June 3, 2023

Dental antibiotics:

Hello everyone welcome to dental art youtube channel in this video i’m going to talk about dental antibiotics especially amoxicillin actually i’m going to make playlist and put this video also inside it this playlist recovers the different dental antibiotics for example amoxicillin as it from my scene cleaner my scene and so on before i start this video please

Subscribe our youtube channel and like this video okay let’s start this topic we know that antibiotics are medicines that fight bacterial infections in people and animals also they work by killing the bacteria or making it hard for the bacteria to grow and multiply you should know about that the antibiotics only treat certain bacterial infections such as strep

Throat urinary tract infections and also e coli now about the roots of administration antibiotics can be taken different face first one is orally this could be peeled capsules or liquids also topically this might be cream spray or ointments and in some cases try an injection or in trouble when you sleep this usually for more serious infections now let’s check

About side effects of antibiotics it can be rash nausea diarrhea yeast infections and more serious side effects can include seed infections which cause diarrhea that can lead to severe clone damage and in some cases even this severe and life treating allergic reactions and antibiotics infections now let’s move and check about indications of antibiotics first

One is treatment of odentogenic infections second one is treatment of non-odontogenic infections also prevention of focal infections and prevention of local infections also what are the antibiotics used in dentistry which group of antibiotics that we take consider to administer our patients in dental in daily dental procedures first one is amoxicillin second

Azithromycin cephalexin scene in some cases also penicillin now let’s move on almost sizzling our main topic almost insulin take orally usually every eight hours or as directed by dentists with food or after you have eaten we have to continue taking amoxicillin until the prescribed amount is finished and we should take consider about this important issue by

Stopping taking the medication it will cause bacteria to continue its growth and the infection will return now i’m i’m going to check about amoxicillin in case of dental abscess and appropriate five-day regimen is and in case of adults and children patients in case of adults patients amoxicillin capsules should be in 500 milligram dosage and in pediatric three

Pediatric patients amoxicillin capsules in 250 milligram dosage or oral suspension in 125 milligram or 5 milliliter dosage and also you can see uh six months to one year rate till 12 to 18 years dosage also okay about amoxicillin users in case of gingivitis and pericornitis and appropriate three-day regimen is also in case of adults and children patients you can

See the dosage in this slide now let’s check almost in case of sinusitis the most common one of the most common infections an appropriate seven-day regimen is and also in case of adults and children again you can see the dosage okay that was about almost sizzling in some uh cases and some situation please subscribe our youtube channel and like this video thank

You so much till next video bye bye

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Dental antibiotics: Amoxicillin By Dental art