June 1, 2023

Going to record a diary of my experience of coming off Citalopram, which I have been taking to treat depression. I’ll be taking a steadily reduced dosage over a week before cutting them all together. I’ve shared a few reflections and thoughts on depression and Citalopram.

I am josh i want to talk quickly today about citalopram depression writing my car off and coming off the tablets basically i think i’ve been depressed to a greater or lesser extent for all six years i’ve been on the tablet lost 20 months they were the first time a depressant i’ve tried they’ve worked for me i was extremely apprehensive about going on them to start with

I’m now a massive advocate for antidepressants and would recommend people try them if they think they’re suffering with anxiety problems depression and if you have to recommend it certainly give it a go i know there’s a lot of concern a lot of difficulty we were sort of accepting that you’ve got a mental health problem and for a lot of people and i was absolutely

In a huge bowl of denial about it for way too long and except now i had a problem and getting tablets is definitely an extra decision i’ve come from existing eating thing losing those and massive important thing really is not enjoying anything but you know in your hand from past experience that you really enjoy like i love it i love to see my friends have always

Been there but it can’t be kid who’s the like to pretend that he loves to be alone and moody but i love socializing my friends and love playing football while i play video games and during my lowest ebb i didn’t want to go out the house to do anything i’d only go shopping as i didn’t apply for any jobs like the idea of working even at supermarket which i’ve done

Before seemed like an impossibility like i would not be capable of doing it like totally crippling anxiety i’ve never suffered a panic attack with enough though just sort of pressure in your chest that’s how i describe it and bizarre thought patterns like that just go completely in the face of evidence that you can do things telling you that you can’t do things and

You’re not good enough to do certain things it took a massive kick for me to accept that yeah well i went to the doctors they recommended tablets i was just like yeah i’ve got to the point where a rock-bottom now i need to try something and initially the side effects are quite weird like a hurts and quite strong thoughts of self-harm suicide which would triggered

By seeing attractive women in the street for example and which makes me sound like a complete psychopath professor ability of what happened to me after about two weeks side-effects start to diminish deftly curry bottle of water with you because you’ll suffer from dry a dry mouth and just the the freedom of your chest is like what the hell have i been living for

This many years feeling like this and it totally just let me get back on my feet a slight volunteering it’s like like football again i’m now working i’m looking to apply for a job i actually want to do which is something that was just like no leave me alone yeah so it got to the point anyway where i want to come off them i feel like i’m well i still have negative

Thought patterns i know that i don’t have the stones to actually kill myself and i also know that by and large i’m able to face i’ve got compartmentalize can rationalize the irrational thoughts i have dinner with that now and counseling’s been a big part of that just been asked questions and speaking yourself you saw unsere and in a way it’s like you’re just able

To think about what you just said it like that does make any sense so your counseling definitely go try that and how many depressants certainly give them an attempt i feel very lucky but i got it’s a fella from the first time around and it’s work for me first time i know people have a nightmare it takes maybe every a year to get the right tablets there are side

Effects like my sex drive was awful when i was depressed anyway but it took a further kicking on citalopram there’s got to point now where my anxiety levels are so low about things i should be anxious about i think is very um dangerous like i’m quiet take sometimes about the outcome of certain situations and particularly to rescale i didn’t know we’re taking my

Car which i shouldn’t have done by now took out the defensing road my car off i could have killed people and myself it was just such a totally irrational thing to attempt to do and i never drove with us since reckless a punt and when i wasn’t on tablets so i’m definitely just on the point where i want to be off them i’ve just taken a tablet with the bow 7th cut

Off the end of it basically and for the next seven days we’ll keep a diary of how i deal with the side effects and hopefully at the end of it i’ll just be ready to ride out the last few weeks of uncertainty and to be free of them because i think i feel so much better i mean i’m like incomparable to my lowest point yeah i’m just looking forward to the future which

I haven’t obviously been doing just want to say a massive thank you to my family and the friends up supporting me through all you know who you are hopefully and i’ll post another video tomorrow to see how i’m doing with coming off of sitaram thanks for watching if you got this far

Transcribed from video
Depression, Crashing, and Quitting Citalopram By Josh Gilboy