January 26, 2023

Morning doctor you got some say client deeper so doctor we all know we all love to cherish every memories where we these small things makes us happy too in our life and these small things called life stories where we found time to spend with our family and our friends so rockin however there is something which is posing a potential threat to these life stories

Arterial plaques are the one who are ruining our life stories because as you will be agree with me that in india the number of deaths with chf friggin by this plaque is more than us that is 1.3 million and doctor we have seen that very less patients are treated with statin for their primary prevention of extra sclerosis and we are losing our young young population

Due to this lack induced atherosclerosis as well so doctor these kind of considering these kind of prevalence of atherosclerosis or plaque in india we came up with a one solution that is usually because we believe plaques are bad and life stories are so dope brain rosalie we have rows were stuck in five 10 20 40 mg and we also have with fina fabulet rosalie f5 and

Explain so here there is a lot of trials which shows that that rose was starting is superior than our other status in the market but i just wanted to highlight some points of some major trials of some important trials like we will start from the stellar cell in stellar there was two thousand and four hundred patients approximately was taken in this trial sorry in

Trial and the trial was division duration of trial was or just six weeks and in this trial we compared rose were starting five ten 20 mg and 40 mg with atorvastatin 10 20 40 and 80 mg the result was that the rose was is twice potent twice more potent than that or was certain and it offers better degrees in leland better increasing hdl as well after that we have

Jupiter tran that dr. dc is a very large trans because the number of fashions are very used they it was seventeen thousand eight hundred to two patient and it is a one point nine years of aviation study and in this study we compare rose was chatting with placebo in terms of primary prevention of atherosclerosis the doctor the result has shown that there is a 44%

Relatively reduction in the brand abbreviation with rose was starting and after that we have astronauts tryla it is estradiol is a is on the high dollar rose were standing like 40 mg with compared with placebo and approximately 350 patients were taken in the industry and duration of trial was to here and we have seen as a result that in in this tester trial there

Is the pay there is a relation has been seen in 64 78 percent patient in terms of pap and 64 percent patient in term of tl and also a major the greater proportion has been seen in decreasing the across versus and after that we have the material it is again a comparison between rose was starting 40 mg with placebo in terms of ci dm carotid intima-media thickness so

Doctor this was a two-year study and to study and the result was that we have seen that there is a bed reduction in that ta we we in the bed reduction in ci tm that is carried intima-media thickness we rose were standing and after that sir we have second trial in this this this trial which we compared a door over started 80 mg that is the hydros about over saturn

And rose were 740 md that is the hydros of rose were static and in terms of this t av reduction and we we have seen the results that we in rose were starting we have seen the greater reduction in da b than the atorvastatin 80 mg as i have again mentioned that the rose was certain was 40 mg and tour was starting was 80 mg but still the 40 mg of rose was retinas

Scores more than the 80 mg of fedorova seconds so doctor these are some trials which advocates the superiority of rose was written over the other threatens like a tour was starting so doctor this shows that rose was certain can give you the better efficacy with the superior safety with this i just wanted to wanted to request you that after looking forward these

Benefits of rose was certain and rosalie to me any hope your next five patient on the rosalie from that today as well because rocker we believe that blacks are bad and life stories output thank you

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Detailing on Rosulip By Deepak Arora