like glittery shimmery shades oh that is pretty though that’s very pretty and it’s very fall-esque now because it is a duo i don’t want to torture myself by using this 10 times so i’m going to use this five times and then i can roll it out because

That’s what we rolled in out of control category eyeshadow as you guys know that and last but not least was the blackjack which is another random color generator what do you guys left a comment in my last video of this that i seem to be getting a lot of the color generator ones yeah it seems like i have i might as well download an app for right so the color that

Came out was like this grape purple and i had the perfect product for it even though i didn’t want to roll in another eye product but i’ve been meaning to play around with this and it seems to be the perfect time to do it that is this so pretty with this shirt this is the almei velvet foil cream shadow in the shade violet eyelet now this was a gift i never had

The opportunity to as you guys can see it’s still brand new i never had the opportunity to go and seek these out they got discontinued before i even knew about them so let’s see how this one oh there’s a little thing on there oops okay so let me just wipe this off and share with you guys a swatch of it i’ve never played around with this but it seems to be oh

That’s pretty and it’s creamy it’s not as vibrant as i was expecting it to be i thought it was going to be very deep plummy but the packaging fits it fits the color so it’s very very pretty and creamy so my goal is to use this 10 times so 10 times oh that’s actually really pretty and has like this purple sparkle and pinky sparkle to it’s really pretty reminds

Me of my colourpop 405 super shock that i just rolled out in a different project pants and actually it’ll work out really nice with this palette right here so 10 uses on that one you guys that is it for next month i believe i should at least roll out this one i should have this one rolled out maybe this one rolled out definitely this one because i am con i am

Actively using this as it is already to get my thoughts on it so i think i’m gonna end up getting at least three roll outs i’m hoping i get at least half of the 10 uses on this and getting halfway through with this one too because i really need to step it up on that joker there thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to check out the description box

For anything you need to know more videos on the screen for your enjoyment until then

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Deck of Panning Project Pan UPDATE #8 | I MESSED UP AGAIN By Alejandra Lisette