May 29, 2023

Depsit (Escitalopram)10mg tablet dangerous side effects by Dr. Abdur Rafy | Side effects

So today i will tell you the danger side effects of dipset that is acetalopram i’m your pharmacist dr abdul rafi i’m doctor of pharmacy i have a specialty in pharmacy i’m a drug expert and you’re watching side effects channel so let’s start before telling you its side effects i would like to give you an introduction of this medicine its brand name is dipset and

Its generic active pharmaceutical ingredient is acetal oprah it is a 10 amd tablet and its manufacturer is jiren’s pharma it contains 14 tablets acetalopram belongs to the selective rotten reuptake inhibitor class that is ssri it increases serotonin levels and this medicine is a prescription medicine and it comes with the black box warning from fda so it must have

Dangerous side effects will be discussing it further first discuss its common side effects it can cause nausea that is refeeling or vomiting and sleepiness trouble sleeping sexual problems visual disturbance in the eye and also pain in eye it can also cause weakness dizziness anxiousness sweating shaking and difficulty in urination it can also cause dry mouth

Lack of hunger constipation vomiting and also yawning so these were the common side effects now let’s discuss its stinger side effects usually dangerous side effects are caused when you overdose it use it for a prolonged period of time self-medicate yourself or use it in a wrong way then you may have the dangerous side effects just like other typical ssri it

Can cause suicidal thoughts that is the thoughts of suicide it’s a very dangerous side effect of it that’s why the patient is being monitored very carefully it can also cause serotonin syndrome that is the increased level of rotten in at dangerous level as you know that neurotransmitter have a balanced concentration if there is more or less then there is problem

For us so we need balance concentration of neurotransmitter level in our brain the patient with serotonin syndrome can have agitation irritability hallucination confusion shaking tremors scissors and rigid muscles so it’s an emergency case visit an emergency department as soon as possible it can cause bleeding also if you take it with anticoagulant just like

Warfarin or apparent it can cause severe side effects if you stop it suddenly that is withdrawal symptoms so we should not stop it suddenly we should gradually taper off the dose it can also cause severe allergic reactions in which there are the symptoms like trouble breathing swelling of face tongue throat and rashes itching hives blisters on the skin other

Danger side effects are the coma the patient can go in coma and also coordination problems it can also cause irregular heartbeat that is arrhythmia it can also cause low sodium levels in blood leading to headache confusion memory problems it can also trigger manic episodes in which there is excessive happiness or irritability observed in the patient it can also

Cause the patient to talk excessively and also reckless behavior and increased energy that is hyperactive in children it can stop the growth of the children and can affect the weight so these are the dangerous side effect of it okay now the question arises that if it has so many side effects then why we are using it so its answer is very simple because it’s a

Very effective medicine and it treats the depression and general anxiety disorder very effectively moreover it is also used in combination with other medicines so in short its side effects are nothing as compared to its use its uses outweighs its potential side effects that’s why we are using it but according to the patient condition we decide whether we should

Prescribe it or not okay so that’s for today so i hope you found this video informative please like it share it and subscribe to our channel and if you have any question regarding this medicine or any kind of medicine write in the comment section i will reply you and tell me do you like the video and express your opinion about it that did you find it informative

Or not and now take care of yourself and always remember your pharmacist dr abdul rafi in your prayers allah office take care and pakistan zindabar foreign you

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Depsit (Escitalopram)10mg tablet dangerous side effects by Dr. Abdur Rafy | Side effects By Rafy Healthcare