February 8, 2023


Okay take your nebulizer out that part in the tea piece next without the mat oh it’s already what i want to emphasize is the mouthpiece didn’t come in a separate plastic pack let’s put it back in this little plastic i want to show you that amount piece comes with a little plastic pack just tear a hole in it put the mouthpiece on without touching that’s what i want

To emphasize that this is this is what you do assemble it so that you don’t touch it now you’ve got that together and you’ll have your gloves on i want you to have gloves on to do this then you put your nebulizer together now put your reservoir on you should go to nominees still be covered oh yeah i like to keep it covered and let the patient take the cover off

Okay yeah i always do that if it’s new or if you’re working it make sure you don’t touch it either way you cut it yeah put your tubing in is this what we’re going to do for the proficiency huh yes so we’re not going to use a mouse well you can use the mass or this it’s either way because you can prop it in his mask in his mouth and it stays there because he kind

Of wedged him between his in its mouth and it stays there angle yeah or you can if you’re gonna do the math let’s do the mask go ahead and do them well show you how you do that no no she’s asking good questions and i think it’s good to either use either war it’s entirely up to you okay now the next thing i do is hold it in one hand and break the break the cap

Off snap it you twist yes yeah okay you’re actually next thing you do is you’re going to open this here’s the way you do it is you open it and then you take and hold the other piece in your hand in a sterile sort of way wait yeah that’s okay that works as long as that doesn’t touch anything now hold the file up waiting a little higher like an inch yeah like an inch

And fill it out now on this point i was in the camera to see if you’re maintaining sterile technique why people put it in there and shake it all around makes no sense to me but you will see somebody do that okay now where’s your flow meter we need the flow meters flow meter out of the these are told you in the flow meter they’re not my wife okay hook it up six or

Eight yeah you get better party size between six and eight not above baby do you guys get a nice mist there and put your mask on now just sit down they should feel light-headed or dizzy and take your treatment no and what we’re doing now is watching her take the treatment water myself some you notice how it makes quite a mist and notice how the person breathes and

You can see the fog appear and disappear your mouth you get more medicine that way remember your nose what does you do is filters yeah it filters particles it will filter out the medicine and you will get less medicine if you’re breathing here it’s better to take it by a mouthpiece it encourages people to breathe through the mouth either or it’s alright with me

If you the point is if it’s on the simulator and he’s breathing you see the mist move back and forth just like the human does and that would go one and during this process you will have you know you will check the peak flow check the pulps check the respiratory rate ask about their level of dis mia you will have done those things peak flow with the peak flow meter

Well we’re gonna do that do you have you have your blue bag we’ll do the peak flow yes he would take this

Transcribed from video